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Citrine Crystal Meaning and Uses

Citrine is a somewhat rare stone that has strong positive energy. It brings healing light to the body and illuminates the mind.

What is Citrine?

Citrine in its natural form is a sun-charged variety of quartz. It is most often found in shades of yellow, but other colors appear on rare occasions.

A hue of rich honey or deep brown is two of the most common color variations. Each shade of crystal embodies the general metaphysical properties of natural Citrine.

The origin of the stone’s name is French. Citron is the French word for lemon, and this is a reflection of the crystal’s color.

AmberThere are traces of iron in Citrine which are responsible for the coloration of the stone. In general, more iron means a deeper shade of yellow.

Citrine can trace its roots to periods of ancient human civilization. The Greeks considered it to be a valuable gem in 300 BC, and it was also known to the Egyptians and Romans.

It was not uncommon to find Citrine among the gems that were buried with the ancient pharaohs. It was believed that the stone brought protection in the afterlife.

Pieces of jewelry featuring Citrine from the Victorian era have been discovered. It seems to have been appreciated as much for its beauty as it is for its metaphysical properties.

Natural Citrine is somewhat rare compared to other stones. One must exercise caution when buying Citrine because the crystal is often imitated.

Many examples of stones sold under this name are not Citrine at all. They are actually crystals of Amethyst that have been treated with heat to produce a change in color.

While hard to find in its natural form, possessing an authentic Citrine stone can enhance one’s collection of crystals. Its energy is a soothing, peaceful vibration that brings contentment.

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Citrine Meaning

Citrine is considered to be a crystal that represents the manifestation of one’s desires. It is symbolic of the energy which resides in sunlight to help create new life.

The crystal affirms that negative energies and emotions can be transmuted into positive ones. It reflects one’s power of will and the ability to create with intent.

As sunlight warms the earth in the spring to encourage fertility and growth, Citrine helps to bring warmth to the heart. It beckons one to release emotional hurts and scars.

This stone has been called “Light Maker” because of its ability to transform those who work with it. It evokes a sense of optimism and hope.

Citrine also means that true wisdom and enlightenment always come from a divine source. It can prevent one from being led astray by false knowledge.

Citrine Properties

Citrine is a stone that encourages wealth and abundance. It is often kept in the cash register by shopkeepers to increase sales.

The stone also brings one the wisdom to preserve the wealth that they have accumulated. It directs one toward wise investments.

Those who carry the stone will find that they have increased luck at games of chance. The crystal can also bring one unexpected sum of money.

Citrine is able to give support to those who need it. It can uplift one when their mood is poor, and it can ease the fatigue of a long workday.

Creativity can be sparked by this crystal. It makes a good addition to the artist’s studio.

Many artists will find that the stone is useful for removing creative blocks. Writers will find it helps them complete difficult projects.

There is a vibration of unity and cooperation in Citrine that promotes healthy relationships. It can soothe ill feelings among family members.

Some find that carrying Citrine is effective in attracting a romantic partner. It can just as easily steer you away from someone that isn’t a good choice.

When one works with Citrine, feelings of jealousy and envy are often eliminated. It helps one to see that they are connected to everyone else in the universe and removes notions of competition.

The energy of Citrine is most closely aligned with the Sun. This tends to make it a crystal of illumination, dispelling darkness at every opportunity.

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Citrine Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this web site is no substitute for consulting a health care professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Citrine has the ability to spread healing light throughout the entire body. As such, it can remove a number of physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.

Wearing the stone as an amulet will introduce a steady stream of healing energy into the body. The astral body is particularly invigorated by Citrine.

The energy of the stone is very subtle, making it a perfect choice for healing. It does not produce any residual effects like the queasiness which can be experienced when working with stones of a higher vibration.

Humans are not the only ones who may benefit from the healing properties of Citrine. Many animals respond well to therapies that involve this crystal.

The stone is also known to be a source of comfort to those who are passing from the physical realm to the world of spirit.

Physical Healing

Citrine seems to provide a number of restorative properties for the body. It is excellent at helping one improve their overall health, and enhances vitality.

It’s energy is suited for physical ailments that include fatigue, a weak immune system, or lethargy. The crystal has a positive impact on the endocrine system.

Some believe that Citrine may be effective in reversing the symptoms of a degenerative disease like arthritis. It promotes the body’s own ability to repair itself.

Those who suffer from degenerative neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis can find that the stone helps to slow the progression of the disease.

Issues of the thyroid gland may be helped with Citrine, and the crystal works on other organs such as the spleen and pancreas. Its positive vibrations help to rid these and other areas of harmful toxins.

One will note that working often with Citrine has been known to bring health and a lustrous shine to the hair, skin, and nails. It can also help to remove skin blemishes and irritations.

