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What is Tourmaline Crystal?

Tourmaline is a strongly protective stone that comes in several varieties all known for their ability to ground their bearer and shield them from harmful psychic energies.

Though Tourmaline can be found on all of the world’s continents, it is nonetheless a rare and much sought after stone.

The rarity of Tourmaline Crystals is due to the fact that they tend to crystallize in hard rocks like quartz and granite.

It can be very difficult to extract the long and thin Tourmaline Crystals intact.

Thus, it is common to find Tourmaline Crystal in small bits and pieces that are relatively inexpensive.

Complete, unbroken wands of Tourmaline Crystal are much more difficult to find and are, therefore, much more expensive.

The popularity of Tourmaline began in 1876 when mineralogist George Kunz sold a specimen of Green Tourmaline to Tiffany and Company of New York.

Today, Tourmaline is prized by mystical practitioners who use it for its energetic and protective properties.

Tourmaline Crystal Meaning

TourmalineKnown as The Grounding Stone, Tourmaline Crystal is a strongly protective stone that is widely used by Shamanic practitioners for protection during rituals.

The grounding energy of Tourmaline makes it the crystal of balance, bridging mind and body.

Tourmaline Crystals are also used commonly for scrying, a magical form of remote viewing practiced by the Aztec shamans.

The energy of Tourmaline Crystal is perfect for grounding your energy, making it the ideal stone for meditation and healing.

The energetic properties of Tourmaline help us move beyond our limitations, transcending personal habits and tendencies to realize our personal ambitions.

The word Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word ‘turmali,’ meaning precious stone of many colors.

The word ‘turmali’ also means ‘something small from the Earth.’

Tourmaline Crystal Properties

One of Tourmaline’s most compelling and valuable properties is its ability to conduct an electrical charge and thus become energized.

Tourmaline takes an electric charge when it is either heated or rubbed.

Tourmaline was thought by alchemists to be related to the philosopher’s stone due to its pyroelectric properties.

When it is charged, a Tourmaline Crystal is essentially polarized, with one end being positive and the other negative, giving it the ability to attract or repel dust particles and ashes.

In the 1700‘s, Dutch traders used charged Tourmaline Crystals to attract and repel ash and dust.

Tourmaline belongs to a family of compounds known as aluminum borosilicates.

The extent to which it is mixed with other metals determines the color in which it appears.

Tourmaline Crystals are prismatic, striated crystals with a vertical structure which may grow like thick columns or thin, striated needles in the surrounding rock.

Natural Tourmaline Crystal wands are excellent for cleansing a person’s aura and balancing the body’s meridian system.

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Varieties of Tourmaline and Their Properties

Tourmaline (Black)

95% of all Tourmaline found in the natural world is Black Tourmaline, also known as Shorl.

Repelling negativity, Black Tourmaline lifts dark moods and grounds un in the energy of the Earth.

Tourmaline (Blue)

Blue Tourmaline awakens the third eye and throat chakras, assisting us in the retrieval of higher knowledge and inner wisdom.

Tourmaline (Green)

Connected to the energies of the Heart Chakra, Green Tourmaline awakens our hearts to the Wisdom of the Third Eye Chakra.

Green Tourmaline opens our hearts to others, teaching us compassion and attracting abundance and success.

Tourmaline (Pink)

Pink Tourmaline opens the Heart Chakra, promoting feelings of joy and love.

Pink Tourmaline is the perfect crystal for people who are recovering from abuse.

Tourmaline (Red)

Red Tourmaline heals the Root Chakra, increasing energy and vitality in the body.

Tourmaline Quartz

Needles and columns of Black Tourmaline may be found embedded in crystals of pure, clear Quartz, appearing to be trapped within it.

Tourmaline Quartz helps to deflect negative energies and unlock energy blockages in the body, letting energies flow freely within us.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline can be purchased in ‘slices’ of Pink Tourmaline surrounded by a ‘rind’ or Green Tourmaline.

Watermelon Tourmaline promotes unconditional love, bonding the heart chakra with energies from the higher self, bringing levity and kindness.

Tourmaline Crystal Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Tourmaline wands are thought to have supernatural powers to bring healing and light into the lives of all who are drawn to them.

Tourmaline brings balance, healing, and alignment to our energy system.

Physical Healing

The highly protective energy of Tourmaline defends the body against debilitating diseases by stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

Tourmaline can be used to stimulate the nervous system, realign the spinal column, and stimulate the reflex points in the lower back, legs, ankles, and feet.

Tourmaline is an excellent pain reducer, providing relief of conditions like torn muscles, numbness, joint pain, and arthritis.

Black Tourmaline is effective in treating a variety of digestive problems, relieving constipation, IBS, and afflictions of the colon.

Tourmaline also offers restorative and cleansing properties, relieving the body of heavy metals and environmental toxins.

Tourmaline is the perfect tool for restoring cognitive functioning by balancing the functioning of the hemispheres of the brain.

This brings all of our cognitive processes into alignment with the ethereal energy of our aura.

A balanced brain and supercharged nervous system improves hand and eye coordination, helping people overcome fear, paranoia, and even dyslexia.

Emotional Healing

Tourmaline cleanses our negative thoughts and troubling emotions such as anxiety, anger, and feelings of unworthiness.

The grounding effect that comes from Tourmaline Crystal helps stabilize our moods, helping us overcome suicidal thoughts, substance abuse problems, and self-destructive tendencies.

Tourmaline can also relieve obsessive thoughts, freeing people from OCD symptoms, obsessive worry, and compulsive behaviors.

