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Celestite has its own special place and role in the universe. In this article, we are going to take a short journey through the world of Celestite, to discover its meaning, uses, healing properties, and so forth. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

What Is Celestite?

Celestite occurs mostly in the crystallized form, but may also appear in a more massive form; we are interested in its crystal form. It can be found in any place on earth, almost always in small quantities and sizes. It consists entirely of string sulfate, which is a mixture of strontium and oxygen.

In fact, celestite is the earth’s source of strontium, an element without which we wouldn’t have fireworks and various mental alloys (those that require strontium).

The largest (and the most beautiful) occurrence of Celestine can be found in Crystal Cave, the world’s largest Celestine geode, located in Put-In-Bay, Ohio. There, you can see some of the world’s largest Celestine crystals, some even weighing up to 300 lbs.

The Meaning Of Celestite?

celestite-crystalCelestite is derived from the Latin adjective caelestis (cealum), meaning heaven or sky. Celestite is heavenly crystal and may look like the sky, showcasing mixtures of pale blue and gray-blue colors, some were lucky enough to find it in orange, white, red and green color.

Because its name and practical use aim towards the sky (remember, we use strontium for fireworks), anyone who seeks elevation of spirit and mind should use this crystal.

One can use it as a reminder of one’s origin, for Celestite often acts as a communicator between this and higher realms of existence. Celestite is also used for self-development, for it helps bring clarity and calmness to one’s troubled mind.

It is a crystal of love, joy, and light, and like the sky and heavens, it brings peace and harmony to its user. It is associated with divinity, specifically, with contacting your guardian angel, but more on that later.

Celestite Properties

Due to their sky-like colors, Celestite crystals appear pure and holy. Its hardness form varies from 3.0 to 3.5, often formed in a prismatic or tabular shape. And because it is very soft, Celestite is rarely used as a gemstone, and more as an addition to something else (like metal alloy).

It has a high frequency, vibrating in all directions and emitting the aura of calmness and harmony. As such, Celestite is used as a healer and a shaman, one who heals and guides your soul to higher goals. By just looking at it, one gain clarity and sanctity.

Just a kind suggestion: if you own or plan to get Celestite, avoid frequent exposure to light, whether artificial or natural. Due to its chemical structure, the light will wear it out, to the point where its colors may fade away.

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Celestite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Celestite works on three levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. As a healer, this stone helps minimize the pain and inspire joy. Let’s see the way Celestite heals you:

Physical Healing

Physically, it works on the most basic, cellular level. While its impacts in this field may go unnoticed, Celestite nurtures the cells, making sure that you are free of toxins and errors.

Furthermore, people also use it in treating eye and ear diseases and disorders and also helps to deal with throat and digestion problems. It is, more than anything else, a stress reducer.

Stress is a known inducer of digestive problems, as well as of various skin conditions. Celestite, being the stress reducer, helps eliminate the stress, which in turn helps reduce the occurrence of digestive and skin problems.

Emotional Healing

Since it reduces stress and anxiety, Celestite is often favored by people with various emotional problems. It also helps reduce compulsive behavior, in the sense that it may help you achieve stillness in the desperate times.

Celestite inspires calmness and patience, reminding us of our higher goals, and helping us achieve those goals. It works slowly and patiently, radiating in greater and greater circle, asserting its illuminating potential.

The Celestite helps lower the chattering in our minds, reminds us to breathe and relax, which is also the reason why a lot of meditation practitioners use it.

It also gives courage to people that are afraid of experiencing new things, and to those that suffer from specific fears (such as arachnophobia). Celestite can also help people overcome their addictive and obsessive behavior.

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Spiritual Healing

Celestite is a very soft and gentle crystal but can connect you with the most powerful realms of existence. This crystal is an excellent communicator, helping you connect with the Divine by expanding your consciousness.

Moreover, it is an angel crystal, inviting the angelic presence to protect you from the evil. Most importantly, it calms the world within you and the world around you, helping you live in harmony and coexistence with everything else.

It also teaches us humility, reminding us of our Divine origin, and helping use acknowledge the effect of a Higher power in our lives, without which we wouldn’t be able to experience life.

And just as with its physical healing potential, Celestite’s spiritual healing takes some time.

But, one must realize that one’s problems are much more complex than one sees them and that only the help of higher energy can help them see and realize the complexity of their troubles.

Upon realization, with the help of Celestite, one can not only see the complexity but to also accept it completely.

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Celestite Uses

As we already said, Celestite is an excellent crystal for people who want to grow, and for those who want to connect with their heavenly side. As such, it is used to contact the Divine and invite it into one’s life.

Since it has a healing aura, this crystal works best in the areas we heal, which can be a bedroom or your particular meditation spot. Most people that have troubles with falling asleep because of the intensive thinking they engage with before the sleep; the Celestite can help slow down those racing thoughts.

