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What is Aegirine?

Aegirine is a stone that calls upon the user to welcome in conviction. It is commonly associated with integrity, a sense of purpose, and nobility.

It allows the user to follow their heart and aspirations, using its energy to protect those who are around it.

It was discovered in Norway and associated with the god of the sea from Norse mythology, Aegir, it is part of the Pyroxene family and helps control negative thoughts.

Aegirine Meaning

Aegirine is known as a very strong crystal due to its grounding and association with the earth and the natural forces.

It is good to use in times of difficulty, often helping the user and increasing the power of the spirit.

This gives whoever uses it the confidence to follow through with their ambitions with positivity, something that makes this stone stand apart from many others.

Aegirine Properties

aegirine crystals This stone provides confidence for those in unfortunate circumstances and as a result, is frequently used by women overcoming hardships and medical employees who may be discouraged by the medicinal and strenuous environments found in hospitals and other establishments.

Aegirine protects your body’s ambition by allowing you to curb the negative energies that may affect your overall demeanor. It does this through its ability to address and subsequently filter negative elements of one’s aura.

Because of this, this crystal’s most well-known function is for healing, as it can easily work its way through a person’s spirit to improve not only their overall satisfaction but their personalities for the better.

Aegirine Healing Properties

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Aegirine has the unique property of letting the user heal from the inside, often tackling inner insecurities to improve the spiritual balance of the user. As a result, many use Aegirine to help improve their self-confidence and tackle things in their life that may be giving them anxiety.

Through utilizing determination as a manner of improvement, Aegirine can help the user to improve their own life.

Physical Healing

Physically, Aegirine can help the body ward off toxins, therefore helping the various systems of the body.

This can also affect your organs by promoting an overall sense of physical stamina, something that can help you avoid illness.

The power the stone can bring also helps affect your physical being by providing the body with energy, which can help the body function at its most effective.

Emotional Healing

Mental frustrations such as anxiety and unhappiness can be eased by using Aegirine as a means of mental healing.

As mentioned earlier in this article, the crystal’s ability to filter out negative energy in favor of attracting more positive energies to the user’s aura can be a huge motivator in terms of emotional stability.

This can amount to the user feeling more comfortable with their current situation, which can either help them process something that has just happened or gain the confidence to tackle the thing that is giving them general distress.

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Spiritual Healing

Promoting mental stability and confidence is this stone’s biggest advantage for those looking for spiritual healing. The overall energy of their life can be vastly improved by utilizing Aegirine, no doubt affecting their spiritual sustainability as well, leading to feelings of content.

Aegirine Uses

One of the most effective uses of Aegirine is carrying it around with you when you need a boost of confidence or are dealing with a tumultuous period.

You can effectively carry it around with you by fashioning it into jewelry or part of your outfit.

You can also store it in a special place for when you need it in an urgent situation, but there is certainly no harm in carrying it around with you while you’re on the go.

As someone who often finds themselves in auditions for various musical gigs, I’ve found carrying Aegirine around with me makes it easier to feel confident when walking into an audition and removes the mental clutter that I typically associate with anxiety.

Aegirine Meditation

This crystal can also be used for meditative purposes—to do so, you’ll want to put it in the middle of a room if doing a group meditation and close to your chest if you are partaking in solo meditation.

With your meditation, be sure to use positive affirmations that emphasize confidence, overcoming, and endurance, as they will definitely help the effectiveness of the stone in relation to your personal difficulties.

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Aegirine Birthstone

Aegirine is associated with Pisces (people who are born between February 19th and March 20th) and provides extra strength to those who utilize the stone for its birthstone benefits.

Aegirine Zodiac Sign

People born under the Pisces Zodiac Sign are able to use the stone to personally compliment their personality traits, such as being very kind, forthcoming, and incredibly empathetic people.

For those who don’t align under the Pisces Zodiac Sign, they can still gain those benefits through repeated usage of the stone, but it will definitely bring out the best of those qualities in Pisces people.

Aegirine Chakra

Aegirine is most well-known for being connected with the Root Chakra, no doubt a result of its relationship to the Earth and natural elements.

Because of the Root Chakra’s influence on the body’s overall sense of balance and harmony, Aegirine will help you balance out negative and positive elements to promote increased awareness, flow, and feeling of independence.

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