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If your birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, you are under the Leo astrological sign. The symbol of this zodiac is Lion.

Your life is governed by the Fire Element, and the Sun is your ruling body.

Those born under Leo tend to attract lots of luck when they associate themselves with the numbers 1, 3, 10, and 10. Also, the colors Orange, Yellow, and Gold give you a positive aura.

The Sun is known for freely giving its power to the world. Through the influence of this celestial body, you have a well-developed giving nature.

This is further enhanced by the role Leo plays in your life. Most people think that it’s in the nature of the lion to be selfish.

This is far from the truth. Lions have a huge capacity for generosity. As such, you find it easy to share affection and love.

You tend to be a crowd puller. This may happen deliberately or inadvertently. People find some solace and comfort around you.

You exude such positive that most people find themselves irresistibly drawn towards you. Use this influence to do some good in your world.

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What are the Key Strengths of the Leo Zodiac Sign?

Leos never runs short of divine blessings in their life. If for any reason you think life’s unfair, you better think again.

You’ll realize that you have wonderful gifts and talents. For example, you are a natural leader. People are drawn to you. They admire what you are capable of accomplishing.

Use this to motivate these people to achieve their goals and dreams.

Remember; you are so richly endowed so that you can reach out to the world. You need to help others to get on their feet.

Otherwise, your talents may as well be withdrawn.

Also, the Leos are known for their passion, ingenuity, and good nature. Although you look powerful and aggressive, those who know you well understand your gentler side.

Put this gentleness into practice as you voice your concerns. Allow other people to have their say. Listen to them attentively.

They need to feel part of any common decisions you make.

Your resilience and strength are best used to fight injustice. You have the might of the Lion. This may be physical, emotional, as well as intellectual.

People will quickly see these qualities in you. With time, you will feel inclined to speak for such people.

What are the Key Weaknesses of the Leo Zodiac Sign?

People born under this astrological sign tend to be cautious. You don’t want to be the first one to oppose a project – even when the facts show that you should.

Whether in the zoo or in the jungle, the lion never changes its roar. Its roar is unique and cannot be mistaken for any other noise.

Borrow this from the king of the jungle. Let your thoughts and opinions make their mark. If anything, you should be the person people should turn to in search of approval.

So, be firm about the decisions you make. But, of course, this means that you have to make sure they are the right decisions.

Additionally, Leos are prone to being hasty. It’s likely that you react based on your circumstances. You can certainly do better than this.

Keenly study your environment. Get to know how things happen in your world. This enables you to be proactive. You can see problems before they become huge.

This is the way of the Lion. Remember; you are a problem solver. Your loved ones and family look up to you as such.

Some people may misconstrue your go-getter attitude as arrogance and self-centeredness. To alleviate such concerns, you need to be more communicative.

Let your plans be known by all those who matter.

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The Way forward for Leo Zodiac Sign

The Leo astrological sign is all about the use of attractiveness, self-confidence, and power to unite. To get a clearer picture of this, just look at the role of the Sun.

This celestial body shines on all people, regardless of their culture or origin. It’s a clear symbol that we one as humanity.

You have a responsibility to unite those around you. Be they your family or colleagues; show them a sense of collaboration.

Use your strength and wisdom to lead people to achieve a shared cause. You will create a big impact if you can exude the warm-heartedness that’s associated with the Fire Element.

The influence of the Sun encourages you to get in touch with your deeper self. Do you know your heart’s desire? What do you want to achieve in this life?

What is standing in your way? Are you in touch with your strengths and weaknesses? Remember; the Lion never leaves anything to chance.

The King of the Jungle goes out there to win, guided by the confidence in its own power.

How Does Leo Handle Sex and Love?

People born under this sign are very aggressive in their professional lives. When it comes to matters of love, they are very gentle.

But, they transfer the passion they use in their professional life to their romantic relationships. Indeed, this is one of the reasons Leos make such good partners.

Leos like to impress. This means that outward appearance does matter to you. This is important as how you present yourself determines how your partner takes you.

This is more so during the initial stages of the relationship.

People born under this sign are keen to establish the right balance between work and their romantic engagements.

You are likely to work hard to get the money to take your partner for an adventure. This is a major plus for your relationship. A well-relaxed partner is more productive in all ways.

The Fire sign is generous, respectful, and generous. They spare nothing to make their partners feel and well-taken care of.

Your desire to please your partner should not go overboard. If you appear too assertive, this may be taken to mean that you are overbearing.

To void this, Leo needs to give their partner some space. Let them exercise their individuality and some level of independence.

Your natural tendency is to protect. This is good as long as your efforts are not seen to be overprotective.

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How Does Leo Relate to Family?

Leos prioritize their families in everything they do. They are motivated by their desire to make better living conditions for their parents, partners, and children.

From an early age, Leo children are hard working. Once they identify what they want to achieve, they won’t waste time to get it.

Leo’s parents are proud to instill good moral values in their growing children. This is one way Leo parents show their care and support for their young ones.

Leo children are fiercely independent and will leave the nest as soon as they are of age. As this child grows, they will experience the need for a partner.