The complexion can also improve when one wears Citrine on a regular basis.

Children who have issues with bed wetting may find that Citrine is useful for control of the bladder. The same applies to elderly individuals who may suffer incontinence.

The stone can be used to relieve nausea. It is particularly good for morning sickness.

Emotional Healing

The light energy in Citrine is of a very positive nature. As such, it helps a great deal with issues of poor self esteem.

In tandem with the Third Eye, Citrine opens one’s mind to the positive energy flow of the universe. This can uplift the spirits to remove depression and sadness.

Individuals that have a hard time accepting criticism will find that Citrine helps one to honestly embrace their flaws. It will remind you that you are not perfect and that you do not have to be.

Citrine can bring empowerment and remove feelings of insecurity. It gives you the confidence to design your life in any manner you wish.

Those who suffer from general emotional problems struggle with an inner darkness that can rob them of joy. The illumination of Citrine pushes darkness away to reveal the beauty of one’s existence.

Spiritual Healing

There is a protective quality to Citrine. It is an excellent crystal for individuals who are sensitive to negative energy coming from others.

When the stone is worn, the Body of Light which surrounds the physical body is energized. This strengthens the aura and helps to shield against harmful psychic vibrations.

Wearing the stone with its point in a downward position can help to bring enlightenment down from the spiritual realms and into the body. It also firmly connects one to their personal understanding of the divine.

Using Citrine as an aid to prayer can often bring answers to troubling questions. It will help one to see how divine forces are at work in all that we do.

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Citrine Uses

There are many practical ways to use Citrine. It can be worn as an amulet, carried as a talisman, or placed in the home as a source of positive energy.

Keep the stone in a place where you safeguard money and valuables. The energy of Citrine will infuse this area to bring your more wealth and abundance.

A protective solution may be made by leaving the crystal in a container of water. The charged water may them be sprinkled throughout the home to clear negative energy.

The parents of a newborn should be given a gift of Citrine. The stone encourages the growth of intelligence and wisdom in infants and small children.

Those who are seeking a lasting relationship may call upon this crystal to bring them a partner. It will prevent one from becoming involved with someone that is a poor match.

All relationships can be improved by the presence of Citrine. Try keeping it on a desk in your office to foster cooperation with your co-workers.

Citrine Meditation

Citrine is one of the best stones to use in meditation because of its light energy. It can help to draw down the illumination of the heavens into the meditation space.

Placing the stone on the altar during meditation will bring a sense of calm. It is wonderful for slowing the rate of respiration and increasing concentration.

Many use this stone to help cultivate the Body of Light. Simply sit quietly and visualize the light from Citrine spreading over the body.

This Body of Light protects the aura. It shields the spirit against negative attacks and harmful energies.

One may use Citrine in meditation to receive guidance from the spiritual realms. Hold it while focusing on the information that is needed.

Citrine can also increase feelings of connection to the spirit world. It has been used in meditation to establish contact with departed loved ones.

Citrine Birthstone

This crystal does not serve as a traditional birthstone. It can, however, function as a natural birthstone for those born in the summer months.

Citrine that is mostly yellow in color attunes with those born between June 21 and July 21. The stone will help to encourage optimism in those who celebrate a birthday at this time.

Those born between July 22 and August 21 will feel more connected to varieties of Citrine that are more gold in color. The stone increases one’s personal power to bring success in many endeavors.

Citrine Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of Cancer is aligned with Citrine. This sign rules the period from June 21 to July 22.

The crab is the representation of the Cancer sign. Those born during this period are dependable, loyal, and devoted to family.

Cancer is a sign that is connected to wisdom and enlightenment. Many of those born during this time become creative artists such as writers and musicians.

Citrine Chakra

This stone is effective in stimulating three of the body’s chakras. These energy centers are the crown chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra.

Energy is distributed throughout the body via the chakra in the solar plexus. This chakra is located in an area in between the ribs and the navel.

Balance in the solar plexus chakra will result in better digestive processes as well as a stronger immune system. Citrine infuses this chakra with divine light to restore optimum health.

The sacral chakra is situated just below the navel in the area that rests above the pubic bone. The life force of the body is centered in this area.

When the sacral chakra is in balance, an individual will feel a greater sense of control and purpose. An open sacral chakra is essential to good feelings and emotions.

At the top of the head is the crown chakra. This energy center forms our connection with the universe.

Opening the crown chakra allows spiritual light to flow down from the universe into the body. This light can then be distributed to the body’s other energy centers to create balance and healing.

Citrine is excellent for working with the chakras because it helps to align the body from top to bottom. As the chakras are aligned, energy flows more freely throughout the body.

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