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To awaken is to make someone stop sleeping. It is to arouse someone from the state of sleep.

If you dream of seeing someone awaken you from your sleep, it signifies escape from problems. It stands for freedom.

This means that the dream of awakening is a good omen. It largely results in positive outcomes in your waking life.

However, the same cannot be said of false awakening. In this case, you dream that someone is waking you up. But, in actual sense, you do not wake up.

Rather, you continue with your sleep, but your dream state tells you that you have woken up.

Let’s try to put this in perspective…Imagine that your alarm clock goes off in your dream. In actual sense, you’ve only dreamt it. It has actually not gone off.

So, in your dream, you see yourself waking up. You can go as far as doing a number of the routine things you do when you actually do wake up.

The only difference is that this time you are only doing them in your dream.

Then, at some point, your alarm actually does go off – startling you from your slumber.

This is what is referred to as false awakening.

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What’s the Meaning of False Awakening Dream?

We all do experience the occasional false awakening. This may happen once a year, or once every few years.

False awakening usually comes about to recent changes in your lifestyle. This change may create an unhealthy sense of urgency in your life.

It may occur just before you relocate to a new work environment. You could also have this dream just before a major life-changing event, such as a wedding.

The pressure to conform to expectations in search events may weight you down. The pressure build-up leads to the false awakening dream.

However, if this dream tends to be too frequent in your life, it may not refer to you at all. Rather, it brings to your attention a situation that somebody else is afraid to face.

This person could be close to you. You are being called upon to help them overcome their situation.

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Is False Awakening Real or is it a Dream?

Dreams can often be very real. In fact, it is often impossible for you to realize whether you are actually dreaming or actually experiencing your waking life.

The truth is that most dreams capture what we’ve gone through in our waking life. This is what makes them so real.

At other times, the dream appears to warn or prepare you about an event that’s likely to happen in your waking life.

Dreams are projected in your subconscious mind. As such, we don’t remember most of the dreams we experience throughout the night.

Experts say that we may have as many as 6-10 dreams in one night. Of these, we remember only 1 or 2!

Why is this so? You only remember a dream if you wake up in the dream state of that particular dream. This is what often happens during the false awakening dream.

The dream looks so vivid. Yet, something – or someone – forces us to wake up at some point of that dream. It’s no wonder, then, that the dream looks so real!

It’s akin to being trapped in a dream within a dream!

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What Causes a False Awakening Dream?

A false awakening dream is not the same as lucid dreams. You see; with lucid dreams, you wake up in a dream.

However, with false awakening, you dream of awakening! This means that false awakening makes you feel as if you are truly waking up.

You feel as if you’ve moved from your bed to some other part of the house. You can even feel as if you are doing certain activities that you do when you are truly awake.

In the false awakening state, you feel that the surroundings under which you are operating are familiar. You get the ultimate out of body experience in this state.

So, what’s the cause of the false awakening dream? The most obvious one is anxiety and worry.

If certain events in your life have taken over your life, this can cause you much anxiety. This may lead to several experiences of false awakening dreams.

When you experience this dream, you need to dig out the issues that are causing you anxiety. Then, deal with them in the best way possible.

Solve the ones that you can, and seek help for the ones that seem more challenging.

Take care, however, that you don’t confuse sleep awakening dreams with sleep paralysis.

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Is Sleep Paralysis Related to False Awakening Dreams?

Unlike false awakening dreams, sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that requires medical intervention.

Sleep paralysis can happen at any time, whether you are asleep or awake. This cannot be said of false awakening dreams, which happen only when you are asleep.

Sleep paralysis happens when your brain becomes or remains awake, while your body goes to sleep. As such, though your brain is awake, your body cannot move.

In other words, the body is paralyzed, but the brain is wide awake.

On the other hand, you can move some parts of your body (hands, feet, etc) when you are in the false awakening dream.

This means that false awakening is purely a dream state.

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What Can I Do to Prevent False Awakening Dreams?

Although false awakenings can be rather disturbing, they happen to a good number of the human population daily.

As such, experiencing this kind of dream should not cause you any undue distress.

The best way of tackling this phenomenon is by handling the issues that bring about anxieties and worries into your life.

For example, if you feel distressed by an event that coming up in your life, consider postponing that event.

Alternatively, seek professional help. Many psychologists and mystics are well equipped and will help deal with changes in your life.

All the same, you need to understand that the most constant thing in your life is change. As such, you cannot put it off forever.

Doing so would mean that you will be overtaken by the trends, times, and events. This means that the best way of handling this issue is to resolve the issue at hand.

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Even when you find your dreams rather disturbing, don’t be afraid to explore them. You’ll be surprised at the important connections they bring to your waking life.

Most of the times, something will appear in your dreams if you block it out of your consciousness in your waking life.

This means that it’s important that you as much as you can during the day. If you have certain anxieties, dig them out and resolve them.

Otherwise, they could come to process themselves in your false awakening dreams.

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