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Known for its mystical royal blue appearance, Sodalite helps to increase awareness and understanding. It is one of the best stones for use in contemplation and meditation.

What is Sodalite?

Sodalite is a relative of Lapis Lazuli and Lazurite. It possesses a darker shade of blue than its sister stones.

The royal blue of Sodalite is often mixed with veins of white. These white bands are actually formations of Calcite.

The stone was discovered in 1811. It was first found in Greenland and then located in Ontario, Canada.

The Princess Sodalite Mine in Ontario remains the most famous source of the stone. The mine was named after the Princess of Wales in 1901.

Sodalite has a soothing energy field that is known for expanding consciousness. Its color is reminiscent of the vastness of space.

Sodalite Meaning

sodaliteTransformation through illumination is the primary meaning of Sodalite. The stone prompts deep thought about one’s place in the universe.

The crystal is sometimes called the “Logic Stone” because of its philosophical nature. It is a reminder that deep thought can help one attune to the universal current.

Sodalite means that life is more fulfilling when we are able to approach it from multiple perspectives. Learning to be honest with oneself is a key to spiritual growth.

Sodalite Properties

This stone has a very placid energy field. It radiates a sense of comfort and belonging to those who possess it.

The energy of Sodalite is also very dense. It is grounded to the four elements, and it has a special connection to the vastness of the universe.

Sodalite helps one to open the mind and embark upon journeys of the soul. It can provide the courage one needs to achieve access to altered states of consciousness.

Sodalite Healing Properties

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A primary healing property of this stone is the ability to help individuals honestly assess their state of wellness. It also tempers the anxiety of those who often stress over health matters.

The healing properties of Sodalite can be accessed by wearing the stone as an amulet. It can also be carried as a talisman, or placed in a healing wand.


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Physical Healing

The crystal works well in the removal of mineral deficiencies. It can also help to eliminate acid indigestion, and it may promote health in the digestive tract.

Many have found that the stone can be placed under the sleeping pillow to relieve insomnia. This will also sooth the muscles at night to prevent twitching and the effects of restless leg syndrome.

Women going through menopause will find relief when wearing Sodalite. It can help to prevent hot flashes, and it also reduces inflammation.

Sodalite may be able to help regulate blood pressure, and it can also bring down the heart rate. It acts as a purifier for the lymphatic system, and guards against infection.

Emotional Healing

Those who have trouble expressing their feelings will find that Sodalite enables truth to flow from the emotions. It can also bring the conscious and subconscious parts of one’s being into harmony.

The crystal can help with anger management issues. It allows individuals to release anger and resentment while replacing these emotions with healing energy.

Insecurities are often eliminated when one works with Sodalite on a consistent basis. It will restore one’s confidence in their unique talents.


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Spiritual Healing

There is a blending of intuition and logic in this stone that helps individuals find balance between the spiritual and physical realms. It promotes illumination on multiple levels.

Those who have struggled with spiritual understanding will find that the stone helps to make things clear. It can often provide the answers to life’s most enduring questions.

Sodalite will help to ground those who are actively involved in metaphysical work. It helps to disperse residual energies that may be collected when working with others.

Sodalite Uses

One of the best uses of Sodalite is to wear it as a way to counter becoming too emotional. It offers a sense of detachment that is accompanied by a rational perspective.

Writers are especially attuned to the properties of Sodalite. When kept in the writer’s workspace, the stone promotes creativity and concentration.

This crystal can be placed near computers and other electronic equipment to mediate the effects of electromagnetic energy fields. It can also be carried by those who are sensitive to all energy fields.

Sodalite can be used in a group setting to promote harmony and cooperation. It helps individuals to function better as a team unit.

For this reason, team athletes will find that the stone strengthens the bond between teammates. It can also be used to support unity among two people in a relationship.

The stone works best as a calming influence. It should be kept in any environment where a sense of peace and tranquility needs to be restored.

Sodalite Meditation

This crystal is perfect for soul journeys and other meditations which involve projections of consciousness. Many have found it to be excellent for accessing the Akashic Records.

It is also very useful for stemming the tide of random thoughts that interrupt the mind during meditation periods. It helps the brainwaves of the mind to approach a state of theta consciousness.

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Sodalite Birthstone

There is no traditional birthstone designation given to Sodalite. It can, however, serve as a natural birthstone for those who were born between February 19-March 19.

Those born at this time are very creative and attuned to the emergence of new life at the spring equinox.

Sodalite Zodiac Sign

Sodalite is associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This is the period of the year from November 22-December 21.

The sign of Sagittarius is depicted as a centaur holding a bow and arrow. People born during this time tend to be optimistic and positive.

Sodalite Chakra

Both the throat chakra and the brow chakra, or Third Eye, may be opened with Sodalite. The stone works to remove blockages in these important energy centers.

The throat chakra is the energy center that allows the body to express what the emotions are feeling. The Third Eye is the seat of perspective and honest appraisal of the physical and spiritual realms.

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