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Dreams involving avalanches and other natural disasters are quite prophetic. All the same, these kinds of dreams do not occur to many people.

If you have had this dream, consider yourself in the group of the rare, limited people that have such dreams.

In most of the cases, avalanche dreams are quite general. This means that they may not be practical or useful.

Of course, this varies, as some people received clearly targeted messages from these dreams.

When the avalanche dream appears to you, it means that there’s an oppressive power threatening your life.

Just like an avalanche runs over the landscape, this power threatens to run over and engulf your life.

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What’s the Avalanche Dream Meaning?

This dream is not necessarily negative in its meaning. Rather, it comes to encourage you to control your life and the people in it.

The dream tells you to find a hold that you can grab on during tumultuous times.

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The avalanche dream may indicate that you are on the path to self-destruction. It’s likely that you have acquired habits that are eroding your morals, your health, and your standing in society.

As such, this dream comes into your life as a strong indicator that you need to implement certain changes.

You may want to incorporate some form of counseling if you are to re-focus in the right direction.

Are you being honest with yourself? Are you doing anything to realize your immense natural potential? Could it be that you are involved with certain people are projects that are stifling your progress?

The avalanche dream appears so that you can consider these possibilities seriously.

If the avalanche happens when you are skiing in the dream, it shows that your subconscious mind is trying to remind you who you truly are.

It’s possible that you’ve allowed yourself to sink too low. You are no longer in touch with the values that once defined you.

As such, take the avalanche dream as a wake-up call. There’s much you still have to achieve. And, you have the ability to get there.

Unfortunately, you’ve not been putting this ability to good use.

In most of the cases, your dream is as graphic as it is gory. You’ll witness people killed in the avalanche dream. Also, houses and other infrastructure could be buried, making you feel absolutely helpless.

Take the positive message of this dream. Realize that it’s time to turn your life around.

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What Does it Mean if I’m Unhurt in an Avalanche Dream?

Our Earth has two major masses. These are the land and water.

In the same way, your mind is divided into two important parts. These are your conscious and the unconscious.

Land represents your conscious mind. The ocean represents the realm of the unconscious.

The larger masses of land indicate your high level of consciousness. It is elevated, and this comes with certain advantages.

On the other hand, the deepest trenches of the ocean represent the deeper aspects of your unconscious mind.

The higher you go on your conscious, the more aspects of life you understand. The deeper you go into your unconscious, the wiser you become.

On the other hand, great heights put you at the risk of great falls. And, deep trenches can submerge you, drown you.

What are we getting at, here? You have the potential to soar high if you take the right measures in your life. At the same time, bad choices breed a poor quality life.

So, when you dream that a mighty avalanche falls on you but you are unhurt, this is a good omen. This is an indicator that you have resisted the temptation to make easy but poor choices.

Such a dream means that you are going to enjoy immense success, especially where money is concerned.

If you get stuck in the avalanche, but again you are unhurt, it shows that good things are afoot. You’ll encounter a few hiccups here and there. However, you will emerge a winner.

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Seeing an Avalanche?

If you see an avalanche in your life, but you are in no real danger from it, it means that you have certain feelings that you are afraid to bring on to the surface.

These feelings are repressed because they remind you of negative past experiences.

The idea of this dream is that you need to sort your present. Know that no one should define you by your past mistakes – least of all yourself!

You can see the avalanche in the dream quite clearly because you are at a vantage point. This means that you are in a good position to craft a good future for yourself.

Don’t allow your past to bog you down. Bring whatever feelings that are hidden in you and deal with them effectively.

Only then will you be able to rise against your murky environment.

What’s the Spiritual Significance of an Avalanche Dream?

The avalanche dream usually comes when one is undergoing a make or break moment in your life. It could be you are undergoing turbulent moments.

Now, you need to look for spiritual solutions to these difficult emotional times. Otherwise, your environment will decide for you the direction your life is to take.

This dream tells you to start looking after your own interests. Learn to love yourself and what you stand for.

If you haven’t been away on holiday for some time, this is the right time to take one. Go out there and spoil yourself. It is time for spiritual and physical self-care.

Do not become accustomed to the comedy habits of your friends. They could be having a good time at your expense.

The avalanche dream appears to warn you that this is what could drown you. The appearance and intentions of those around you may be deceiving. It will kill your dreams.

In other words, it’s time to look after yourself.

Of course, you may want to include your loved ones in your therapy sessions. This is more so if there are your spouse, children or parents.

Your world is not complete without them.

As such, you need to protect them from the negative effects of the avalanche, even as you protect yourself.

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The avalanche thunders down the mountainside as a sign of danger, advice or warning. You need to interpret your dream correctly so that you can get its true meaning.

If you find that you cannot run away from the avalanche in your dream, it means that your life has taken a dangerous trajectory.

You may want to stop, retreat, and re-direct your life. Find out what it is that could be going wrong.

Could it be that you have allowed external circumstances to control your life? Are you finding certain mental and physical conflicts getting out of hand? Are you in danger of some form of addiction?

The dream of the snowy masses hurtling down the mountain wants you to examine these areas with a critical eye.

This dream means that you can still salvage your life. There’s much that life has in store for you.

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