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What is Amber?

Amber is an organic gem that also happens to be one of the most prized treasures throughout world history.

It is notorious for having been discovered upon the shores of a beach and is commonly associated with bright lights and the sun.

The usage of Amber goes back for centuries due to its versatility as a stone that can be used to elevate mood and give the user physical health benefits.

Part of Amber’s draw is that it contains connections to the most basic elements of life, having a strong connection with biology, the sun, and various organisms that inhabit the earth.

AmberThis is because Amber is viewed as a carrier of life and it’s been discovered to have been on the earth’s surface since prehistoric times.

Because of this ancient history, it’s believed that Amber has been able to persevere during the timeline of the earth because it is directly related to the force that permeates all life forms.

The energy flowing within Amber is indeed special and has been recognized as that—this is why Amber is historically known for being compared to gold, showing an organic stone that can be used to represent endurance.

Not only does Amber stand out as something to be embraced due to its association with endurance, it also has a long history of being an important stone for people to use because of its effectiveness as a purifying force.

It is able to soothe and comfort the body, removing physical pain while also calming the mind. This is because Amber is able to take negative forces or energy and filter it out, making it a great way for you to keep your body, mind, and spirit in check.

Amber is made from fossils, which results from the base of tree resins.

After hardening and being preserved, the Amber must undergo a second period of hardening—keep in mind each of these processes takes nearly 100 million years, so this is not something you can try in your backyard.

Because of this natural origin story, Amber is commonly understood to be an incredibly unique, organic gem that is a treasure no matter where it is found.

Amber Meaning

Amber’s unique origin story classifies it as one of the most important gems because of its involvement with the natural order of life.

Since it was discovered over a couple thousand years ago, it has been used in trade to garner specific spices and other high value items.

There was even a trade route near the Baltic and Mediterranean Seas specifically indicated as the Amber Road due to the high volume of Amber that would be transported and traded throughout it.

There are also significant ties to religion and mythology ranging from modern day traditional religions to Norse and Greek myths.

This is because of Amber’s relationship to the Earth, the sun, and other life giving forces that make it a mysterious gem.

It contains an incredible amount of life, but—as many stones do—it does not have much to protect it on the outside, as its power rests on the inside.

This subtle wisdom is not only inspiring on its own, but is also a great example of how Amber is unique and how many other societies from ancient times have also recognized its power.

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Amber Properties

Amber’s properties as a purifying force makes it a great solution to any mental stress or troubles one might be facing. It is ideally worn as a necklace or as some form of jewelry so the user may carry it with them always.

When administered properly, the radiating warmth of Amber will give the individual strength, an elevated mood, and the ability to see past any distress they are experiencing.

It also has a significance that relates to love, giving people who wear it intimacy and tenderness when they need it.

For those looking to get into the dating world and begin to find someone to fall in love with, Amber provides good luck and facilitates the parts of your spirit that allow you to search for your other half.

Amber’s association with the sun also gives it the power to help incite excitement both on emotional and sexual levels. If desired, it can bring intimacy and excitement to your life and the others around you.

Amber also contains the unique property of not just affecting the people around it, but also the environment. Many use Amber to cleanse the environment around them, letting it do the work of removing or processing negative energy in the room so it has a vibe of purity.

This can be very useful and is usually done by placing the Amber on a table, stool, or even in the center of the room, letting it be in a position that allows it to be equidistant from all objects.

Amber Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Amber is known for being a healing gem that is best at cleaning energy, whether it be on a mental level, a physical one, or even a spiritual one. Because of this, it can be used to treat physical illness just as easily as mental unrest.

Amber increases your spiritual well-being by alleviating stress levels and similar mental distractions.

This is because no matter what is going on in your body or mind, Amber is able to take the energy and balance it out, leaving you feeling much more relaxed and replenished overall.

Physical Healing

Amber is known for having healing properties when combined with other care, such as a visit to your local doctor. Amber can be used in a physical manner by being placed or secured over the affected area, allowing the stone to begin the healing process.

Emotional Healing

Using Amber to treat mental unease is common, as it is very effective to do so. It is able to eradicate or redirect energy, making it incredibly effective when used to combat mental distress.

