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The Cancer zodiac sign falls between June 21, and July 22. It is one of the Cardinal signs.

If you were born under this sign, the Moon plays an important role in your life. This celestial body illuminates your life with the qualities of gentleness, patience, resilience, and love.

You are under the influence of the element Water and your symbol is the Crab. Your magic numbers are 2, 3, 15, and 20, and White is your lucky color.

Those born under this sign are known for their loyalty. You’ll go to great lengths to protect your friends.

Your friends are assured of your backing. Indeed, you don’t allow judgment to come in the way of a great friendship.

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What are the Key Strengths of the Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Cancerians ride on the favor of the Universe with ease. This means that they can exude some of the more admirable qualities.

For example, those born under this sign are quick decision-makers. Just like the crab, you don’t need all the facts to make the right decision.

Your intuition is a powerful resource. You should tap into this resource when you need to make critical moves.

Indeed, if you apply this gift well, the other zodiacs can learn much from you.

At the same time, Cancerians can easily tap into the feelings of other people around them. Somebody doesn’t need to tell you what you are going through.

You can feel it through your psychic abilities. This means that you are in a unique position to respond to other people’s needs.

You can see when people have a reason to celebrate and they need your company. Similarly, you’ll know when they are going through tough moments.

You’ll be able to step in to console them.

The influence of the Moon empowers you to turn to the rhythms of nature. You seem to understand where the earth is coming from and where it’s headed.

This enables you to play your role with ease. Also, your problems will look smaller and easy to solve. Use these gifts to help your loved ones.

Take the time to share with your friends. Be around people so that you can put your psychic abilities to good use.

What are the Key Weaknesses of the Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Cancer zodiac people have many things going for them. Take advantage of these opportunities.

However, there are a few things you need to check on to have the best experiences in life. For example, you need to learn how to express yourself fully.

You often know the answers, but you rarely express them. This has to change if you make any concrete steps in life.

The teams you are working with could do with your input. Provide them with the direction they need so that everyone can achieve the results they desire.

At home, learn to speak up your mind. It’s counter-productive to keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself.

The longer you keep them bottled up, the more dangerous they become. You never know when they will erupt – destroying everything in your vicinity.

Additionally, Cancerians will turn moody when things are not going their way. In this state, they feel insecure.

They are prone to manipulating people to achieve their goals. You need to realize that this may not work well for you in the long term.

You should use your intuitive powers to overcome the challenges you come across. This will make it easy for other people to relate well to you.

Be more sensitive to the emotional needs of your family. Use your psychic power to help them deal with their pain and suffering.

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The Way forward for Cancer Zodiac Sign

All water signs – Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer – are emotional beings. They think with their hearts, so to speak.

This is a powerful blessing if you use it well.

It’s a blessing if you use it to invite positivity to your life and the lives of those around you. For example, you can clearly feel what others are going through.

You can see their pains even before they share it with you. This means that you can intervene to alleviate their suffering.

By taking up this noble role, you’ll be working for your happiness and long-term peace.

Also, you should use your powerful emotions as a defense mechanism against the harshness of the world.

Try to show some patience, kindness, sympathy, and love to those you are dealing with. No matter how ill-intentioned they are, they will be swayed by your positive aura.

This is a good mechanism that you can use to avoid unnecessary conflict. Note that we have talked about unnecessary conflicts.

Some conflicts are not only necessary but healthy as well.

They allow you to set the boundaries you need to enjoy peace. Such conflicts empower you to invite the energies of harmony and love into your home.

The Crab symbol means that you should exercise your strength to create positive change in your world. You see; the crab is not afraid of using its strength to achieve its goals.

How Does Cancer Handle Sex and Love?

If Cancerians learn to tame their emotions, they do very well when it comes to matters of the heart. This does not mean, however, that you need to be less emotional.

Rather, it means that you should use your feelings as a tool for communication. You are not one given to long speeches.

Speeches may not work well for you when you want to convey a love message to your partner. Where your speeches fail, let your powerful emotions take over.

For example, let the world know when you are happy. This will make it easier for your partner to tap into your energies.

You see; relationships are fueled by emotions. By making your partner privy to your emotions, you make it easier for them to share their feelings as well.

So, go ahead and express your sensibilities. Let your partner see that you care. Let them know when you are hurting.

In this way, it will even cover for those moments when you don’t feel like taking initiative.

People born under the Cancer sign are generous when it comes to their sex life. They give themselves unreservedly.

Indeed, you may find it easy to commit yourself to a long-term relationship. Most other people need a lot of time and soul searching to make this move.

You’ll be happiest when you find a fellow Cancer to share this long-term with. But, you’ll have to create room so that each one of you can exercise your individuality.

You may have an active internal life that is slightly different from your partner. You need your own personal space to listen to your inner being.

Your intuition will guide you on what you should do to add spice to your love life.

Cancerians also thrive in relationships with other zodiac signs, as long as such people have a high level of imagination.

You may find it hard to tolerate a dull, boring, and unmotivated companion. You will need a lot of help to make a relationship with such a person work.

You’ll have to make significant concessions and compromises. But, if you are not willing to go through all this, just stick with a more grounded person.

If you hook up with the right partner, nothing can stand between you and your dreams. The collaboration you form will enable you to achieve your goals with ease.

How Does Cancer Relate to Family?

