Destiny Number 2

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Destiny Number 2

All of the numbers on your Numerology chart have the power to influence behavior and outward circumstances, but the destiny number is unique in that it describes a quality that self-help expert Dr. Wayne Dyer called a ‘future pull.’

This future pull is a developmental quality. If you were to examine an acorn from the perspective of fully grown oak tree, it would not seem possible that this enormous tree could have grown out of something so small.

That is how it is with human destiny.

The destiny number is also called the life path number because the pull of destiny appears to be like a road or path as you are traveling on it.

But it also has the character of development and growth.

Learning about your destiny number can help you plot a course through life that results in true happiness and deep fulfillment.

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Calculating Your Destiny Number

Though some numerologists derive your life path number from your name, most arrive at your destiny number by adding the individual digits of your birth date – day, month and year.

For example, someone born on October 1, 1980 would proceed like this:

1+ 0 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 20

2 + 0 = 2

When you calculate your destiny number, it is important to always reduce multi-digit numbers to root numbers by adding them together, unless you arrive at a master number which is a special circumstance.

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The Meaning of Destiny Number 2

While those with a destiny number of 1 are born leaders, independent and direct, people born with the destiny or life path number 2 are submissive, agreeable and cooperative.

If those with a 1 vibration are leaders, those living in alignment with a 2 vibration are followers.

Like the Yin and Yang energies of Taoism and the I Ching, these two essential vibrations are so fundamental they seem to constitute patterns in every aspect of life.

These energies are generally symbolized by the sun and moon; the sun being the active, masculine, solar Yang energy, while the moon would be associated with the passive, feminine, lunar Yin energy.

When you have a life path of 2 you are likely to shine, as the moon does, with a borrowed light.

Those with a life path of 2 are also gentle, kind and diplomatic. Being sensitive and intuitive, they usually avoid conflict and are generally cooperative in all relationships.

Because they are kind, cooperative and generally good looking, most people with a two vibration make excellent romantic partners, enjoying lengthy committed relationships.

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Love and Romance for Destiny Number 2

Those with a destiny number of 2 are nurturing, caring and generous with their affection.

However, the 2 essence often means that you will be attracted to assertive and dominant people with a 1 vibration.

The mixture of dominant and submissive traits often works well in relationships as long as the person with the dominant 1 vibration does not take it too far.

If your destiny number is 2, be sure to look for a partner who is kind and appreciative of all of your positive qualities and does not try to take advantage of your kind and nurturing nature.

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Pinnacles, Cycles of Time and Destiny of Life Path Number 2

As Carl Jung wrote in his essay The Stages of Life, destiny runs its course in cyclical patterns that we can see occurring in everyone. In our lives there is a morning, a noon time and an evening, and for those with a destiny number of 2 they usually proceed like this:

  • Morning of Life – In childhood, twos are cooperative and obedient to parents, teachers and caregivers. However, their emotional nature can cause them to seek attention from teachers, parents and peers. Again, twos shine with a borrowed light.
  • Noon of Life – Being diplomatic and cooperative, those with a destiny number of 2 get through school relatively easily and generally seek a career in music or the performing arts. Some twos also seek diplomatic careers in business negotiating contracts and mediating disputes.
  • Evening of Life – In middle age and retirement, those with a vibrational essence of 2 are looking to reconcile their personal relationships during this period, deepening their relationships with spouses, repairing relationships with estranged children and family members and recouping relationships with friends and business associates. Estranged lovers are often reunited during this period of life.

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Destiny Number 2 and the Larger Call of Spirit

As we journey through life, passing from one life to the next, we often find ourselves in the position to learn many karmic lessons.

In one respect, you can think of your life path or destiny number as a karmic path that you are on, shaped in former existences designed to move you further along on the path of spiritual illumination.

Those with a life path number of 2 are associated with The High Priestess in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

Hers is a highly emotional and sensitive card, highly creative and intuitive and often deeply involved with occult and esoteric sciences.

If you are living on a 2 life path, odds are that your intuition is so highly developed many people that you know may consider you to be psychic.

You may have been given the gift of heightened insight and psychic powers in this life because of your failure to be diplomatic or heed the call of spirit in a former life.

Now the call of spirit is so loud, it is impossible for you to ignore.

However, your heightened intuition may manifest as artistic talent or a calling for a career in the helping professions, particularly counseling and psychiatry.

Whether you are focused on the direct care and well-being of others in one of the helping professions, or you are exercising your creative talents in an artistic endeavor, the destiny of a person with a life path of 2 is to provide essential services that help others.

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