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Sunstone Crystal Meaning and Uses

When you’re seeking warmth, confidence, and joy, look to the crystal of Ra. The sunstone brings optimism and luck to all aspects of your life with its flashing color and powerful sun vibrations.

What Is Sunstone?

Sunstone is classified as a type of feldspar. It’s found around the world in places like Australia, Norway, Russia, Mexico, India and the United States.

Sunstone occurs in all the colors of the sun: yellow, orange and red. The deeper colors tend to be rarer, so if you find a deep red sunstone, you have a treasure.

This crystal may have more than one color in the same stone. An unusual and highly desirable form is termed pleochroic, which means its color changes depending on the angle at which you view it.


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Sunstone may be opaque or transparent. It typically contains inclusions; these are often copper or hematite.

The inclusions in sunstone occur as tiny flat plates that are lined up parallel to each other. This causes them to flash brightly in unison when hit by light, creating sunstone’s characteristic twinkle.

Sunstone Meaning

sunstoneSunstone is named for its color and the way it flashes in the light. It’s a relatively recent addition to the family of crystals used by spiritual practitioners, but it has proven quite powerful.

You can use sunstone for any purpose that requires energy, power, and encouragement. It also has cleansing and transformative powers against negative energies.

Healing Properties of Sunstone

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Sunstone has wide applications in healing because of its ability to bring warmth. In general, sunstone promotes self-healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Physical Healing

Sunstone may increase your metabolism because of its warmth-generating properties. Its heat also eases the pain of rheumatism and any other general body aches.

If you have digestive upsets like ulcers or pain in your stomach, sunstone may help. It also helps relieve the pain of athletic sprains and strains and disorders of the spine and cartilage.

Emotional Healing

The energy of sunstone works for any emotional disturbance that produces a feeling of unease or poor self-image. It can help if you have a low sense of self-worth or if you feel emotionally abandoned.

This warm crystal can ease the pain of depression and the anxiety of phobias. It can give you the energy you need to get up and work toward your goals instead of procrastinating.

If you suffer from nightmares, try wearing sunstone to bed or placing a stone under your pillow. You may find that your dreams become much more positive.

Working with sunstone gives you an overall feeling of empowerment, openness and emotional balance. It gives you the stamina to stay on task as you work toward long-term goals.

Sunstone can even improve your relationships and romances. It helps you recognize and dispel the negative factors that are causing problems between you and others.

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Spiritual Healing

Like the disinfecting power of the sun, the sunstone crystal is a powerful cleanser. It sweeps away negative energy and refreshes your aura.

Sunstone also has protective power. It’s especially effective at blocking and dissipating any negative energy that’s being directed toward you by someone else.

If you work to bring spiritual healing to others, you may find that sunstone enhances your intuition. You may be able to more easily identify the healing energy they need and direct it in the most useful way.

Anyone who engages in service projects or who have dedicated their life to the service of others can benefit from working with Sunstone. It increases feelings of benevolence and a desire to help others.

Any time you seek abundance, independence and the joy of being alive, look to Sunstone. This crystal is the symbol of everything good and strong.

Sunstone Uses

There are several specific ways that you can use sunstone in your spiritual or magical workings. It’s often made into jewelry, so you can wear it to keep its energy close all day.

Using sunstone and moonstone together is a great way to guarantee that you’re working with balanced energy. Yin and yang, god energy and goddess energy, and the push-pull of worldly success and inner peace can all be balanced with this crystal combination.

Pairing sunstone with white candles summons its protective energy. Wearing it on your hand helps to manifest anything you want to draw into your life.

Meditating With Sunstone

Sunstone is a particularly effective meditative tool when you’re looking for renewal. It helps you find your path, and it gives you the push you need to stay on it.

Cleansing meditations burn away your fatigue and distress with the searing brilliance of sunstone.

Whenever you wonder if this crystal is right for your purpose, just remember that it brings the properties of the sun: warmth, light, disinfection, illumination and limitless energy.

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Sunstone as a Birthstone

Because of its color variations, Sunstone can be used as the natural birthstone for several different periods of the year. Yellow represents midsummer, and stones of this color may speak to you if you were born between July 22 and August 21.

The more intense orange crystal represents the time when summer is transitioning to fall. If you were born between August 22 and September 22, working with sunstone brings joy into your life.

Red sunstone is your natural birthstone if you were born between September 23 and November 20. The deeper the color, the later in the season it applies.

Sunstone and the Zodiac

Sunstone doesn’t belong to the constellations, it belongs to the sun. It shares its power equally with everyone, regardless of their astrological sign.

The sun is our closest star, our familiar companion in the sky, and the power that keeps this planet warm and alive. There are few things more fundamental than our sun, and Sunstone is its fiery representative.

Chakra Work With Sunstone

Sunstone has the power to cleanse any chakra, but it has a special connection to the base and sacral chakras.

The lighter, golden shades should be paired with the sacral chakra, while the deeper, red hues work better with the base chakra.

A balanced base chakra brings strength and stamina, and it may bring out your leadership qualities.

When the sacral chakra is in balance, you feel alive, in touch with your feelings, and in harmony with others.

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