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Taurus zodiac sign is one of the fixed astrological signs. It is governed by the Earth element. This sign plays an influential role in people born between April 20 and May 20.

If your birthday falls between these dates, you are under the rule of the planet Venus. The symbol of the Taurus zodiac is the Bull. This is s symbol of strength and determination.

Your lucky numbers are 2, 6, 9, 12, and 24.

The colors Pink and Green resonate well with your personality. You should keep some shades of these colors – in whatever form – somewhere around you.

This will enable you to attract positive vibes into your life.

The bull is a clear indicator of strength and resilience. It shows that those born under this sign are courageous, passionate, and full of enthusiasm.

Taurus pays very close attention to details. They apply this to every aspect of their lives. That’s why Taurus people are considered some of the best lovers.

They will do everything in their power to ensure that the needs of their partner are met. By doing so, they find the satisfaction of their own needs as well.

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What are the Key Strengths of the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

The Taurus zodiac comes across as a devoted romantic. You are likely to enjoy activities like dancing, acting, cooking, and gardening.

You derive pleasure in working with your hands. This goes to show that you are practical – a trait that can be seen in all aspects of your life.

You place much premium on love and beauty. As such, physical pleasure is important to you. Your partner enjoys your company because of your romantic nature.

The planet Venus affects how you relate to love, romance, money, and wealth. By maintaining a positive attitude in life, you will receive all these gifts from this celestial body.

Work hard, for you have the guarantee that you will reap the fruits of your labor. But, there’s a catch here…

You must make sure that your pursuits are not only honorable but honest as well.

You have the determination of the Bull. This means that few things can stand in your way to success. People born under this sign excel in careers that require innovation.

For example, you can make a very good designer, scientist, designer, engineer, or artist. In these careers, you get the chance to exercise your creativity in problem-solving.

Reliability and stability have endeared you to many people. You can across as a person who sticks to your choices as long as they are the right ones.

Of course, you can tell your choices are good because they emanate from your intuition. You know that your heart cannot deceive you.

A Taurus friend is one of the best people you can have on your side. This sign is loving and supportive. You will be there for your friends when they need you.

You are keen to listen o the emotional needs of those you come into contact with. For this reason, your friends are likely to be friends for life.

What are the Key Weaknesses of the Taurus Zodiac Sign?

Some of your actions may be taken for stubbornness. It’s not your fault that this happens. But, you can do something about it.

You are so focused on your goals that you may fail to appreciate the input of others.

This means that you need to be more communicative. Let your teammates understand your plans. Pull them in so that they can see the bigger picture as clearly as you see it.

Also, you need to listen more to what others are saying. You see; the Bull tends to be driven by a strong internal compass.

It calls for some effort on your part to tune in to someone else’s demand. You have to go this extra mile if you desire to achieve your goals and actualize your dreams.

At the same time, the Bull needs to learn to be more dynamic. You need to understand that change is part of life.

Take well to the sudden changes that come your way – either in the family or in the workplace. Being rigid will only make you frustrated.

By welcoming change into your life, you open a window of opportunity. You will see the possibilities around you with more clarity.

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The Way forward for Taurus Zodiac Sign

The symbol of the Bull represents one who wanders the earth in search of freedom. You need to enjoy spiritual freedom, financial freedom, emotional freedom, and physical freedom.

This one reason the Taurus sign works hard. They have goals to achieve, and they are determined to do so in this lifetime.

For this reason, the Bull often comes across as brash, abrasive, and aggressive. You may find yourself shoving too hard where kind words would have done the trick.

You need to tune in to other people’s feelings. This may not always be easy considering that you are driven by a burning ambition to excel.

But, being the Taurus that you are, nothing is impossible. You need to create the right balance between your needs and the needs of those you come into contact with.

Give this some thought. You’ll be surprised to notice that your needs are intertwined with the needs of those around you.

This means that you’ll achieve more by collaborating with such people. Reach out to create synergy with like-minded individuals.

Extend this principle to love. Be honest and open with your partner. Go slow with your expectations, and give your partner time to understand your personality.

This is not a tall order for you. After all, you have all the positive energies of Venus, the goddess of love.

People born under the Taurus astrological sign are keen on details. This is something you can use to your advantage.

It will help you to understand the nuances that affect those you encounter in life. For example, some people like your brand of humor. Others don’t.

Acquaint yourself with your audience.

How Does Taurus Handle Sex and Love?

The planet Venus is closely associated with love, romance, attraction, creativity, satisfaction, and beauty.

If you are under this astrological sign, you have what it takes to radiate these qualities. Your partner likes the fact that you have a tender nature.

Once you get the appropriate partner, you are likely to stick with them for life. From the onset, potential partners can see this.

As such, you tend to attract a lot of admirers and potential partners. Ensure that you choose well. Go for the kind of person who’ll help you to create emotional stability.

You can do very well with someone from your social background. This does not mean, however, that you should not aspire to reach beyond your background.

It only means that you should have clear-set family expectations in mind as you make your choices. What kind of family would you like to raise?

Is your potential partner the right kind of person to help you achieve this?

