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What is Kyanite?

Kyanite is a stone that has an ancient association with emotions. This is due to its universal connectivity, which traditionally manifests in providing unity between objects, living things, and the planet on which they reside.

It is unique in the sense that it does not latch onto or absorb negative energy, making it a crystal that does not need to be treated or cleansed, regardless of how it is used.

Kyanite Meaning

Kyanite’s name comes from its Ancient Greek origins, stemming from the word kyanos (“deep blue”). It used to be called Disthene (“two strengths”) because of the incredible resistance that comes with the stone.

It is known for being a very attractive stone, having an elegance in form that uses colors and shimmer that has made it very appealing for different societies throughout the ages.

Kyanite Properties

Kyanite-crystalKyanite is commonly associated with improving the emotional connection between both the user and the people they interact with, which makes it a very noble stone to use when seeking to feel more connected to your spirit and those around you.

It has a loyal dynamic that lets the user be fair and seek connections with others, which makes it an incredibly helpful stone to use for dealing with emotional and social anxiety.

One of the best properties of Kyanite is its ability to help you get in touch with previous emotions and memories—those who are feeling lost or as if they’ve lost touch with their previous life can use the stone on a regular basis to connect to other parts of themselves.

Because of its power, it can also connect to the subconscious, sometimes even providing the user the ability to understand feelings they weren’t entirely aware of.

Kyanite Healing Properties

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Kyanite’s ability to let someone feel more in touch with their physical and mental securities affects the body all over, allowing the user to feel more connected and grounded overall.

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Physical Healing

Kyanite’s physical benefits come from the overall tension it eases from the body, something that lets the user subsequently feel calmer and in control.

This affects the muscles by giving them more flexibility and allowing for more bodily control.

Emotional Healing

Emotional healing when using Kyanite can help the user by letting them feel more secure in their emotions.

If a user is feeling out of touch or disconnected from their feelings, using Kyanite can work as a way to process how they’re feeling and remembering how they used to feel.

This can promote an emotional sense of healing because it ultimately allows somebody to feel more in touch with their identity, an aspect of their life that can greatly affect not only their general aura but how they interact with others.

Spiritual Healing

Kyanite can help the spirit through its emotional connectivity. So much of the spirit is related to an overall sense of stability, and connecting with all parts of yourself is an integral part of leading a spiritually strong life.

Many people underestimate the importance of the spirit being a complete representation of your being; by being a conglomeration of your entire personality, letting yourself connect with past parts of yourself that you may have lost touch with can help the strength of your spirit.

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Kyanite Uses

Kyanite’s ability to promote spiritual awakening and personal connectivity makes it one of the most effective stones for those looking to improve themselves with the eventual goal of promoting and improving their relationships with others.

It is frequently used during moments of emotional distress or tumultuous periods relating to identity in order to allow the user to stay aware and conscious of what’s truly important: being connected to yourself and those who you care about.

Because of the power, the stone can bestow on those who seek it out, it is recommended to not use Kyanite every day or carry it around with you all of the time.

However, having it handy during stressful moments can be very fruitful for a positive relationship with the crystal.

Kyanite Meditation

Kyanite is best recommended to be used in solo meditation and is best paired with personal reflection.

You should use it in moments of reflection based upon identity, as it is most effective in helping your relationship to your personality.

Gathering affirmations and prayers that can be used for self-improvement are also useful to have, as the crystal can even bring things you may not be aware of from your subconscious to promote an overall sense of awareness.

Kyanite Birthstone

Kyanite is not well-known as a traditional birthstone, but it still has natural properties that make it a natural birthstone between the equinox and spring (from February 19th through March 19th).

Kyanite Zodiac Sign

Kyanite is not associated with a Zodiac Sign but sometimes is considered to be related to Taurus (those born between April 20th and May 20th).

Kyanite Chakra

Kyanite’s promotion of connectivity also applies to its relationship to the Chakras, as it is known for connecting all of the different Chakras.

This is incredibly beneficial to the body because of the inner balance it can provide by connecting various Chakras that serve different purposes.

Your general energy field will also be affected due to the flow that will begin to take hold of your overall sense of spiritual balance.

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