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What is Serandite?

The serandite is a mineral that was first discovered in Guinea in 1931. Its name comes from J. M. Sérand, who was a West African mineral collector.

Known as the stone of harmony, the serandite is believed to offer its wearer with a sense of inner and outer peace. Although it is a rare crystal, it is highly sought-after for these harmonizing effects.

Serandite Meaning

Harmony is the most important keyword to describe the meaning of a serandite crystal. The serandite is used primarily for its ability to produce harmony in many aspects of life.

The main meaning behind the serandite is to promote harmony and peace in a wearer’s everyday experiences. A serandite can be used to facilitate peace while at work or even at home.

Serandite Properties

seranditePhysically, the properties of a serandite can vary, but not by much. Typically, a serandite crystal is a salmon pink in color.

This distinct color is a result of its high percentage of manganese ions. Many people are drawn to its pink hue.

It is not uncommon to see a serandite as a pale pink, dusty orange or brown color. Additionally, it can be colorless or even transparent.

Only a few other minerals in the world are the same color as the serandite. This makes the stone highly unique.

Serandite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

The serandite is quite a helpful stone if you are experiencing any issues in your personal relationships. As a peaceful stone, it assists in creating more harmonious relationships.

These relationships can be in any form. If you are experiencing difficulty in a marriage, the serandite can help restore a healthy relationship.

Family difficulties can be repaired with the help of a serandite. This crystal is beneficial for extended family situations as well.

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Physical Healing

It is incredibly important to take care of yourself physically. Your physical health can impact your emotional and spiritual health, which is why you should not ignore it.

If you need your sodium levels to become more balanced, then the serandite is the perfect crystal for you to turn to. Excess sodium can cause heart problems down the road.

In order to assimilate manganese and calcium in your body, you can refer to the serandite to assist you.

Emotional Healing

Sufferers of depression, anxiety, and negative thinking can all benefit from the emotional healing purposes of the serandite. By instilling a sense of inner harmony, the serandite crystal can prove to be truly beneficial for anyone who suffers from these ailments.

The serandite crystal can be used to help families who are struggling to maintain a sense of harmony. By placing a serandite in the living room or family room, negative energies of this type can be taken away to produce peace instead of chaos.

Another part of emotional healing that the serandite can assist with is overcoming feelings of envy or jealousy. If you have experienced unexplainable envy, then it is in your best interest to purchase a serandite for everyday use.

Spiritual Healing

In a spiritual sense, the serandite has many uses. The serandite is often believed to help a person achieve his or her highest goals, including any spiritual ones he or she might have.

The theme of balance and harmony is strong with the serandite, which is why this stone is capable of combining the emotional and intellectual aspects of a person effortlessly.

This combination can manifest to a higher understanding of spiritual concepts in order to inspire tolerance of others. It also creates a spiritual sense of right and wrong.

Serandite Uses

Serandite is frequently used to bring about a new romance. Due to the pink and reddish tones of this stone, the serandite can promote love and new relationships.

Additionally, the serandite can help to develop your sensuality. If you are experiencing heartache, the serandite is the perfect stone to turn to.

It can help you to overcome the feelings that are associated with a bad breakup. The serandite crystal improves depression and anxiety of any sort, especially when it comes to relationships.

Serandite Meditation

If you want to meditate on peace and tranquility, the serandite is one of the best choices out there. Its calming energy can greatly assist in your quest to achieve a healthy and harmonious life.

In case you have experienced depression, anxiety, or feelings of negativity recently, you can meditate with a serandite in order to work through these issues.

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Serandite Birthstone

The serandite crystal is not associated with any particular month of the year. For this reason, the serandite is not considered to be a birthstone.

However, if you enjoy the benefits of a serandite or feel a close connection to it, you are more than welcome to use it as a personal birthstone.

Serandite Zodiac Sign

Because the serandite is not attributed to any particular month, it is not closely associated with any zodiac sign. However, if you believe that your sign can relate to the healing properties of the serandite, you should use it as a source of healing and meditation.

Serandite can be used in feng shui, where it corresponds to the element of fire. The zodiac signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are all fire signs.

These three fire signs can resonate highly with the serandite stone for this reason.

Serandite Chakra

The serandite is said to have close ties to both the base and sacral chakras. When the base chakra is out of balance, an individual can experience lethargy and low activity.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, confusion and codependency can develop. In order to live a healthy life, these two chakras should be balanced.

By using a serandite, you can restore the balance of these two chakras.

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