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What is Azurite?

Azurite is a spectacular pure blue gemstone that many seek to use in both traditional and practical ways.

The deep blue color the Azurite crystal embodies is a result of a millennium of chemical reactions.

The chemical compounds or properties that reacted with what we now call Azurite were; Copper, Hydrogen, Carbonate, and Oxygen.

Azurite’s blue colors range from light to deep blue hues and are sometimes even have transmutations of indigo.

The deepest shades of blue that can be seen in Azurite comes from its amalgamation with Malachite. Together, these two combinations strongly give off healing properties that many ancient civilizations sought after in their traditions.

Azurite’s Meaning

azurite-crystalAzurite is thought to enhance our connections to the spiritual realms.

It is because of this revelation that it was used to transfer knowledge between people and higher powers in the spiritual realms from beyond.

It is still used today for the very same purposes. Although it has many more usages that can be applied in the modern world we live in.

In the days of the ancient Egyptians, Azurite was known to hold powers of psychic mysticism. Azurite’s mysterious properties make it difficult to understand its depth and meaning but it does have many useful properties. It truly is a mystical crystal.

Other civilizations such as the Native Americans used Azurite to channel spirit guides. It is because the Natives Americans channeled spirit guides that point to Azurite’s mystical and spiritual influences on today’s society.

Azurite’s meaning is deeply rooted in mystical properties that can open up the third eye and clear mental clutter that may be disturbing the mind. The mystical properties in Azurite can also connect the human soul to the spiritual realms.

Despite Azurite’s ancient traditional meaning, it is still used today by modern practices due to its metaphysical and healing properties.

The properties of Azurite reflect its deeply rooted powers to clear away the barriers of unclear and tense situations or even mental tension and doubt. Azurite opens the mind to new outlets and ways to perceive reality.

The crystal’s powers influence and open new channels to help awaken the ability and development of intuition.

It can be used to enhance the vividness and clarity of the messages in dreams, initiate a channeling state, and permits the experiences of body journey to happen with healthy well-being.

Overall, Azurite’s meaning is deeply rooted in history and can help us understand our own intuition through its properties.

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Azurite Properties

Azurite has many different properties that consist of physical and also metaphysical elements. Its properties also deal with healing emotions, spirit, and the physical elements of ourselves.

Its physical properties not only deal with elements of other minerals such as copper but also have been known to address issues related to the physical dense body. (See 4.1 Physical Healing)

Its metaphysical properties stimulate the inspiration of the actualization of the true mystical self as well as the identity we hold in society. It can remove false perceptions one may hold of themselves or others.

By concentrating on its psychic properties, a transference of knowledge between the self and the psychic realms can be made. This is also known as channeling.

Azurite has many different beneficial properties that deal with both the physical, mental and spiritual realms which can help one thrive.

Azurite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products, and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

To channel some of the Azurite crystal’s healing properties, it is best to create a place free of clutter and distractions.

Placing the stone on your head or throat while lying down in a comfortable position can clear those areas of your body. This ritual is connected to clearing the chakras. (See more at 9. Azurite Chakras)

Physical Healing

Azurite can be used to treat physical disorders that deal with the spine and other vertebrae issues. The treatments specifically deal with small bones in the body and in particular those that cause dysfunction or have a malformation. It can also be used for joints in the wrist.

Azurite can help balance the functions of organs such as kidneys, spleen, and liver by detoxing them. It is thought to benefit the health of skin, teeth, and to stimulate the growth of an embryo during a woman’s pregnancy.

Azurite helps the circulation of oxygen in the blood. It also helps to generate cells in the brain. This generative aiding helps clear any damage to the brain.

Overall, the Azurite crystal can be used for many different physical healings in the body.

Emotional Healing

We all have experiences in daily life that deal with our emotions on a negative level.

Azurite is great for cleansing the anxieties that you bring home from a work environment. It can also help with releasing the stress and worry that comes with life’s bleakest moments.

The azurite crystal can bring a positive vibrational healing light into our human consciousness. This light of vibrational healing fuses together with our emotional standpoints in life that deal with thoughts, feelings, verbal communication, and reactions to our environment or social situations.

It can unmask the deep fears that embody us by revealing the source of what these fears involve. This revealing of fears surface in light and understand of why these negative insights have rooted themselves in the human consciousness, to begin with.

Azurite clears the misunderstanding of the self by clearing insecurities or mental dilemmas that may be holding the true self from succeeding in life.

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Spiritual Healing

Azurite can inspire the journey to search for the true identity of one’s self-awareness and personal reality. The spiritual journey that can be accessed through its healing properties can help find truth within one’s self.

It can assist or clear a passage to spiritual growth but one must be open to letting go of old paradigms or beliefs that set us apart from understanding the deeper more mystical aspect of the self.