They will go for partners who are intellectual, reasonable, and self-aware. Such a partner will resonate well with Leo’s own traits.

If Leo is the leader of the family, you can expect the home to be filled with lots of fun and adventure. Leos are full of energy and will creatively look for ways to make family life more exciting.

The Leo head will try to create a strong emotional connection amongst the members of the family. Each member will feel intimately connected to the other.

This is the kind of foundation upon which you should try to establish your family. Create the kind of warmth that will invite positive vibes from the Universe.

If you are a Leo, you owe this to your family.

How Does Leo Relate to Friends?

People born under the Leo astrological sign are generous and loyal to their friends. They move with speed to help their friends overcome their challenges.

This is partly why people find Leos to be a good company. You are surrounded by so many people because they appreciate your value.

It’s not likely to find a Leo person alone. They enjoy interacting and working with other people. But, they are quick to detect signs of dishonesty and insincerity.

The story of the Lion is all about bravery. This animal courageously moves about its territory like the true king that he is.

From this, you learn not to fear challenges. Your environment may change, but you need to remember that you are in charge.

This further applies to the way you deal with friends. They will approach you when faced with the fears and uncertainties of life.

Show your friends that fear can be overcome. They should be courageous in the face of challenges.

This can be equated to creating a cave in your life to shield your true friends from danger. Your life is a safe haven for many.

As such, act responsibly. Uphold integrity in everything you do. Many people look up to you for guidance.

How Does Leo Handle Career and Money?

When it comes to the workplace, Leos are very ingenious. They will use their vast energy reserves to increase productivity.

For this reason, you’ll find Leos every busy doing one thing or another. They are not content to just stand by as things happen.

Their high levels of ambitions keep pushing them. And, their hard work does pay off. It’s very likely for a person born under the Leo zodiac to rise very fast.

They get good pay grades and attract other desirable perks from their bosses. If you were born under this sign, we are saying that you have what it takes to fend for your family.

So, start acting like an achiever. Evaluate your situation and see what you need to do to make things better.

You’ll discover that you can do equally well – if not better – working as your own boss. This requires that you open your mind and heart to all possibilities.

Although they are good at making money, Leos are less successful when it comes to spending their hard-earned cash.

You need to be very careful here. The money you make is your guarantee of a wonderful life ahead. Avoid being a spendthrift.

Prioritize your spending so that you don’t waste money on things you don’t need.

How Do I Attract a Leo Man?

The Leo man wants to feel that he is in charge. He likes to control everything in his environment. You should not take this negatively.

Rather, see it as a show of might. In essence, it means that this man has the capacity to protect you. They will go to great lengths to protect you against bad situations and poor circumstances.

Be ready to give him the space to do so if you desire to enjoy intimacy with him.

Your Leo man is very generous. He will shower you with all kinds of gifts. This is a clear sign that he is into you.

You need to show appreciation each time he does things. This makes him feel wanted and loved.

Extend this to his plans. Although his plans may often seem huge and dramatic, he has the drive to implement them.

Show your confidence in his abilities. This is the kind of support he desires from you. He will easily give you his heart if he sees you are ready to support his growth and development.

Actually, you’ll discover that his plans include a partner (such as you) and children. So, by helping him grow, you are working for your own growth as well.

Leo ma likes to be told when he looks good. He takes well to compliments. This does not mean, however, that you should be a sycophant.

He needs genuine feedback. This man is not likely to choose a woman who keeps up appearances. Nothing turns him off than deceit.

So, be honest with him. This should be easy, considering that he’s very honest with you.

Also, try to keep up with his dapper looks. He is a smart dresser. He will appreciate if you are equally neat.

How Do I Attract a Leo Woman?

A woman born under the Leo zodiac sign has much in common with her male counterpart. They are likely to form solid relationships with men born under the Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini, and Aries signs.

However, depending on your planetary alignment, you can attract a Leo girl even if you don’t lie in any of the above signs.

All you need is to understand this woman and what motivates her. For example, you will discover that she needs warmth.

She desires to be loved and complimented. This is a common feature of people born under the Sun. So, you need to show her what she means to you.

Let her know that you appreciate her beauty or manner of dressing.

The Leo woman will easily fall for a romantic guy. If you intend to seduce this girl, you need to prove that she’s right there, at the center of your thoughts.

Take her to the theater to watch a play. Invite her to your place for dinner. In other words, spice up the romance in your relationship.

At the same time, you need to allow her some level of control. She tends to be domineering. She will cede control only when she’s sure that you truly love her.

So, go ahead and give her the royal treatment. With time, she’ll loosen up and allow you to take the lead – if you so wish.

Final Thoughts…

Leo people are hard workers. They know the role of money in their lives, and they are willing to work for financial freedom.

Go ahead and put your best foot forward while you are at it. Engage only in the kinds of activities that add joy and happiness to your life.

Bring on board those who matter. Let them share in your plans. Create confidence in them. Let them know that under your guidance/leadership everything will work out.

You are not ‘King of the Jungle’ for nothing. This title is reserved for those who can create confidence in bad times.

These people are those born under the Leo zodiac sign. If you truly desire it, you will create sanity in the midst of chaos.

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