To inspire peace and healing energy, you should always keep it in mentioned spots. But, if you have troubles at work, placing it in your workplace will help reduce the accumulated stress in the room. And remember, since it has an aura, it will help your coworkers too.

Celestite is also good at repelling paranoia and fear (as we discussed) and can help panic attacks and extreme anxiety. People who want to stimulate and nurture their creative sides, such as musicians, artists or designers, will benefit the most from this crystal.

Also, any business that provides spiritual services (like providing visionary or other metaphysical services), you always Celestite on their side, for it will help them stay connected to the spiritual world, a world far more significant than the physical one.

Celestite is often used as a talisman or as an amulet. Celestite is a Dispeller, and people usually carry it to repel the toxicity and radiate tranquility. This is particularly useful for people who entered a new relationship and want to keep developing it.

Alas, Celestite is also used in a Feng Shui. Blue Celestite uses the Water power, water often signifies purity, clarity, washing away. It is formless yet powerful, and the energy that spins the circle of life.

Any place that requires calmness, contemplation, and tranquility can use Celestite. Preferably, it should be placed on the North side of the home, since North is the side of the Water energy.

Celestite Meditation

Because Celestite seeks and grants harmony and calmness, it is primarily used by meditation practitioners. This crystal provides one with the feelings of calm and sobriety but also gives one the courage to go further and explore the world beyond their world.

Moreover, since it inspires stillness and clarity, Celestite can also be used for astral traveling and dream recall. It is very gentle and is ideal for people who just started to practice meditation or other spiritual activities.

Those who would like to observe their dreams genuinely should try using Celestite, for it can help them remember not only the essential details of the dream but also tiny details; and you know what they say, “the devil is in the details.”

If one’s mind is troubled with conflict and thoughts, meditation helps still that mind. But, it is hard to go into the deeper levels of meditation if one isn’t completely open and still, and Celestite can aid us in that step.

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Celestite Birthstone

Celestite has its place on the Zodiac’s birthstone list, belonging to the Gemini birthstones. It isn’t traditional, but a modern one. It is a natural birthstone of those people who were born in the time between February 19 – March 19.

Since Celestite blue colored, its speaks of calmness and patience in the time when the life is about to burst, just before the spring. As all blue crystals, it brings patience and respect, as well as clarity in the time of rush and chaos.

Celestite Zodiac Sign

As a Zodiac stone, Celestite helps one mature and develop, and it brings harmony and clarity to the people born under Gemini and Cancer signs. It works to defuse the tension, and relive the bearer of the pressure.

The ability to calm things down is crucial for Gemini, for they are often inconsistent, anxious, nervous and indecisive. While the Celestite isn’t some magical Philosopher’s Stone that can solve one’s problem, it does open up a new space for Gemini, showing them a different route.

Furthermore, Geminis are mostly interested in music and art and tend to become singers and artists. The price Geminies pay for such precious talents (like the talent to sing or design) is the price of nervousness. Unfortunately, many Geminis don’t achieve their goals due to their insecurity and their inability to calm down and still their minds.

Celestite Chakra

Celestite stimulates Throat Chakra, which is the voice of our body and our souls. We tend to overlook the benefits of opened Throat Chakra, but it acts as the body’s control room, allowing the energy to flow through it and to the other Chakras.

When opened, we are open, and we can communicate ourselves to ourselves and those around us. We say what we feel and feel what we mean, in the sense that there is no conflict or disbalance between the two.

This free flow of energy brings with it our ideas, our fears, our feelings, and everything else outwards; nothing stays within, nothing blocks. If the energy can rise upward, through the Throat Chakra, it will continue this free expression.

As the energy flows, it touches on Brown Chakra, with which Celestite also helps. Brown Chakra is the center of our consciousness, the Third Eye, and is that which observes and is aware. Most importantly, it is through the Brown Chakra that we get our insights into our most profound thoughts and emotions.

When opened, the Brown Chakra opens us even more, making us available to new, radically new ideas, perceptions, and insights. Alas, we have the Crown Chakra, which is the last step before we explore the world outside our bodies.

Celestite works patiently, slowly expanding its aura and stretching its field of influence. In the end, it helps you open the Crown Chakra, giving you the chance to see what is going on, to see the source of your ideas and spirituality.

When we finally open the Crown Chakra, we see world no longer a collection of individual things and events, but we see the connection between all events and the purpose behind it. We no longer see the unfortunate events in our life as drawbacks, but as necessities which we must overcome.

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It is a good thing that Celestite can be found almost anywhere on this planet. While we still don’t fully understand its potential, we know that Celestite has a lot to offer. It seeks and inspires the feelings of calm and clarity.

It helps overcome and grow, aiding us on our path of self-improvement. It helps us get rid of bad habits and encourages us to try new things. More importantly, it helps us open the Throat, Brown and Crown chakras, ultimately leading us to out of this world realization.

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