It helps expand the awareness of the conscious mind by opening one’s view on understanding life from a deeper more spiritual aspect.

Azurite’s vibrantly blue properties energize the vibrations around us. This vibrational movement has the ability to reveal the truth within one’s subconscious mind by moving it into our own mindfulness or awareness.

The truth portrays an element of oneself that must be reviewed in order to let go and understand a deeper level of our spiritual presence.

Azurite Uses

Azurite can be used in divination or to access a vision of the unknown. It has been mentioned before that using divination with Azurite does not have immediate results and takes time and patience.

Azurite can be used for Feng Shui as it utilizes the stillness and purity of one’s surroundings. It can be used to maximize or impose the power of prayer and meditation in the rooms around you. It is a good crystal to have to impose flowing energy around you.

Azurite as a talisman or amulet can strengthen your character by helping you stay true to the beliefs you take on as a paradigm. One can shift their perceptive reality and expand their awareness when using Azurite as a talisman or amulet.

It is also a great tool to use to develop or gain a sense of humor. Having a sense of humor in a world that can be negative his a great outlet to the darkness of the self, the shadow versions of the self.

Azurite Meditation

Azurite is an amazing crystal for meditational practices that involve focus, clarity, and understanding of the deeper-most spiritual aspects of self.

To meditate with Azurite it is good to set the mood when using the healing properties it offers.

When meditating with Azurite place it on an unpigmented or white cloth with a lit candle next to it. This ritual can help bring out the transformation healing properties.

Sitting in a comfortable meditational pose, Take a few moments to gaze at the Azurite while letting your mind clear. The action of gazing at the Azurite aids the mind to feel peace.

When you’ve found an element of peace in your mind focus your mind by gazing at the Azurite for a long period of time without looking away. Pay attention to the feelings or experiences that might surface as these are an indicator of the bonds you have with the divine.

It is good to meditate with Azurite as a practice as it will strengthen your bonds with the divine energies of the universe.

This practice can shed light on the connections the mind has access and can help develop the bonds that give insight to oneness and energetic flow.

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Azurite Birthstone

Azurite is not specified as a Birthstone for any month of the year but is the stone of Capricorn.

Being the stone or crystal of Capricorn, it symbolizes discovery and insight of not only the self but of the realms of spirit and the universe.

Azurite may not specifically be a birthstone but its blue color is one of the natural birthstones of those born during the vernal equinox and spring (February 19 – March 19). Blue crystals can help one master patience and respect for not only oneself but for other beings.

Azurite, which is also indigo in color, can also be attributed to one of the birthstones of those born in midwinter (January 20 – February 18) Indigo crystals can bring much wisdom and truth with their properties.

Azurite’s colors make it resemble a birthstone and although it doesn’t specifically attribute to a birth month it has much meaning and great significance for those who want to use its mysterious properties.

Azurite Zodiac Sign

Azurite’s attributed Zodiac is Sagittarius

Azurite can help those who are born under the Sagittarius sign of the Zodiac with interest the philosophies of the worlds. This deep interest can strike meaning within one with this Zodiac sign.

Deep interest in philosophical subjects can lead to a spiritual awakening for a Sagittarius.

Azurite Chakras

Azurite is associated with the 5th Chakra which is the Throat Chakra as well as the 6th, Third or Brow Chakra, and can assist with activating the 7th, Crown Chakra.

It is a powerful crystal for enhancing vision in the Third Eye. It also has the ability to enhance all three associated chakras.

Here is a brief overview of the three chakras that are associated and can be. activated.

7th Chakra- The Crown

This chakra is a violet color and is found at above your head or at the top. It associates with the cerebral cortex and the central nervous system. Psychological blockages can manifest in the 7th Chakra and can be cleared with Azurite’s physical properties.

6th Chakra- The Brow

The color of the 6th chakra is Indigo, just as some Azurite crystals. It is located at the center of your forehead and is associated with the Third eye. The third eye is an opening or channel to understanding intuition and wisdom. It is also a channel for having a clear vision of our spiritual selves.

5th Chakra- The Throat

It is blue or turquoise in color and is located within the throat. It is the Chakra of communication, creative energy, individual expression, and judgment. Blockage can show up as creative blocks or problems of communication. Azurite can help clear the throat chakra through meditation and mindfulness.

Although Azurite may have many usages in both healing of the physical and spiritual, it is good to keep in mind that it is best used for the long term.

Azurite is crystal full of mysterious properties that can heal the body, deepen one’s understanding of the spiritual world, help clear blockages that make it difficult to thrive in the physical world, and can open the spiritual channels that connect the soul to the divine presence of the spirit realm.

Azurite is a gem in the crystal world that you will want to keep around as it has many purposes for both the soul and body.

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