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What is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky Quartz is known for its unique transparent and smoky look that has gained it a mysterious reputation. However, despite its appearance, it is also known for having an important connection with Mother Earth, giving it a strong root in the natural world.

It’s also known as the national gem of Scotland, often used as a stone in jewelry and of great cultural significance.

Smoky Quartz Meaning

Smoky Quartz is known in many cultures as being linked to the afterlife, giving mortal individuals a connection to their ancestors and those who have recently passed on.


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It is also used in shamanistic and other types of religious ceremonies as a means of carrying energies between different forms of life and experience. It can also be used as a shield that helps the user connect spiritually to the world around them.

It is also a stone that is useful for moments of cleansing and also has many different varieties that can be found.

Some examples of the varieties of Smoky Quartz are:

  • Brandberg Smoky Quartz
  • Smoky Amethyst Quartz
  • Smoky Citrine Quartz
  • Morion
  • Cairngorm

Smoky Quartz Properties

Smoky Quartz CrystalSmoky Quartz is most known for holding off negative and other intrusive thoughts that may cause additional stress in tumultuous moments. It can take on a lot of negative energy, absorbing many forms of energy that people may hold without even realizing it, helping you alleviate yourself of generalized negativity you might not be aware of.

It is also well-known for its relationship to ecological preservation and can help absorb or process the energy you feel by being around a lot of industrialization. If you live in a busy, crowded city, you can use Smoky Quartz to feel closer to the natural environment amid the smog and technological distraction.

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties

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Physical Healing

Smoky Quartz relies on the energy that surrounds it to help counter the negative effects of other natural elements such as the sun. It can also have beneficial effects on parts of the body that may be overwhelmed by things such as chronic pain, headaches, and intense types of physical therapy you may be experiencing.

Emotional Healing

One of the most beneficial elements of Smoky Quartz is that it can be used to not just ward off negative energy, but also dissipate and dissolve any current energies that may be overwhelming to the user.

It also can help relieve one of any lingering fears, making people more comfortable with the future and other uncertainties they’re experiencing.

As a result, those who use Smoky Quartz for emotional healing will find that they’ve become more content with the unknown and that they feel more inspired to be connected with the outside world.


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Spiritual Healing

The ability for Smoky Quartz to help people be more content with the unknown and their fears is a sign that it has also worked magic on healing their spiritual well-being. This can promote a general sense of stability and let users feel new ownership over their sense of spirit.

Smoky Quartz Uses

Smoky Quartz is one of the most versatile stones that you’ll find that is also a quality healing crystal and is frequently used to heal both personal and external matters. For example, holding the stone up to your head or incorporating it into personal meditation is good for absorbing negative mental energies and thoughts on both conscious and subconscious levels.

Many also use Smoky Quartz to guard objects and environments, particularly using the stone to help guard their homes and possessions against unwanted advances and potential theft. In a similar manner, Smoky Quartz can help temper your sense of security by preventing things such as road rage and reducing stress during moments of traffic and other aspects of modern life that may overwhelm somebody.

Its use as a distraction from everyday life lets those who use it not only feel calmer overall, but also feel more connected to the natural world and less consumed by the elements of industrialization and metropolitan areas that may make them feel not connected to the earth (i.e. large skyscrapers, loud subways, tiny parks within a metropolis, etc.).

Smoky Quartz Meditation

In meditation, Smoky Quartz is best directed towards whatever the user wants to use it for, whether that be during personal or group guided meditation.

One of the benefits, though, is to use the stone for things related to the natural world and Earth—as a result of this, try using Smoky Quartz during meditations related to being overwhelmed by everyday life.

You can also use it in meditation to bless certain objects or environments that you want to protect, using its property of being a shield to help protect the objects and homes in your life.


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Smoky Quartz Birthstone

Smoky Quartz is not known to be a traditional nor natural birthstone.

Smoky Quartz Zodiac Sign

Smoky Quartz is known to be compatible with all Zodiac signs with particular emphasis on those born under the Capricorn and Libra signs.

Smoky Quartz Chakra

Smoky Quartz is most associated with the Root Chakra, which helps strengthen its connection to the natural world. It can also be used to mix various energies of other Chakras and promote a sense of flow, which ultimately provides balance in-between certain Chakras.

Because the Root Chakra promotes a sense of security, those who use Smoky Quartz will feel confident.

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