It embraces the forces that allow you to stay motivated and live a happy life by amplifying them against the negative forces, giving you strength and elevated thought patterns.

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Spiritual Healing

The mental distress that can be cured with Amber also doubles as a spiritual sense of healing, as many are able to use the benefits of Amber to also promote internal stability and spiritual awakening.

Amber Uses

When using Amber, it is important to distinguish whether you would like healing on a personal level or an external one.

Like we’ve previously mentioned, it is certainly possible to use Amber on a personal level by utilizing the gem as a piece of jewelry or embedding it in clothing or on a hat, purse, and other types of accessories.

However, if you intend to use it to clean out the energy in a room or environment, you should make sure to not be wearing the Amber and instead place the gem in the center of whichever room you’re in.

Amber Meditation

Amber can also be used for meditational purposes along with the uses mentioned above—on a personal level, you can incorporate Amber into any mediation you have by holding the Amber to your head while meditating, either focusing it on your forehead or on top of your mouth (not inside your mouth)!

This is accompanied by positive affirmations about what you hope to gain with the use of Amber, also understanding that the change will happen on its own and you cannot necessarily control it.

After this, you’ll begin to see that the effects of Amber will take hold on your mood after dedicated meditation.

If you’re hoping to use Amber for the overall energy in a room, it’s best to sit inside the room that the Amber is placed in and begin repeating affirmations and prayers that help increase hope for your overall well-being.

This is similar to any other meditation ceremony with the exception that your thoughts will then be directed to the room itself and not your personal self.

When using Amber, being conscious of where you’re directing the Amber or your energy towards it is super important—be aware of this no matter how you use your Amber.

Amber Birthstone

Amber is most associated with Taurus, the notorious Star Sign. People who align with Taurus are born between April 20th and May 20th and are represented by the bull.

Amber Zodiac Sign

Amber’s importance as a representation of the Taurus is indicative of its subtle endurance, much like those who align with the Taurus Zodiac Sign. Like Taureans, Amber is very strong but knows when the time is right, allowing it to heal effectively when it needs to.

In a similar respect, Taureans are usually strong-willed people who also try not to take up the spotlight most of the time.

Though they’re familiar with standing up for themselves, they also understand that there isn’t often room to do so and that sometimes you must put aside your confidence for a more level-headed, balanced approach.

Amber is great at reflecting this character traits, encouraging Taureans to embrace their strong sides while encouraging them to take their time and keep themselves well-paced.

Through understanding the powers that can be bestowed within Amber, Taureans can unlock their true potential in harmony with the gem.

This doesn’t mean that Taureans are the only people who can find benefits in using Amber for healing, but they are likely to understand the healing properties right away.

Amber Chakra

Amber is aligned with the Navel or Sacral Chakra due to its vibrant colors that reflect warmth and light. This chakra is found right below the navel and serves as an entry point for energy to flow throughout your body.

It is also the center of gravity in the human body, so it helps provide you with a sense of balance.

In the same manner, Amber allows you to find a sense of internal and external balance by helping process energies that throw you off-kilter.

This is productive because of its ability to turn nearly any situation into something positive, making sense of its alignment with a chakra that is at the center of the body.

Another important aspect of Amber in relationship to the Sacral Chakra is that the mood elevation one can attain is able to help them feel at peace with life in general and embrace flexibility.

This ability to seize the moment allows the user to become more comfortable in their life and understand the flowing nature of decisions and opportunities.

In terms of relationships, this power works in many ways, allowing the person using the Amber to not only be aware of their own needs but of those they love as well.

This is good for relationships, as there is constantly a need to increase your understanding of another person and a dynamic that involves taking care of more than just one person.

Through embracing the healing effects of Amber throughout your life and the associated environments, you can learn to embrace love in different ways that you had previously thought were not possible.

One of the most inspiring things about this gem is its ability to endure throughout history, an attribute that no doubt reflects its healing properties as well.

When you utilize Amber alongside medicinal benefits and repeated affirmations/prayer, it can be a driving force in instilling new confidence in your life.

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