November 9 Zodiac

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November 9 Zodiac Sign

Does your birthday fall on November 9? You have a versatile personality that is unique. You have a persistent streak. As such, you don’t relent easily in the pursuit of your objectives.

You enjoy indulging in excesses. However, you never allow this to interfere with your performance and efficiency. As such, you are one effective human being.

Here is the reason why…

You were born under the Scorpio zodiac sign. This is the 8th sign of the zodiac spectrum. Your astrological symbol is the Scorpion. This symbol caters to those born between 23rd October and 21st November.

Pluto, the planet associated with the god Hades, rules over your life. This celestial body stands for determination, mystery, and secretiveness.

Water is your cardinal governing element. It works closely with the other elements (Air, Earth, and Fire) to add value to the daily experiences in your life.


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Your Astrological Chart Cusp

November 9 zodiac people are on the Libra-Scorpio Astrological Cusp. This is the Cusp of Drama and Criticism.

Two planets rule supreme on this cusp. These are Venus and Pluto. Pluto is in charge of Scorpio, while Venus rules over your Libra personality.

These two planets add some interesting aspects to your personality. For example, you are beautiful, romantic, and sensual because of influence from Venus. This is because we associate this planet with Aphrodite, the goddess for Greek mythology.

Moreover, you are mysterious, secretive, and aggressive due to the influence of Pluto on your life. Pluto is the planet of the god Hades. According to ancient myth, Hades rules over the Unseen World (the Underworld). His influence on your life has a far-reaching impact.

The Cusp of Drama and Criticism has a major influence on your financial life. It provides you with the acumen to identify the grounds for safe investments. As such, you approach all money matters with unrivaled passion.

Your astrological chart shows that you are keen to take care of your health. However, we strongly advise that you take better care of your reproductive health.


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Love and Compatibility for November 9 Zodiac

November 9 zodiac people are very passionate about matters of love. However, you dislike having to play all your cards at once.

You prefer to create suspense by failing to disclose some of your moves. This works very well for you. It helps you heighten the thrill you’d like to create in the relationship.

You are not one to jump into a relationship with both feet. You prefer to test the waters first, to see whether you are compatible with the object of your love.

This is where you much preferred dating games come into play. You see, courtship is a good forum if you want to be certain about your choice of a partner. It enables you to study their antecedents and get to understand their motivations.

Being a mysterious person, your partner may find it hard to understand you fully. This is because you tend to behave rather secretively. However, with enough patience, your partner should come to terms with your eccentric personality.

The more active Scorpio may find it hard to settle down. You tend to fall in love from a tender age. As such, you are likely to be involved in many romantic interactions in the course of your life.

This is not to mean, however, that you’ll never settle down. In fact, the Stars show that you’ll marry when you meet your ideal partner.

You can get such a partner from the following zodiacs: Cancer, Taurus, and Pisces. You have the same life visions with these natives.

Thus, your relationship with them will be fulfilling. This is more so if your lover was born on the 5th, 9th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 19th, 23rd, 27th, 28th & 29th.

A word of caution!

The stars indicate potential troubles in your potential romantic partnership with a Libra. Take care!


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What are the Traits of a Person Born on November 9?

November 9 zodiac people have a high level of emotional intelligence. This makes you stand out in most social gatherings.

You understand what motivates people, and how they are likely to react to different situations. This means that it’s easy for you to make them see things your way. Such social skills are very valuable in today’s world.

Being enigmatic, people find it hard to unravel your entire personality. This is something you can use to your advantage in a number of ways. For example, you can control the critical aspects of a project. As such, you determine the outcome.

You treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve. This has earned you much reverence in your community. Use this as a bargaining chip to help you achieve your noble goals.

However, you have a few weaknesses that you need to work on. These flaws have the potential to derail your progress if you don’t handle them decisively.

For example, you tend to be jealous where your lover is concerned. You end up becoming controlling and too supervising. This could make your partner feel unappreciated and unloved.

Also, you tend to cling on negative experiences. These will impede your ability to make sober decisions. Remember, the past is a school you attended. Don’t take it as a prison.


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Famous People who Share the November 9 Birthday

You share the November 9 birthday with a number of prominent people from around the world. Here’s a sample of five such people:

  • Hermann Conring, born 1606 – German philosopher and educator
  • Johann Speth, born 1664 – German organist and composer
  • Fulvio Fantoni, born 1963 – Italian bridge player
  • Nosa Igiebor, born 1990 – Nigerian footballer
  • Matthew Fisher, born 1997 – English cricketer

Common Characteristics of People Born on November 9

November 9 zodiac people belong to the 2nd decan of Scorpio. You are in the same category as those born between 3 November and 12 November.

The planet Neptune has a major influence in this decan. It empowers you to exude the stronger characteristics of Scorpio. For example, you are sensual, determined, and mysterious.

People appreciate your strong sense of compassion. You find it easy to connect emotionally with others. As such, you are able to identify their pain and anguish.

You have a natural inclination to help the less fortunate. However, learn to take it a step at a time. You can’t solve all the world’s problems single-handedly!

The November 9 birthday stands for mystery, affection, responsibility, and innovation. These are the keys to your future. Put them to good use!


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Your Career Horoscope

You can do very well in jobs that call for care and compassion. Here, we are looking at the field of medicine and such other careers. Here, you’ll be able to use your compassion satisfactorily.

Whatever the case, ensure that you choose a field that has a cause you believe in. otherwise, you will quickly lose focus and direction.

Final Thought…

Aqua is the magic color of people born on November 9. This is the color of emotional stability, comfort, and protection. It is the color of life. Aqua reflects your personality.

Your lucky numbers are 5, 9, 49, 65, 74, 83 & 91.

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