The Taurus lover places much value on romance. You enjoy creating romantic experiences. Intimacy is in your second nature.

Taurus is more inclined to form relationships that hold the promise of pleasurable sexual encounters. Of course, the meaning of sexual encounters may vary from one individual to the next.

But, most of the Taurus lovers are sensual and emotional. They have high regard for both fun and sex.

To them, these two aspects of a relationship are one and the same thing. A Taurus lover considers sex and fun very desirable in their love life.

How Does Taurus Relate to Family?

Home and family stability are central to the existence of someone born under the Taurus zodiac sign. This person appreciates being around their family.

You’d like to play a more active role in bringing up your children. Being a Taurus, you have no problem giving quality time to your partner and loved ones.

The Taurus enjoys being involved in family activities. You’ll find them at the very center of family gatherings.

At the same time, you enjoy bringing people together. You appreciate having people around you. Being the romantic that you are, you’ll get involved in preparing meals for your friends and relatives.

Family customs and routines mean much in your life. If it were up to you, the values and traditions of the family would be carried from generation to generation.

How Does Taurus Relate to Friends?

You are a true friend by every definition of the word. You are there for your friends in good and bad times.

You are quick to give a helping hand when a friend is in trouble. This is because you believe that friendship is something to be treasured.

You can trace the foundations of most of your friendships to your childhood. Your intimate connections are built on the tenets of stability and loyalty.

People born under the Taurus sign take the initiative when it comes to building the pillars of a trustworthy friendship.

This means that you are willing to go out of your way to nurture the friendship. And, oftentimes, you don’t expect anything in return.

You just need the assurance that your friend is honest, trustworthy, and well-intentioned.

How Does Taurus Handle Career and Money?

People born under the Taurus zodiac sign know the value of money in their lives. Money is meant to make your life more comfortable.

But, you need to understand that money can’t replace your spirituality. You need to grow spiritually to make good use of the money you earn.

You are quite dependable as an employee. You are keen not to lose focus on dealing with the tasks assigned to you.

This means that you are likely to rise in position at your workplace.

Stability is an important consideration when it comes to your career. Your working routine is largely dictated by the kind of rewards you desire to attract into your life.

To some extent, money is a good measure of how secure your future is. But, money, on its own, cannot buy joy.

So, people born under this sign may want to pursue spiritual fulfillment as well. When your spirit is well nurtured, you can deal with the other aspects of your life more effectively.

Taurus people understand that your life is in your hands. You are responsible for your future. Take responsibility for your pension.

Involve yourself in occupations that add joy and happiness to your existence. Such jobs will give you the motivation you need to meet your material needs.

How Do I Attract a Taurus Man?

A Taurus man is not likely to entangle himself in unwanted relationships. This is because he takes time in choosing his partner.

If you intend to capture the heart of this man, you need to be patient. You may find that he has built some defenses that you find hard to penetrate. Don’t lose heart when this happens.

Keep treating him nicely. Let him see, through actions, that you are highly interested in him. For example, you can prepare him dinner every now and then.

However, if you are not a good cook, don’t ruin your chances by trying to cook for him. You can instead choose to take him to a nice restaurant for some delicious food.

Find out what he likes. Go ahead and give him a treat.

Although this man sees sex and fun as one and the same thing, he won’t put undue pressure on you. He’s willing to wait until you are ready.

It would help if you can make the Taurus man understand your position on sex. Would you like to enjoy it right away, or would you like to save it until the right time?

Men born under the Taurus sign are fiercely loyal. They will stick with you through thick and thin. In the same way, they expect to see a high level of loyalty from you.

If you are looking for a reliable man, this is the man for you. He will be honest and trustworthy most of the time.

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How Do I Attract a Taurus Woman?

A Taurus woman craves true love. This is a must-have if she’s to be involved in a romantic relationship. If you desire to win her heart, be prepared to work hard to give her unreserved love.

She may not warm to your overtures right away. This means that you should be patient. Don’t be in a hurry.

Your efforts will bear the kind of fruits you seek. With time, you’ll come to see how loyal, intimate, and affectionate she can get.

This girl appreciates beauty. You should try to create beautiful moments when you are together. This gives her a sense of security, and it will enable her to unfold her heart to you.

Take your time when dating this woman. She doesn’t like to be rushed. She needs to understand what motivates her before she commits herself to the relationship.

Invest in the courtship game. Be creative when it comes to adding spice to your love life. This is the foundation of the relationship you share with the Taurus woman.

The more romantic you are, the more likely you are to win the heart of this girl.

Final Thoughts…

Being resilient animals, Bulls will not bow to pressure. The harder things get, the more determined they become.

This sign has an intense internal drive. If you are a Taurus, you must have realized that you are highly opinionated.

You are an independent thinker. You like making decisions based on your principles and not what others want you to think.

This will often put you at loggerheads with authority – which could slow down your ascent to the top.

It’s highly advisable that you learn to be flexible. Learn to accommodate other people’s views without compromising your values.

This means that you have to concentrate more on other people’s strengths as opposed to their shortcomings.

Be positive about the contribution such people have to offer. Don’t be too quick to judge them or write them off.

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