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Heliodor Crystal Meaning and Uses

The power and radiance of the Sun makes Heliodor one of the strongest crystals for energy work. One can feel its solar essence as it brings forth light from darkness.

What is Heliodor?

Heliodor is a rare crystal that belongs to the beryl family of stones. Its name means “Gift of the Sun”, and this stone has a rich golden hue in a variety of shades.

This gem is mined in today in only a few locations. Madagascar, Brazil, the Ukraine, and Nigeria are where most of these crystals originate.

heliodor-crystalHeliodor is believed to be very old in origin, and its use through the years has increased its spiritual energy.

Because of its hardness, Heliodor is often used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. Its solar energy makes it a popular choice for men of all ages.

The largest known specimen of Heliodor is a stone of 2,054 carats. The stone resides permanently in Washington D.C. at the Hall of Gems.

There are three distinct shades of Heliodor. Gold, yellow, and olive are the dominating colors, and each of them has its own distinct energy vibration.

Heliodor Meaning

The Gift of the Sun, as one might expect, typifies solar energy and strength. Heliodor also conveys illumination and knowledge, and indicates wisdom that emanates from a divine source.

More than other stones, this crystal is linked to the highest realms of the divine. It reaches the most energetic part of the universe at a place where creation occurs.

While the meanings attributed to Heliodor generally involve traits of the male character, the strength and power of this crystal is not exclusive to a specific gender. It promotes self-confidence and leadership in men and women alike.

This crystal sends a message of empowerment. It is telling you that you have vast inner resources of strength that can be tapped for your benefit.

You are charismatic and persuasive, and your crystal will enhance these qualities. It emphasizes feelings of self-worth and value.

Heliodor symbolically represents the power in every man, woman, and child to create a life of their own choosing. It affirms the spirit of the individual.

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Heliodor Properties

This crystal possesses an energy that resonates on a mental level. It encourages stability and focus for those who work with it.

Heliodor’s solar energy is the light of divine illumination. It can bring answers to life’s pressing problems, and decision making is more effective when one wears or carries this gem.

Self-confidence and assurance are properties of Heliodor, and it is an especially good crystal for those who operate their own business. It can also be a persuasive crystal, helping you to develop greater personal magnetism.

As it works to improve your persuasion over others, the crystal also prevents others from manipulating you for their own ends. It brings mental strength and the resolve to say no when a situation does not serve your interests.

Animals are also said to benefit from this stone’s life-affirming, positive energy. It can be added to aquariums to increase warmth and a sense of security.

Pets in the home will likely suffer less stress when Heliodor is present. It provides them with comfort and a sense of peace.

If there is negativity in the home, Heliodor can help to remove it. The stone can also be used to enhance natural light and make a dark home brighter and more welcoming.

Because of its intellectual nature, this stone can be a useful tool for students and academics. It will help to improve focus during study sessions and test-taking.

As a memory enhancer, the crystal works very well. It aids both short and long-term memory retention, and can even be used with elderly individuals who suffer from memory loss.

This gem also possesses properties of protection. It’s quality of illumination can reveal those who are dishonest and hurtful.

Heliodor Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Many individuals prefer this stone over others for healing work because it has many applications. Heliodor promotes whole-body health, and it targets weak points to bring the body into balance.

Physically, the stone can be a source of great energy. When working with it you are likely to feel less tired and fatigued.

Likewise, Heliodor also promotes mental alertness. It keeps the brain sharp and focused on important tasks.

On a spiritual level, this crystal offers encouragement when life presents difficulties. It helps an individual to remain strong in the face of a crisis.

Those who can own only a few crystals will find this one to be a wise choice for healing. It’s energy adapts to a wide range of ailments and problems.

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Physical Healing

Many people prize Heliodor as an all-purpose physical healing crystal. It tends to work on the root causes of issues in many areas of the body.

As its meaning of illumination suggests, the crystal can be very good for poor vision. It can also help to relieve inflammation and redness in the eyes.

Both near-sighted and far-sighted individuals may find that the crystal promotes improved vision. It may also be used to alleviate pressure in the area of the eyes and sinus cavities.

The immune system can be boosted by this stone. It helps to ward off minor infections in addition to preventing cold and flu symptoms.

A wonderful tonic can be made by simply placing the stone in water. Remove the stone and drink the water to renew the body’s own healing power.

Heliodor can also heal ailments of the gastrointestinal tract. It works well in the treatment of both diarrhea and constipation, and it is used to relieve intestinal discomfort.

Some benefits for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems may also be properties of this crystal. It can be used for improved breathing and circulation.

Placing Heliodor under one’s pillow at night may be useful in relieving insomnia. It promotes good sleep by relieving stress and anxieties that often keep one awake.