Once freed from worry and negative thoughts, we find ourselves free from the negative effects of stress, able to deal with situations without spiraling out of control.

Tourmaline also banishes doubt and negative ideation, inspiring a positive attitude in us no matter what your situation may be.

With increased physical vitality, improved health, and relief from stress and worry, Tourmaline stimulates our higher impulses, increasing altruism and creativity.

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Spiritual Healing

The primary influence of Tourmaline is the balancing and grounding of our spiritual energies, allowing us to draw inspiration and power into our daily lives.

By activating the energies of our Root Chakra, Tourmaline aligns our ethereal energy bodies with the energies of the Earth.

Tourmaline has the ability to lift us up when we are low, and lighten our mood when we are feeling dark, helping us remain light-hearted and free.

Rare natural Tourmaline Wands are imbued with special energies that allow us to contact and even channel higher spiritual energies, producing incredible healing.

The influence of Tourmaline clears blockages of negative spiritual energy, cleansing the aura and energy body of negativity, protecting us from psychic attack.

Tourmaline Wands positioned at the knees or feet and facing away, have the power to direct negative energies out of the body.

A natural Tourmaline Wand can also be used to direct energies out through the Crown Chakra, putting the energy meridians of the body into perfect alignment with the ethereal body.

Tourmaline Crystal Uses

Tourmaline Crystals are commonly used by shamans for their energetic and mystical qualities, including as scrying stones, and as protective crystals during rituals.

Tourmaline has traditionally been used to reveal the cause of problems or the identity of an offender, and may show us the right direction to go during difficult times.

Creating a ring of 8 small natural Tourmaline Stones acts as a protective circle in which one can perform healing rituals and meditate.

Black Tourmaline is perfect for those who are in emotional distress, helping control our fears and remain calm in confined spaces.

Those who fear Doctors and Dentists can use Tourmaline to quell their fears and remain calm during medical visits and procedures.

Tourmaline Crystals provide us protection against negativity of all kinds, especially from those whose negative attitudes are contagious, like whiners, complainers, and gossips.

Carrying a Tourmaline amulet or wearing a Tourmaline necklace can protect us from the needy energy of emotional vampires who drain us of our energy.

Students can use Tourmaline Crystals to improve concentration. When you are feeling scattered and distracted, hold Black Tourmaline in your hand and breathe deeply.

Tourmaline acts as a natural shield against the harmful and toxic energies of cell phones, electronics, computers, and environmental pollutants.

Carrying Tourmaline Crystals can help us in the workplace, helping us to stay grounded, aware, and efficient.

Tourmaline Crystals are very durable, absorbing the high frequency vibrations of TV signals, radio signals, and other vibrational patterns without shattering.

Tourmaline improves the functioning of our senses, making them crisp and vibrant, and may also have the effect of an aphrodisiac on those who carry them.

The grounding energy of Tourmaline can also reduce or eliminate motion sickness in all who carry them.

Meditation With Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline, a protective stone that balances and grounds us, is one of the most commonly used meditation stones.

The energy of Tourmaline encourages practicality, stability, and grounding, making it perfect for meditators who are subject to flights of fancy.

As a protective stone, the meditator can explore the world of Spirit without fear of harm or any danger.

Tourmaline is perfect as a purification stone to cleanse your aura and purify the field of your ethereal body.

Tourmaline Crystals can help anyone ground their meditation practice, by balancing our spiritual energies and activating the energy of our Root Chakra.

Tourmaline Crystal Birthstone

Tourmaline is not traditionally a birthstone.

Tourmaline Crystal Zodiac Sign

Tourmaline is the Zodiac stone of those born between September 23 and October 22, making Tourmaline the Zodiac stone of Libra.

During this time of year, the vernal equinox occurs, meaning that day and night are perfectly balanced.

Libra is the only sign that is represented by an inanimate object – a balance.

Tourmaline’s ability to balance the energies of the body, mind, and spirit makes it the ideal stone for Librans who are strong willed, sensitive, and creative.

The grounding and stabilizing energy of Tourmaline helps those who use it to be more understanding, less demanding, and more respectful.

Tourmaline Crystal Chakra

Tourmaline is often used to activate the energies of the base chakra, aligning our root chakra with the center of the Earth, forming a stable foundation for our health and well being.

The root Chakra, located at the based of the spine, is the foundation of our physical and emotional energy system.

By cleansing our root chakra, Tourmaline stimulates our energy system, rousing us from states of lethargy and low energy, and relieving us from the need for incessant stimulation.

When our spiritual energies are out of alignment and we feel distracted and flighty, carrying Tourmaline grounds us, helping us connect deeply with the world around us.

When the Root Chakra is in balance and aligned with our spiritual energies, the physical body gains energy and stamina.

Spiritual energy is reignited, and we feel secure and stable, in possession of our personal power.

Tourmaline Amulets and Talismans

In ancient times, Tourmaline was considered to be the stone of the Autumn and the gem of the night.

As a talisman, the energy of Tourmaline is both a seeker talisman and an energizer.

As a seeker talisman, Tourmaline aligns our minds with the energy of nature, opening us up to new horizons and awakening our higher capabilities.

The energy of Tourmaline points us in the direction of our highest self, pointing us in the direction of our personal power.

As an energizing crystal, Tourmaline helps us focus our energies and amplify our life force, helping us achieve our goals.

By energizing us and helping us find what we are seeking in this life, Tourmaline protects what we value and defends us from the undesirable outcomes we hope to avoid.

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