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Moonstone Crystal Meaning and Uses

The Moonstone is also known as “The Traveler’s Stone.” Drivers and travelers are told to keep these stones in their cars to avoid road rage and to protect their journeys.

Enigmatic in name and nature, the Moonstone will always be a part of those semiprecious stones that occupies a very special place in our culture. Learn more about what makes this stone so unique.

What is a Moonstone

The Moonstone is a semiprecious gemstone. This means that it has been cut and polished, from its original form, to be used in the creation of jewelry pieces and other projects.

Moonstones are known by their adularescence, which is a clear, ghostly, and yet ironically transparent shine that lets natural light sift through its layers, resembling a magical glow.

Moonstone crystalWhile Moonstones are often associated with the moon due to their looks, they are clearly not from the moon. Moonstone deposits occur naturally in India, Madagascar, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Poland, Myanmar, Austria, and some areas of the United States and Mexico.

One last note is that this stone has a hardness level of 6 in the MoH scale, which means that it should be treated delicately and handled with care.

The stones come in a variety of shades that include:

  • Rainbow Moonstone, or Peristerite– This stone is associated with psychic protection, deflecting negativity and calming bad dreams.
  • Gray Moonstone: Used by healers and shamans to direct the way into different dimensions
  • Cat’s Eye, or Blue Moonstone – This stone is associated with the mind’s eye, clarity, inner views and a heightened level of awareness.
  • White Adularescent (clearest kind) – This stone is associated directly with the moon and the energy of the new moon. This entails psychic perception, dreamwork, and visualization.
  • Peach and Yellow Moonstones – These variances of the Moonstone are the preferred choice for protection stones to be carried by sufferers of anxiety. They also stimulate creativity and heal the heart.

Like other gemstones, Moonstones also come in a variety of carat sizes, ranging from .5 to 7 carats, depending on the piece of jewelry.

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Moonstone meaning

The name Moonstone comes from the moonbeam-like adularescence that sparks from its core. It creates a visual effect reminiscent of an ethereal, ghostly moonlight.

Although this hue is an optical illusion produced by the composition of the stone, it is easy to understand why the ancients attributed the powers of the moon to this attractive mineral.

The state of Florida selected this rock as their state mineral in honor of the Kennedy Space Center, the center of space activity in the United States of America.

Moonstone Properties

Geologically, Moonstones come from the family of feldspar minerals, which make up nearly 45% of our planet’s crust. The two types of feldspar that make up most moonstones are albite and orthoclase, combined.

The lacing of these two minerals produce layers that are thin and flat. It is the layering of these elements and the way that they refract sunlight, that creates the adularescence effect that makes Moonstones so popular.

Due to its shimmer and beauty, the Moonstone is one of the favorite stones used in mediation. It chimes in with the wearer’s internal energy and biorhythms, so it is a stone meant to calm and re-organize the vibrations and energy in people.

The energies that Moonstones are associated with our love, healing, luck, and power, among many more. It is also a stone of protection over personal possessions, travels, and personal safety.

Inspiration and creativity are also some of the benefits drawn from the use of Moonstone during meditation. Anyone having issues in any area of creativity is suggested to wear the stone as a piece of jewelry to keep close for inspiration.

As an added point of interest, some suggest gifting a Moonstone to a loved one during a full moon. The moon cycle, the earth’s own geo rhythms, and the human cycle of life can become combined in energy that can transfer through the stone.

Moonstone Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Moonstones are used in every sort of healing process, from physical, to spiritual. As a stone that is associated with the natural rhythms of the human body, the female cycle, and the moon cycles, Moonstones are often used when dealing with any case of hormonal, psychological, and even spiritual imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance, inflammation, issues with growth, and degenerative diseases are examples of some of the healing properties of Moonstones during physical healing sessions. Typically, it is said that Moonstones are the stone of choice for the healing of all fleshy organs, including:

  • stomach
  • liver
  • pancreas
  • pituitary glands
  • the brain

The fleshy organs are also external, such as eyes, hair, and skin.

When used for physical healing, Moonstones can be placed on top of an organ that is suffering from any form of imbalance.

They can also be waved above the organ like a pendulum, or be held by the healer during the process of meditation.

Their clarity and soothing lines create an essence of peace, inspiration, hope, and inner strength. Moonstones are also connected to femininity, the moon cycle, the female cycle, love, and peace.

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Moonstone Physical Healing

Moonstones are the stones of choice to use for healing sessions, primarily in aims to balance the any energetic or karmic disruption of the steps that take place during the most important processes of the human experience: conception, birth, growth, digestion, aging, inflammation, and any degenerative issues taking place in the human body.

When used as tools for balance, Moonstones are perfect for physical conditions that occur in body parts and organs that affect those important human experience processes. The processes that immediately affect the optimal functioning of our normal body parts are:

  • inflammation
  • fluid retention
  • digestive issues
  • PMS and hormonal imbalance
  • detoxication
  • degenerative conditions
  • issues related to childbirth and conception

This also applies to brain conditions and cognitive dissonance issues.

The association of Moonstones to “fleshy organs” entails that the stone will bring energetic balance to those areas, thus prompting them to perform optimally.

Other organs included in Moonstone healing also involve the female reproductive system: ovaries, uterus, Fallopian tubes, and even the cervix.

