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What is the Meaning of the Queen of Cups Tarot Card?

Gazing upon the sea from her stone throne is the Queen of Cups in all her serene glory.

In her hand she holds a single golden chalice with an ornate covering.

This card is the only one in the Cups suit where the chalice is closed off, making it particularly unique.

Where other cards of this suit represent the free flow of emotions or choices, the Queen’s cup is concealing them.

This is because she represents holding onto our emotions.

The Queen of Cups represents traits generally associated with femininity: love, nurturing, and emotional bonding.

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The cup is closed because these are the traits that are retained, rather than letting them escape into the universe.

Sometimes she is the literal representation of someone in your life. Other times she represents your emotional state.

queen-of-cups-tarotThe Upright Queen of Cups Meaning

The position the Queen of Cups occupies is important in interpreting what it is she’s trying to tell you.

Pay attention to where she appears, and to the cards that surround her in order to determine if she is representing a moment or person in your life.

In the past position, the Queen of Cups means that any issues you’re having in the present cannot be blamed on events from the past.

Since this card is so full of positivity and love, it is serving as a reminder that life isn’t all gloom and doom.

Remember the good times, and do not allow yourself to become jaded just because things aren’t perfect now.

The Queen of Cups in your present position is urging you to be more in touch with your emotions.

This is not uncommon to appear to someone who is denying their feelings towards a potential romantic partner.

Regardless of what it is that’s holding you back from being forthright, it’s crucial that you confront your feelings before making any major decisions.

Finding the Queen of Cups in your future position means that you’re in a good place to take risks in all aspects of your life.

Despite what may be going on in the present, the outcome is incredibly positive. Don’t be afraid to take chances.

Work and the Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups serves as a reminder that you pursued your career for a reason.

She challenges you to find the passion you once had for your line of work. Sometimes this card represents an actual person.

This can be someone you work with or someone in your field that inspires you.

It’s a good idea to mimic this person, especially if you’re after a lifestyle similar to their own.

If you are searching for work, the Queen of Cups insists you follow your heart and look for a position that will bring joy to your life.

While paying the bills is important, setting off on a career that will bring positivity to your life and provide you with lasting happiness is important too.

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Love and the Queen of Cups

When it comes to your love life, the Queen of Cups is a good sign.

If you’re single, this is a good time to go out and mingle, though it is imperative that you don’t get so caught up in dating that you ignore other aspects of your life.

Love will come to you, just be honest about what you’re looking for.

The Queen of Cups and Finances

You can expect good news when the Queen of Cups appears in your financial spread.

If you’re having financial troubles, this is a sign that all is not hopeless.

Now is a good time to ask for help, should you need it. As long as you’re working on improving your situation, you can expect very positive results.

Meaning of the Queen of Cups in Health

The Queen of Cups brings positivity to a health-related spread.

If you’ve been ill, she is telling you to show your body more love.

A dietary change or a new exercise routine, in addition to the doctor’s orders, may be just what you need to get well.

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The Queen of Cups in Reversed Position

When the Queen of Cups appears to you in the reverse, it means that you are currently experiencing a lack of control over your emotions.

It’s important that you get to the root of whatever is making you unhappy and work on correcting it.

The reversed Queen of Cups is also warning you to hold your tongue, as conflict can easily arise at this time, and to make sure that you’re not exhausting yourself physically or emotionally.

Queen of Cups Combinations

The Queen of Cups paired with the Ace of Wands means that a hobby could turn into a lucrative business venture.

It’s worth exploring, especially if you’re unhappy with the job you currently have.

The High Priestess and the Queen of Cups makes for an attractive combination.

The High Priestess meets the Queen’s emotional intelligence with profound wisdom and understanding.

It’s the perfect blend of logic and emotion, which means you’ve reached a point where decision making is easy, and advancement in all aspects of your life is within reach.

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