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Goshenite is a beautiful transparent crystal that has one of the purest energy fields of all healing stones. It truly embodies the nature of a spiritual pilgrim.

What is Goshenite?

Goshenite is a variety of Beryl that has been referred to as the mother of crystals. It resonates with a soft, feminine energy that has a nurturing vibration.

There are very few impurities in this stone. This is what accounts for its translucent appearance.

The largest discovery of Goshenite occurred in Goshen, Massachusetts. Hence the name it was given.

This colorless Beryl crystal has a beautiful shape which often presents facets that are pyramidal in shape. The appearance of the stone can also be prismatic and vertically striated.

Goshenite Meaning

gosheniteThe overwhelming meaning of Goshenite is motherhood. It has an energy field that is at once nurturing and protective.

The essence of truth is also indicated by this crystal. It represents the illumination of that which is hidden.

Goshenite is strongly attuned to the Mother Goddess and Moon. As such, it encourages us to be respectful of the earth and all its creatures.

The purity of the soul is another meaning of this stone. It moves its possessor toward spiritual fulfillment and helps one strive for the perfection of the spirit body.

Goshenite Properties

The energy field of Goshenite is mild yet powerful. Like the Moon, it can illuminate and bring about a massive change in the tides of life.

The crystal compels honesty from those who come into its sphere of influence. It has been known to open both the physical and the spiritual eyes.

Goshenite has been known to increase the energy vibrations of all other Beryl varieties. It serves as a mother to many stones and can form the centerpiece of your metaphysical crystal collection.

Goshenite Healing Properties

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The healing properties of Goshenite provide a mild therapy that is gentle on the physical body and the emotions. It can be worn or carried for healing effects.

Some have found that placing the stone in a wand is especially effective. The wand can then be passed over afflicted areas for therapy.

Simply placing the stone on a bedside table or under the sleeping pillow may also provide ongoing healing benefits. When carried or worn it can also prevent injury to athletes or other individuals engaged in physical activity.

Goshenite can also be used to amplify the healing energies of other crystals. It is often used in tandem with other Beryl stones for maximum effect.

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Physical Healing

Goshenite is particularly good at healing therapies for women. It can help to relieve the pain of PMS and is also good at balancing the hormonal system.

Placing the crystal on the eyelids for a few moments at a time has been said to relieve eye pressure. It may also be successful at improving the eyesight of those who use it.

This stone works well as a detoxifying agent. It can be placed in water to charge the water as a tonic.

Those who suffer from fatigue may use this stone to improve sleep patterns. It will also help to alleviate the stress that causes insomnia.

Emotional Healing

Goshenite has a positive energy field that helps with symptoms of depression. It can improve one’s mental outlook, and it may also be used to combat mood swings.

Those who suffer from an inability to control the emotions will find that the crystal lends strength and self-control.

It can help partners become closer through the freedom to express emotions without fear of judgment. Goshenite also helps individuals express their emotional discomfort through positive activities such as writing.

Spiritual Healing

This stone has the ability to clear the mind so that it can focus on things of a divine nature. Goshenite may also prompt lucid dreaming.

It enhances the power of prayer when worn as an amulet. Goshenite may also work to strengthen the bond between individuals and their guardian angels.

There is a vibration of gratitude in this stone which helps one express thanks for blessings received. It will remind one of how fortunate they truly are.

Goshenite Uses

Goshenite was one of the first crystals to be used in the creation of eyeglasses and magnifying glasses. It still retains the ability to improve the eyesight with its energy field.

Those who are creative will find that the crystal is a good addition to the studio or workspace. It will help one to find their artistic muse.

The crystal can be used to assess the intentions of others. It helps to reveal impure motives and is an excellent lie detector.

Goshenite can be used by couples to preserve fidelity and commitment. It will also bring light and illumination to any home in which it resides.

Goshenite Meditation

Goshenite is one of the best stones for meditation. It produces a clear and quiet mind, undisturbed by random thoughts.

Gazing softly at the crystal while meditating has been known to produce soul journeys and psychic visions. It creates a dream-like state of consciousness where access to the divine realms is more easily achieved.

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Goshenite Birthstone

Goshenite does not serve as a traditional birthstone. Because of its clear color, it also lacks designation as a natural birthstone.

Goshenite Zodiac Sign

The entire family of Beryl stones is related to the zodiac signs of Taurus and Cancer. It will help mediate the impulsiveness of the Taurus, and it can create honest self-appraisal for the Cancer.

Goshenite Chakra

The crown chakra is most attuned to Goshenite. This energy center is located at the top of the head where it provides a connection to the realms of spirit.

The crystal balances and opens the crown chakra so that individuals can become more attuned to the universal current. It helps one to appreciate their place in the universe’s grand design.

An individual is most centered when the crown chakra is open. Goshenite helps achieve this opening which creates a sense of empowerment and control.

The challenges of life are more easily confronted when the crown chakra is open.

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