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What is Spodumene?

Spodumene is a stone with a vibrant history tracing back to the Greeks. It is named after the Greek word spodumene, which translates to “burnt to ash”.

This name has come to represent the crystal’s unique, ashy look which is the result of the creation process after the stone is ignited. Spodumene is a crystal that is typically used in ceramics, medicine, and other helpful tools such as batteries and steel.

There are a few different types of Spodumene, such as:

  • Kunzite: This is the most popular form of Spodumene, known for its light pink and violet colors. It is known for being a stone centered around emotion, bringing energy to those who experience its beauty in nature. It also helps heal matters of the heart, making it a good crystal to have for those who want to protect their heart more efficiently.
  • Hiddenite: Hiddenite is another stone that is well-known for being a variant of Spodumene, recognizable by its different shades of green colors. It promotes healthy perspective on the present, encouraging those who use it to allow themselves to create new beginnings.
  • Spodumene or Triphane: Stones specifically labeled these subcategories are usually clear or yellow in color, making them very distinctly beautiful crystals. They help restore freshness to the body and often target pollutants and other forms of negative energy that taint your overall composure.

spodumeneSpodumene Meaning

Spodumene is important for those who are looking to inspire themselves to take on new projects and responsibilities, as it often helps those who are struggling with perpetual motion.

Because of its ability to restore confidence in somebody who needs it, the stone is also helpful for people who are dealing with mistreatments such as bullying or other forms of intrusion.

Spodumene Properties

Spodumene helps individuals shield themselves against negative energies, which can be helpful to those who desire to have more emotional and creative space in their life.

Carrying this crystal allows you to access its true potential and benefits due to the persistent presence and protection it will provide you.

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Spodumene Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Physical Healing

One of the hidden benefits of Spodumene for physical healing is that it can actually help re-structure your RNA/DNA to assist cellular development, something that not many crystals are able to do.

Through this, it can assist in stabilizing many aspects of your body and is recommended to use for disorders and ailments that confuse your body’s perception of stability. There are also many STIs that can be treated with Spodumene, making it a valuable stone.

Emotional Healing

The emotional healing to come from Spodumene largely focuses on giving the individual using it a newfound lust for life. In those who are caught up in the past or recovering from bad memories, Spodumene allows individuals to sift through the bad memories that may cause harrowing energies to take precedence over otherwise positive ones.

This can also make it a helpful tool when dealing with various types of dependencies.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing comes through a sense of stability and comfort with the world, making it a logical next step for those who are using Spodumene for emotional healing.

Not only that, but this crystal has a special ability to align all of the major Chakras within 24 hours, making it a hugely helpful stone for those who are looking to expand their spiritual comfort.

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Spodumene Uses

The use of Spodumene for comforting somebody in a time of need makes it one of those essential stones to keep nearby at all times.

Through carrying this crystal with you or attaching it in any way to your body or clothing, you can be sure that it’s there when you need it the most, largely helping you in moments of confrontation, aggression, and anxiety.

People who carry it around with them all day have reported feelings of comfort and solitude due to its ability to help many people construct shields around them to deflect negative vibrations.

Spodumene Meditation

Spodumene’s meditative properties heavily relate to the specific type of meditation you are using it for. Many who use it to address insecurities or negative energies that are seemingly invading their thought space will be overjoyed to find out that it helps specifically for that, but you must not expect the stone to do all the work on its own.

To make the stonework for you and include it in your meditation, you must first find harmony through thought. Direct your thoughts to the stone and allow it in, then seek unity with your aura in order to let it do its work.

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Spodumene Birthstone

Tiffany Stone is not known as a traditional birthstone, though there is a relevance for it as a natural birthstone.

Those born between December 21st and January 19th are able to use the violet variation of the stone to bring themselves more imagination, inspiration, and dreams.

Spodumene Zodiac Sign

Spodumene is not a traditional birthstone, but the variety that is yellow has properties of a natural birthstone for those who were born between June 21st and July 21st.

This yellow crystal will help bring clarity and enlightenment to those who use it.

Spodumene Chakra

Spodumene has immense power in the fact that it stimulates all 7 Chakras, allowing users to experience true harmony within themselves.

This is especially useful for those looking to increase the flow throughout their Chakras in general, making this an ideal stone to get if you have to choose just one to add to your collection.

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