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What is the Zodiac Sign for May 2 Zodiac?

The zodiac sign for anyone born on May 2nd is Taurus, which includes anyone born between April 20 and May 20, when the sun is in the Taurus constellation.

Your Astrological symbol is the bull, which has a long history in myth and legend. You may recall the story of Zeus transforming himself into a bull so he could attract Europa.

You are generally creative and enthusiastic, and are able to work well in partnership with others.

You operate from an innate feeling of security, meaning that everything you do promotes a comfortable and happy existence.

You have a curious nature that feels a strong connection to sensual pleasures, often wanting more than is currently available.

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May 2 Zodiac Sign Compatibility

With Venus being the ruling planet of everyone born under the sign of Taurus, it is little wonder that those who are born on May will be generous and caring romantic partners.

In romantic relationships, those born on May 2 are likely to be generous with their time, understanding that their time is the most valuable thing they have to offer.

Your romantic partners are likely to appreciate your generosity, kindness and reliability, as well as your adventurous spirit.

As a Taurus, you are passionate and looking for a sense of security and accomplishment in your love relationships, preferring serious relationships over fleeting trysts.

If you have been born on May 2nd, you are likely to prefer settling down and lavishing someone with your time and gifts to the uncertainty of the dating scene.

Of course, you may simply enjoy having time alone to pursue your personal interests.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are most compatible with other earth signs who share the same way of looking at life.

Partners born under the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are most suitable for you, while Scorpios will provide a bit of adventure and unpredictability that may interest you as well.

You are least compatible with Aries whose ruling planet Mars is at odds with your ruling planet Venus.

Where Taurus is slow and methodical, Aries is fast and impulsive, putting the two of you at odds in a basic way.

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May 2 Birthday Personality

If you were born on May 2, you are conscientious and reliable, generous but also pragmatic and sincere.

Your motives are generally kind-hearted, seeking comfort and security for yourself and others.

Despite being generous and altruistic, you are also focused on your own personal security first and foremost.

You will always make sure that you and yours are taken care of before you give to others.

Those born on the 2nd work well with others and display a general sense of warmth and diplomacy, making them easy to work with.

If you were born on May 2, you may also have high standards which can be highly demanding on others, though you are always kind to anyone who meets those standards.

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Noteworthy People Born on May 2nd

Noteworthy people born on May 2 include Catherine The Great, actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, soccer great David Beckham, singer Engelbert Humperdinck and fashionista Donatella Versace.

Characteristics of the People Born on May 2nd

The positive characteristics of May 2 Zodiac include politeness, generosity, financial acumen, and a profound sense of practicality.

On the negative side, you can be stubborn, set in your ways, slow to act, and miserly with your money.

The secret for Taurus to enjoy their best life is to find a balance between the poles of austerity and self-indulgence.

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Career Horoscope for May 2 Zodiac

If you were born on May 2, you will be well suited to a career that involves money and finance.

This would include any aspect of finance including investing, saving, preserving or guarding money.

Your practicality and trustworthiness make you the perfect person to deal with corporate or personal finances.


Being born on May 2 makes you an ideal business partner. Your practicality and sense of diplomacy make you a pleasure to work with.

Being methodical, with high standards, you would rather take a bit longer to ensure that the job is done right than get out early or give up before the work was complete.

You are a reliable, stable, and trustworthy person, and you have the talent and ability to achieve whatever you set your mind upon.

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