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Personal Year 8 Numerology Meaning

Your personal year number is a reconciliation of your life path number, which is derived from your birth date, and the personal year number for any given year.

In this way, your personal year number shows how the universal or cosmic energies of creation, embodied in the Universal Year Number, has combined with your life path number to produce a map or snapshot of what you can expect from the upcoming year.

If our universe is primarily made from energy and information, as Deepak Chopra has said, then logic would dictate that the numbers that appear in our experience would do much more than just designate a quantity.

Numbers in fact carry meanings that are completely independent of their function as quantities. In Numerology this is known as a number’s vibrational essence.

The years of our lives carry the vibrational essence of a variety of numbers. The most significant number, according to numerologists, is your birth date.

This number, as well as the number of your name (see soul urge numbers), is a veritable treasure trove of information about your inner being, or soul, and why you took form in this world.

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The 9 Year Cycle

In a personal year 8 you are almost at the end of the 9 year cycle. The personal years, as we experience them, are cyclic rather than linear. The cycle of personal years puts us in tune with a larger perspective in our lives.

Usually, we view our lives from the perspective of developmental psychology, as a linear series of milestones that should have been reached by such-and-such a time.

This view of life, depth psychologist James Hillman tells us, in his book on developmental psychology titled The Soul’s Code, is like an actuarial account of life, written always in the future perfect tense.

We end up viewing life as a list of accomplishments that ‘will have been completed’ by such and such a time.

Following the repeating cycle of personal years, we can see life from a larger perspective with personal and cosmic influences shaping our experiences that do not necessarily fit any presumed pattern of milestones or preferred outcomes.

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Calculating Your Personal Year

The first step to calculating your personal year is to calculate the Universal Year number.

We derive the Universal Year number reducing the numbers of the year that we are currently living in:

2020 = 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 4

Then you take the month and day of your birth and reduce it to a root number. For instance, if you were to reduce April 1 to a root number you would get 5.

Now you add this number to the Universal Year Number and you get your Personal Year Number:

5 + 4 = 9

In 2020, a person born on April 1 would have a personal year number of 9.

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What to Expect in Personal Year Number 8

The 8 year is known as a harvest year because this is the year when you are going to experience the material fruits of whatever you have sown in the recent past.

8 Years are great years for anything involving business, wealth and material expansion.

The number 8 in Numerology is associated with power. In an 8 year you have power over the material outcomes in your life.

8 years give the power to firmly establish your planned business expansion, partnerships or even settle legal disputes in your favor.

Symbolic Meaning of an 8 Year

The number 8 is all about balance. In the traditional Tarot, the 8th card of the Major Arcana is the Justice card. Lady Justice holds her scales in one hand and a sword in the other.

This represents the necessity of balance and the pain of being in a state of imbalance.

The main imbalance that you may suffer in an 8 year would be over-attachment to material outcomes.

The Justice card urges us to keep a balanced view of our material acquisitions.

This card is a reminder that it is easy to get caught up in our materialistic desires. The sword

Justice holds up reminds us of the broader spiritual perspective that we became aware of the year before when it was a 7 year.

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Romance in an 8 Year

We have already noted the career opportunities that you will enjoy in an 8 year, as well as the material gains that you are likely to experience.

The gains that you experience in your material life will likely translate directly to increased confidence and self-assuredness.

This is why 8 years are highly favored in terms of romantic possibilities.

Though the possibilities may seem endless, and you are likely to be governed by a ‘I want what I want’ mindset in an 8 year, which may not be ideal.

Again, it is vitally important to remember that 8 years require balance and discretion.

If we were to sum up an 8 year in a single aphorism, it would be something like: sometimes getting everything you want is not as important as wanting everything you have.

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