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Are you interested in the meaning of Number 25? Then this guide is for you.

The number 25 denotes wisdom with a touch of diplomacy and curiosity. This number is about intuition, self-awareness, and interest in nearly everything.

People with 25 in their numerology charts should use their wisdom, analyzing ability, wit, and unique perception to communicate (and compare) their viewpoints with those of others.

In this way, they can continually challenge their perspective and return to the drawing board to see what they missed.

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The Number 25 as a Person

If the number 25 were a person, she would be the analytical and intuitive child of the diplomatic number 2 and the adventurous number 5.

The number 7 is 25’s essence. The numbers 2 and 5 also contribute to the meaning of the number 25, adding sensitivity and sensuality to the mix.

The number 25’s center, 7 is concerned with acquiring wisdom through knowing the self.

Much less associated with 25 than 7 (though more than 5), the number 2 contributes her diplomatic skills.

The core number 7 tends to do better alone, though they are not completely without people skills.

However, 2 may help bring 7 out of her den more often while making her more sensitive to others.

The number 5 adds a dab of sensuality, adventure, and need for free expression so 25 can seek out experiences that will help them broaden their horizons.

The number 25 is introspective, spiritual, team-oriented, and curious enough to continue searching for knowledge and wisdom for all of her life.

The numbers 7 and 5 blend together to make for a determined and perfection-seeking analyst (i.e. one who’s aim is to understand all aspects of the self).

The number 25 is very perceptive and wise beyond her years. The number 25 is fairly balanced in spending time alone and with others, though if given the choice she would probably choose isolation.

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The number 25 in History

The number 25 is the square of 5 and the sum of the first five odd numbers (i.e. 1+3+5+7+9=25).

The Quran describes twenty-five prophets of Islam.

Christmas is always on December twenty-fifth, and the pagan cult would have sacrifices on the twenty-fifth of each month.

The number 25 is said to represent the Law (according to Saint Augustin).

Twenty-five years is the youngest a candidate can be to run for election to the House of Representatives.

Interestingly, youth is characteristic of those under twenty-five.

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Things Associated with the Number 25

In Ann-Catherine Emmerick’s visions, 25 tribes helped build the Tower of Babel.

Throughout the Gospels (first four books of the Bible), the Holy Spirit is quoted twenty-five times.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus Christ began twenty-five of his exclamations with the words “In all truth.”

John the Baptist and Judas Iscariot were twenty-five years old when they were called to the apostolate.

The Pope traditionally opens the golden gate every 25 years (every 25 years is considered a Holy Year according to the Church).

The sacred cubit measurement in the Bible is 25 inches.

The number 600 is mentioned twenty-five times in the Bible. The first 25 numbers for a magic square, which is associated with Mars.

In the Milky Way, the Sun takes about twenty-five days to rotate on its axis.

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Those with the Number 25 Prominent in Their Lives

The number 25 is intellectual and sensuous, complex but logical.

Although people with 25 in their lives are generally good at social interactions, it is likely that these people will spend a lot of time alone so they can complete their many projects; they need time for analysis and scientific inquiry.

They are very rational and may find that their minds take precedence over the emotions more often than not.

They are flexible dreamers who may get lost in their imaginations from time to time.

People with 25 in their lives (or born on the twenty-fifth of a month) are usually interested in topics like philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, and other fields of science.

They tend to express themselves artistically and creatively.

This may be one of their best ways to communicate since they struggle finding the words to describe and share their emotions.

The number 25 concerns one who is both emotional and spiritual.

People with 25s are generally good at communicating with a wide array of people and are usually well-liked.

They have deep feelings, care greatly for mankind, and have a talent for looking into people’s souls.

Negatively speaking, 25s can be too caught up in their thoughts and analyses to recognize that their hearts require attention as well.

These people may need to work harder to maintain their humanity and sensitivity to others, as they can seem cynical and unemotional at times.

They may also need to learn how to trust others. These strong-willed individuals should use their desire for material gains to commit to charitable and philanthropic ends.

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The number 25 is one that desires wisdom above all else, particularly through knowing the self.

For those with the number 25 in their numerology charts (particularly the birth day number), are people who require time alone to analyze their thoughts (and their emotions).

These people should use their intellect and access to ancient wisdom to help others acquire better understandings of the world around them.

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