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The world has an ample supply of famous people born between June 21 and July 22. These are Cancerians – meaning that they are under the Cancer zodiac sign.

The Cancer zodiac is the 4th sign in the zodiac spectrum. The Moon rules over the lives of Cancerians. As such, these personalities are as powerful and emotional as the Moon.

The Cancer zodiac is all about home and success. Your domestic or inner peace plays a role in bringing out the kind of energies you exude out there.

Those who love their home have more to give to the world.

Famous Cancer personalities are rich in psychic and intuitive powers. They can read characters with ease.

Although this native may look hard on the outside, they are all smooth and agreeable on the inside. They know how to blend toughness with pleasantness.

Here’s is a list of some of these personalities.


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Famous Cancer Men

  • Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Chris Pratt
  • Dan Reynolds
  • George Michael
  • Harrison Ford
  • Jaden Smith
  • Robin Williams
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Tom Cruise
  • Tom Hanks
  • Vin Diesel
  • Will Ferrell

Famous Cancer Women

  • Arianna Grande
  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Eva Green
  • Kristen Bell
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Margot Robbie
  • Meryl Streep
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Mindy Kaling
  • Missy Elliott
  • Selena Gomez
  • Solange Knowles

What are the Positive Cancer Personality Traits?


Cancer-born natives have a rich imagination. Everything that happens to them is a story that makes the world look dreamlike.

They find it easy to share their love with the world. They do this through their vivid imaginations captured in music, poetry, songs, acting, and film.

If there’s an artistic event taking place anywhere, you can be sure to find Cancerians right at the center.

Cancerians are happiest when they get a chance to express their creative genius. This native is a strong creative force.

Also, they are highly creative when it comes to providing solutions for the problems at their workplace.


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Fiercely Loyal

Cancerians are very particular about the kind of relationships they involve themselves with. This is because they have a great sense of security and stability.

Once they have made up their minds to be your friend, you can trust this native to be faithful. They are very loyal to their family, partners, and friends.

Also, they are some of the most devoted employees you can find anywhere.

They will go to great lengths to protect their relationships from falling into disrepute. A Cancer man or woman will use their resources to care for their partner.

In their bid to show love to a partner they deeply love, the Cancer native will overlook everything else.


People born under this sign show their emotions, especially when happy. They will stop at nothing to show their family and friends when things are going their way.

They will express their joy y sharing their blessings. Also, they are compassionate enough to reach out to the less fortunate in society.

They are particularly empathetic with the pain and suffering of people they encounter in life’s journey.

Cancerians keep nothing from their loved ones.

Compassionate and charming

Cancerians are some of the most loving signs in the zodiac. When they love someone, they fully immerse themselves in the relationship.

They have unique ways of magically lighting up the mood in the relationship. Their partners find them appealing because of their tenderness.

People born under this sign attract the energies of insight, passion, and care into their love life. They will use their charm to ensure that their friends have a good time.

Kind Hearted

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign have a sweet heart. They extend their kindness beyond the confines of friendship.

They will help anyone out, regardless of whether that person is known to them or not. For this reason, Cancerians attract many blessings from the Universe.

Mother Nature never forgets a kind act. By lending their support to those in need, Cancerians pave the path to their own growth and happiness.


Those born under the Cancer sign have a unique sense of intuition. You can tell what others are thinking – even before they speak their mind.

This means that it’s not easy to manipulate or swindle these natives. They can sniff out a swindle before it happens.

Through relentless questions and filter questions, it’s easy for a Cancer-born to unravel your secrets.


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What are the Negative Cancer Personality Traits?


It’s not uncommon for a Cancer zodiac to be all happy and excited one moment and grumpy the next. This is a direct influence of the Moon, the celestial body that rules over their lives.

You see; the Moon is ever-changing in its orb. The effect of this is seen in the oscillation of moods in Cancerians.

Their sense of self-worth constantly changes between confidence and low self-esteem. They are severely affected by their environment.


Cancerians tend to instinctively protect themselves – even when there’s no palpable danger in the immediate environment.

Just like the Crab (symbol for Cancer), those born under this sign feel safest in their inner world. They look at new things with suspicion.

This keeps them safe from unscrupulous people out to fleece them.


Cancerians are known for being resentful, especially if they have some unfinished business for the past.

A Cancer native may feel that those who wronged him in the past have never made up for their wrongs.

If this kind of attitude continues, it builds up into resentment. This can be destructive if left unresolved.


People born under this sign are prone to being highly strung. This comes to the fore when they are jealous – especially in matters of love.

Cancerians don’t like having to compete for love. Under normal circumstances, they are very protective.

But, should competition show its face in the relationship, they become very jealous. They tend to brood a lot as a result.

Unless something significant is done to resolve the situation, this relationship will have to rise on their waves.

They tend to imagine the worst that can befall their love life. This can get these natives to deeper trouble.

The problem is that it’s hard to turn off feelings of jealousy once they are ignited.


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Cancerians are highly sensitive. A Little negativity can throw them completely off the chart. They are easily confused by events that are outside their control.

When they encounter something new or strange, they are likely to act unpredictably.


Cancer is one of the Cardinal signs. Its dominant colors are Silver, Cream, White, and Grey. Famous people born under this sign are more at ease when they associate with these colors.

The planetary alignment heavily influences their emotional depth, loyalty, and instincts. This is one reason these natives are highly imaginative and intuitive.

Eminent Cancer personalities are generally caring individuals. They are good nurturers and caregivers. They take their relationships seriously.

When a Cancer native falls for you, they make you their top priority. They’ll want you to feel comfortable.

Also, some famous Cancer people tend to be shy. Cancer is a Water sign; this has a significant impact on these people’s demeanor.

However, their shyness does not in any way affect their effectiveness. Cancerians are very good at what they do.

No wonder many of them make it to the list of renowned personalities!

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