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Rhodonite Crystal Meaning and Uses

Rhodonite is a beautiful rose-colored stone that resonates with the energy of pure love. It is a wonderful stone for emotional healing and balance.

What is Rhodonite?

Rhodonite is distinguished by its rose-pink color. This is a very appropriate hue for a crystal that vibrates with energies of love and emotional healing.

The stone is a member of the Pyroxenoid mineral family. It has been designated by Massachusetts as the state’s official gemstone.

Examples of Rhodonite were first uncovered during the 1790’s in present-day Russia. The stone was originally mined from the Ural mountains.

The locals nicknamed this crystal the “eagle stone” because the majestic birds were known to hoard pieces of the mineral in their nests. This prompted individuals to place Rhodonite in the cradles of newborns for protection and strength.

Russia officially adopted this native treasure as the country’s gemstone in 1913, and the Czars of the country were known to possess it in great quantities.

The stone is now mined on many continents. It’s name is Greek in origin and translates to “rose” in English.

Rhodonite Meaning

RhodoniteRhodonite’s name gives a hint to its meaning. As roses often symbolize romantic love and strong relationships, the stone represents the same.

In its natural state this stone can have many jagged facets. It reminds one that true love is often thorny like the rose, and relationships must be nurtured and tended in order for feelings to deepen.

The stone reminds one to simplify the expression of love. It represents an open heart chakra where love and compassion are allowed to energize the rest of the body.

Rhodonite means loving others unselfishly. It represents using one’s gifts to elevate and better the world.

Rhodonite Properties

The energy of Rhodonite is closely connected to the heart chakra. Its energy field can be quite strong.

Love and compassion are the two primary properties of the crystal. It also has a healing aspect which is exceptional at bringing the emotions into balance.

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Rhodonite is a relationship stone. It helps to smooth over conflicts between friends and lovers, and it can also strengthen family bonds.

The energy vibration of the stone is essentially altruistic. It will encourage the elimination of selfishness in those who work with it on a regular basis.

Rhodonite Healing Properties

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Many consider this stone to be an important part of a first-aid kit for energy healers. It works best on emotional ailments, but certain physical problems may also be treated with Rhodonite.

The hardness of the stone makes it a good choice for healing amulets that can be worn about the neck. Many people also like to carry the crystal in a pocket where it can function as a worry stone.

The best manner of working with the stone for healing may simply be to hold it for short periods of time. It can restore the energy and vitality of the body.

Physical Healing

Rhodonite has the ability to eliminate physical fatigue. It can also be used to cleanse the glands and lymphatic system.

The crystal brings relief to those who suffer from stomach ulcers. It generally reduces stress, and can also be placed beneath the pillow to prevent insomnia.

Those who suffer from neurological ailments such as Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis may find that the stone helps to reduce tremors and muscle cramps.

Emotional Healing

Rhodonite is best used to soothe old hurts and emotional scars. It can prompt the opening of the heart chakra which increases the capacity for forgiveness.

Those who suffer from self-destructive behaviors can benefit from the stone’s healing properties. It also helps to relieve depression while increasing self-confidence.

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Young people who suffer the stings of bullying may use the stone to relieve hurts and prevent emotional scars.

Spiritual Healing

There is a sense of balance that comes from working with Rhodonite. It helps one to find a comfortable medium between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The crystal also makes evident examples of practical spirituality. It will help one to find ways to physically express spiritual attitudes and beliefs.

Rhodonite Uses

This stone should be carried or worn by anyone that is seeking to relieve stress. It brings peace of mind to the mental and emotional states of being.

Rhodonite can also be worn to attract a suitable romantic companion. It seeks out partners who vibrate on a compatible energy level.

Many have noted that wearing the crystal improves both hearing and vision. It can also help one speak more effectively, and it can remove the fear of addressing groups of people.

This crystal replaces lust with genuine romantic love. It will also remove feelings of jealously and distrust.

Couples should consider matching pieces of jewelry that contain the stone. These settings will deepen the bonds of love and promote fidelity.

Rhodonite Meditation

It is best to use Rhodonite in meditations that are focused on opening the heart chakra. It can be held during meditation to create feelings of love and compassion.

The stone helps one to feel grounded and centered while meditating, and it can also produce a deep sense of calm.

Mantras often become more effective when the stone is held. Rhodonite is perfect for alignment with the universal energy current.

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Rhodonite Birthstone

This crystal has not been designated as a traditional birthstone. It may serve as a natural birthstone for those born between September 23 and October 21.

Examples of the stone that are redder in color will work best for individuals who are born during the early autumn months.

Rhodonite Zodiac Sign

Rhodonite is not specifically attuned to any sign of the zodiac. It has been noted, however, that those born under the sign of Scorpio may be more attracted to the properties of the stone.

Rhodonite Chakra

This stone is specifically linked to the heart chakra which is located near the center of the chest. The heart chakra is the seat of divine love and compassion.

An open heart chakra helps one more easily relate to others. It helps one to become more charitable and kind.

This chakra is reflective of our genuine desires. The soul’s true purpose becomes clearer when the heart chakra is in balance.

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