Destiny Number 1

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Destiny Number 1

The Destiny or Life Path number is the dominant number on your numerological chart. This is because destiny is an inescapable part of life.

You destiny number is often called a life path number, because it is like a path or road that you are on from the time your are born to the end of your days.

Your destiny number will provide you clues not only about your path, but about the goal waiting at the end of that path.

Calculating your destiny number can help you figure out the direction your life is taking and how you can reach your personal and professional goals.

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Calculating Your Destiny Number

The destiny or life path number is usually calculated by adding the individual digits in the birth date – day, month and year. Someone born on January 1, 1985 would proceed like this:

  • 1+1+1+9+8+5= 25
  • 2+5= 7

When calculating your destiny or life path number you should reduce the number as far as possible until you have found a root number or a master number.

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The Meaning of Destiny Number 1

Destiny number 1 is the number that we associate with leadership. People who have a life path number of 1 are generally independent, self-motivated individuals who are creative and want to be first in everything.

This generally leads to people with the destiny number of 1 being focused on their careers and personal achievements above all else in life.

People who are aligned with a 1 energy tend to excel in business and managerial positions and have all of the talents necessary to be good leaders.

The downside of this life path is falling into the potential pitfall of ego. Those who have the destiny number 1 tend to be self-centered and ego-centric.

They often lack empathy and go through life with a ‘no excuses’ attitude. This inability reach out to others can make them difficult life partners.

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Romantic Life for Destiny Number 1

Those who are imbued with a 1 energy tend to have dominant romantic characteristics. Romantically, people are often classified as either being dominant or submissive.

Those with a 1 vibration are the purest form of dominant and really are not romantically compatible with others who bring a dominant energy to the relationship.

Those with a life path number of 1 are generally not romantically inclined and are best suited to a partner who is submissive and willing to take a decidedly supporting role.

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Destiny and Cycles of Life

Your destiny number indicates the cycle that you are on in your life. A life cycle is a repetitive pattern that appears in the lives of everyone who is aligned with a particular destiny number.

In discussing life cycles we will use Carl Jung’s stages of life as a framework on which to weave the tapestry of the 1 life path:

  • Morning of Life – Someone with a destiny number of 1 will be a loner as a child because they are constantly excelling in school or trying to direct the play of others. 1’s are usually well educated and mentally and physically well developed. They usually have a plan for how they are going to take over the world by the end of 2nd grade.
  • Noon of Life – The person aligned with a 1 vibration will come into his or her creative powers in early adulthood and become focused on achieving a certain set of goals. This goal directed thinking will set them on the course to either meeting their destiny or falling victim to the negative tendencies of their nature.
  • Evening of Life – While most life paths tend to ride off into the sunset during this period, that is not so for those who are aligned with a 1 vibration. The evening of life is often the most creative and rewarding time for people with this life path number, as they begin to reap the fruits of all of those years of hard work.

This is the time in life when those who have a destiny number of 1 finally sit down and write that book they have always been meaning to write (which turns out to be a best seller) or they become a renown statesperson whose advice is sought by everyone in their industry.

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Destiny Number 1 and the Call of Source

Throughout our lives we encounter circumstances that challenge us to fulfill our destiny.

You may think of this as a future pull, the way we can never imagine the an enormous oak tree is going to emerge from that tiny acorn that we once held in our hand.

A 1 destiny is like that. Throughout life, 1’s are challenged with situations that will test their willingness to follow their calling and force them to assert their individuality and leadership.

While it is true that 1’s are called to be leaders, they are also here to learn karmic lessons like anyone else.

The main lesson that someone with a destiny number of 1 must learn is that the world does not revolve around their desires and needs.

The challenge then is to learn how to assert individuality and creative leadership without stepping on the toes of others.

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