When it comes to family life, people born under the Cancer zodiac sign are very sentimental. They are keen to build close ties with their family.

They visit places where they can create life-long moments.

If you were born under this astrological sign, you will find it easy to uphold your family values. It’s your desire to create a family legacy that will last for years to come.

You take to your parents, partner, and children with ease. Indeed, your family finds you to be quite reliable and trustworthy.

They approve of your plans and intentions.

However, be keen not to be driven by the desire for approval. Don’t do things just for the sake of getting the approval of your family.

Such a reward is fleeting and it won’t lead to real happiness. Rather, do something for your family because it’s the right thing to do.

Be compassionate and understanding to all your children alike. Avoid bias when dealing with family. You see; each one of them counts. They each have a role to play in your life.

By treating each one of them fairly, you give them the confidence to confide in you. They’ll consider you not only as family but a friend as well.

How Does Cancer Relate to Friends?

Cancerians make friends with ease. They are social beings who are comfortable in any kind of setting. This is a powerful blessing that can serve you in many ways.

For example, your sociability enables you to create a solid connection. You can practicality have a friend for your every need.

This means that you won’t get stuck even when circumstances don’t favor you.

Your emotions play an important role in your friendships. You use your emotions to perceive the people you encounter in life’s journey.

You can easily smell out fake friends. Your intuition will never let you down in this. You can create intimacy. This is important if you want your friends to confide in you.

Also, you can use your compassion to help other people to deal with their circumstances. Thus, you are an invaluable addition to any team.

How Does Cancer Handle Career and Money?

Cancerians are the go-to people when a job has to be done with the least of hassles. Cancerians have no hassles rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done.

Your colleagues and bosses like the fact that you require a minimum of supervision. Actually, you still deliver even when left to your own devices.

This is because you are as loyal as you are focused. You follow the minutest of details to ensure that the job has been done to your specifications.

You can excel in careers that require much care and attention to detail. Here, think of nursing, accountancy, teaching, interior decoration, and science.

It’s important that you spend your resources wisely. This will fortify you against the hard times that will surely come your way.

The good news is that you have what it takes to secure your future. Once you understand the role of money and finances in your life, you’ll see the need to work hard.

Then, you need to realize that you don’t need to use up all your savings. You need to save or invest in some other way.

As you watch your investment grow in value, you’ll get the motivation to work even harder. The results you achieve in this manner will clearly show that you are the money person in the family.

Most people will gladly give you control of the purse strings.

How Do I Attract a Cancer Man?

By nature, the Cancer man tends to shun the limelight. They will rarely show their hand – even when they know that something is important to them.

So, if you want this man you may have to coax them to show some initiative. Alternatively, just go ahead and take the lead.

The Cancer man is not one to be slighted by such a move. However, you need to do it in a way that does not hurt his ego.

Most men – of whatever personality – have an ego to protect. It would help matters if you can be sensitive to this need in your man.

Although the Cancer man comes across as shy, you’ll see another side of him when it comes to protecting you or his children.

Once you get into a relationship with him, his natural tendency is to protect this. In his zeal to accomplish this, you may witness some aggressiveness.

In this he takes charge. However, remember that he still needs your support – especially if is protecting you in public.

Help him not to be too emotional lest he causes much damage in a bid to do you a good turn. Also, learn how to deal with his mood swings.

Some Cancer men tend to be pessimistic and clingy, more so when they feel vulnerable. Here, your man needs assurance that it will be well.

He just needs to play his role with confidence.

Remember; the Cancer man is one of the best partners to have in a relationship. Any effort you make to win the heart of this man is well worth it.

How Do I Attract a Cancer Woman?

If you don’t understand her well, you find the Cancer woman quite complicated. You may be taken aback by her emotional nature.

The truth is that the Cancer girl makes for a great partner – if you can learn to protect her vulnerabilities.

When this woman sees that you can be trusted, she’ll be faithful, loving, and supportive. The good thing in this is that she never does anything in half measures.

You’ll experience the full passion of her love a commitment.

So, all you need is to treat her well. Let her know that you can be trusted to keep her secrets. Prove to her that you are ready to help her ward off her insecurities.

As you can see; the Cancer woman may not be the right one for you if you are not ready to demonstrate honesty. She’ll quickly see if you hide stuff from her.

She’ll know if your integrity is questionable. You’ll want to be forthright with this woman from the beginning.

However, don’t expose all your skeletons at once. Do this gradually, in an environment that’s likely to positively influence her.

As with all Cancerians, the Cancer woman relies on her feelings to make critical decisions. This is your secret weapon.

Tune into her thoughts and emotions. Appreciate her emotions. Let her see that the two of you are perfectly in sync.

This is your pathway to a great relationship.

Final Thoughts…

Were you born under the Cancer zodiac sign? You are resilient as well as creative. You can thrive in any situation.

This means that you have no problem being on your own. You know how to keep yourself preoccupied with or without company.

This is one survival skill that few people can master. As such, Cancer people tend to be achievers. They are in a class of their own.

However, you need to learn how to step up for your beliefs. Your value system is too precious to be sacrificed at the altar of friendship.

It’s good to be loyal. But, you should not do it at the expense of your own growth and progress. Learn to balance your loyalty and your need for progress.

You’ll soon discover that some ‘friends’ are not worth fighting for.

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