Emotional Healing

Heliodor has the ability to illuminate, and it can therefore reveal the source of emotional troubles to its possessor. The crystal encourages one to look at their life honestly so that healthy changes can be made.

This is an optimistic stone. It radiates joy and hope. As such, it can be a good stone for individuals who suffer from sadness and depression.

Many young people will benefit from the gem by increasing their self-confidence. Children who suffer bullying will find courage and strength in the golden hues of Heliodor.

In reality, anyone who has been abused will find this to be a useful stone. It addresses the sadness of the abuse, but it also empowers the user to stand up for themselves. The sense of self-worth is increased.

Heliodor can be wonderful at eliminating loneliness. It has an energy that makes one feel as though they are surrounded with divine light.

Spiritual Healing

The energy of divine masters such as Christ and the Buddha thrive in this stone. It has an aura of compassion that will help one see through eyes of love and caring.

Many people have found that their spiritual faith has been restored after working with this stone. It can bring evidence that divine forces are at work in your life.

The purpose of one’s soul and true life’s mission can be revealed when working with Heliodor. The stone is often used in ritual and religious ceremony as an object of focus because it brings clarity.

Those who need to surrender to the will of the divine realms will find courage in the stone. It increases reliance upon faith, and tempers the analytical side of the brain.

Grieving individuals will find that the crystal provides immense comfort. It soothes the broken heart and preserves a link with those who have passed from this earthly realm.

Heliodor Uses

There are many uses for Heliodor. It is most common to see the stone used as an amulet or talisman.

Heliodor can easily be placed in a setting and worn around the neck. It makes a beautiful accessory in addition to being a source of physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.

The energy of this stone is most useful to individuals who feel burdened. It has the ability to lift the spirits and alter one’s mood.

The stone can be carried daily as a source of good fortune. It attracts all things that will bring happiness into your life.

Those who feel that their life is out of control will find balance and order emanating from this gem. It will help to restore stability when worn or carried.

Heliodor is also used for matters of persuasion. It can cause others to rally to your aid when you require support.

The light and energy of the Sun permeates the crystal, making it a good choice for removing negativity from the home. It can be placed in bowls around the home to increase the flow of positive energy.

As a protection stone, Heliodor works to reveal dishonesty and ill intent in others. It can also be used to ward off unwelcome visitors.

When one attunes with the stone, the powers of intuition are increased. This can aid in making better decisions and avoiding pitfalls.

This crystal is a good travel companion, providing protective energy that will help to keep you safe. It attracts the presence of angelic forces that can lend protection.

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Heliodor Meditation

It is best to use Heliodor as a meditation aid when there are serious matters which require thought. It can illuminate and reveal solutions to problems when it is held during quiet contemplation.

One may simply hold the stone while slowing the breathing to relax. Once the mind is clear, focus on the troubling issue and wait for the stone to reveal its wisdom.

Some have also used the crystal in meditation to locate items that have been misplaced or lost. Focus on the stone and allow its powers of illumination to reveal the location of the desired object.

Creating a Body of Light that will aid you in many respects is easily done through meditation with this stone. Simply hold it and visualize its solar light radiating throughout the body.

Heliodor Birthstone

No traditional birthstone is associated with Heliodor. It does, however, function as a natural birthstone for those born near the Summer Solstice.

Those born between June 2 and July 21 will find that the yellow varieties of this crystal are exceptional sources of illumination and positive thought. They can help individuals achieve enlightenment and spiritual wisdom.

Gold Heliodor is a natural birthstone for those born between July 2 and August 21. These individuals can expect more energy and personal power when working with the crystal.

Heliodor Zodiac Sign

In the zodiac, Heliodor corresponds to the Sun. As such, this crystal vibrates with a warm and powerful energy. Its vibrations can be quite strong.

Nothing can be hidden in the light of the Sun, and Heliodor is a stone of great power in divination. It can be used with other methods of divination to great effect.

Heliodor Chakra

Heliodor corresponds to the chakra located near the solar plexus. The stone’s properties of balance and equilibrium attune with this energy center to bring all the body’s chakras into alignment.

The solar plexus chakra is situated in the area that lies between the bottom of the ribs and the navel. This chakra has an impact on the digestive tract of the body.

Imbalances in the solar plexus chakra can create feelings of anxiety and apprehension. Heliodor helps to relieve these disturbances as it encourages those who use it to release fears and emotional hurts.

Those who have balanced this chakra experience new levels of empowerment. They have the confidence they need to succeed at whatever they wish to accomplish.

The common feeling of “butterflies” in the stomach can be a sign of imbalance in the solar plexus chakra. Placing Heliodor in this area will help to spread and disperse trapped energy.

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