Because of this association, healers would prefer the use of Moonstones in the treatment of infertility, endometriosis, cancers, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, menstrual cycle issues, and pregnancies.

Moonstone Emotional Healing

The peaceful light that penetrates and exudes out of the Moonstone aids in the overall treatment of the imbalance that is created during stressful and chaotic situations.

As a balancing stone, which fixes the lack of balance that drives situations to go out of control, the Moonstone is great for focused thinking, meditation, and Reiki, to name a few.

Healers and users alike may use their Moonstone as a talisman, as a meditation rock, or as protective jewelry, when confronting the issues that disrupt our normal thinking, and our perception of the world.

Notice that, once any of these things happen, chaos is sure to follow:

  • instability and stress
  • emotional disturbance
  • depression
  • lack of inspiration or creativity
  • anxiety

Using the Moonstone as a talisman, or “lucky rock” to carry around is a wonderful way to transfer negative energy onto an object that emits nothing but light. It is a great way to counteract the effects of darkness.

Grief and loss: Grief and loss are also areas of high tension and emotion where Moonstones can help in the process.

Just carrying a small bag of small Moonstones of variable tones may help the grieving person break with the patterns of thought that occur during these times, allowing for the sufferer to take a brief break and contemplate the stones, focusing on the light that emanates from them.

This may also work for the spiritual healing of people, which is intensely connected to their emotional state.

Moonstone Spiritual Healing

When used in crystal and energy redirection for healing, Moonstones are the stone of choice for Feng Shui, Reiki, and remote healing sessions. The stones have a calming nature that brings the user back into the inner self.

Mediation is made easier, and concentration and focus are better achieved when projecting our inner light onto the stone.

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Moonstone Uses

Fashion: Moonstones can be used as fashion jewelry items in necklaces, earrings, and rings.

  • Protection for travelers: When used for protection, travelers normally keep a Moonstone in their dashboards to protect themselves from road rage and any other obstacle. This is why the Moonstone is also known as the “travelers’ stone”.
  • Anxious children: Parents can pack Moonstones in small packs and send them to school in their children’s backpacks. Whenever the child feels anxious or nervous, parents can suggest keeping Moonstones in the child’s pocket so that they can reach in and hold the stones as a soothing mechanism.
  • Prayer and Meditation: During meditation, Moonstones can be used for visualization, and to achieve the ultimate level of calmness.

Religious people who pray using the Rosary, or prayer Maalas, can make best use of Moonstones by creating their prayer tools out of these stones.

  • Anxiety Bracelets: Recently, there has been an increase in sales for anxiety bracelets. These are pieces of jewelry that rescue the wearer from any onset of negativity or anxiety. Creating an anxiety bracelet out of Moonstones is a great way to be in complete control of a bad situation.
  • Guiding Stones: Due to their clarity, their natural composition, and ability to engage in natural rhythms, the Moonstone is a great guiding stone for dowsing, meditating, and to be taken out in nature to explore new paths.

All this said, consider choosing Moonstones to create:

  • prayer beads
  • anxiety bracelets
  • as a carrying rock for instant meditation
  • in a medallion
  • as a dowsing rock
  • as calming beads for expectant mothers, since the Moonstone is universally recognized as a female energy stone related to the moon.

Moonstone Meditation

Visualization: As visualization tools, Moonstones are used in meditation to project dreams and worries alike onto the clear stone. Since this is a rock that deals with the inner rhythms of nature, this is the adequate stone to use with rhythmic breathing during meditative sessions.

Meditation sessions: During Reiki, and other types of focused sessions, the user can hold the Moonstone close to their chest so that the heartbeats can flow in with the natural biorhythms that Moonstones are associated with.

Healing and remote healing: The rocks can be held close to the heart, placed on top of your head, or near an affected organ. Some healers hold the rock above inquirers, dangling from a chord so that the stone can guide healers to where any imbalance of disturbance is taking place in the body of an inquirer.

Focal meditation exercises: Another way to use Moonstones for instant meditation is by keeping variations of the stone (read above for their different uses).

Keeping different types of Moonstones in one small bag can help as a focal tool to draw from the rocks the energy that each one holds.

Staring at the rocks, denoting their unique differences and similarities, and understanding the purpose of each variation of the stone in this planet, helps us also to recognize our own role on earth, as well as the shared traits that blend us all together.

Moonstone Birthstone

Moonstones are the second birthstone of the month of June. Since the stone is associated with the moon, it also symbolic of the months April, August, and October.

Because of the concepts that are represented by the stone, those of-of “flux”, “flow,” and “rhythm”, Moonstones are also representatives of the element of wind.

On a different note, the Moonstone is the stone that commemorates wedding anniversary #13 due to its connection love, flow of emotions, good luck, power, and healing. While the number 13 is typically seen as a “bad luck” number, using the Moonstone as its representative indicates a wish to break with the negative and stick to the light.

Moonstone Zodiac Sign

Moonstones are associated to the Zodiac signs of Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio.

Moonstone Chakra

The chakras associated to Moonstones are the Third Eye (6th chakra), which is the awareness and attachment to a wider, deeper dimension to which we all belong.

Also associated is the Crown (7th chakra), or Sahasrara, which is located in the crown of the head and is meant to connect us with the universal “whole.”

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