Sagittarius Man in Bed (Sagittarius Man Sexuality)

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Are you interested in Sagittarius Man Sexuality? Then this guide is for you!

The Sagittarius man has the power to make any girl he loves feel alive. His good cheer, wit, and charm are infectious.

Once you meet him, you get the impression that you are the most important person in his life. However, the truth is that he is attracted to most of the girls that cross his path.

Just look at his eyes closely when he’s with you. You’ll notice that his eyes seem to wander whenever a beauty passes by.

All the same, this is not to mean that this guy is a player. It emphasizes the fact that the Sag male appreciates beauty when he sees it.

That’s how he recognized you in the first place.

To contain him, unleash all your charm and attention to him. He will notice this, and he’ll pay closer attention to you.

Get in touch with him in every way you can think of. Call him, text him, and get in touch on social media. Send him chocolates and other suggestive gifts.

The Sagittarius man appreciates this kind of attention.

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How to Create Sexual Interest in Sagittarius Man

Now that you have his interest, you need to arouse his sexual curiosity. After all, you seek him to see what he can offer between the sheets.

You also need to know whether this is a guy you should consider having a long-term relationship with.

Well, to get him interested in you, you need to understand what he looks for in a girl. You’d want to be the girl of his dreams and to present yourself as such.

The very first thing he’ll want to know is how honest you are. There’s nothing that puts this man off like a fake attitude.

Don’t present yourself for who you are not. This calls for a heightened sense of self-awareness on your part.

Get in touch with your strengths and flaws. Accentuate your strengths and work on your shortcomings.

Don’t be deluded into fooling him. If you love yourself enough, you won’t have any problem being truthful with him.

The Sag man is socially active. He’d want a girl who’s willing to support him in his endeavors.

He believes that if you can match his energy in the social scene, you are up to doing great things in the bedroom.

If this man pays you some attention, he has noticed your feminine beauty. This is an asset you would like to employ time and again in this relationship.

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What are the Sexual Traits of Sagittarius Man?

If the Sag man can’t be with you, he’ll make do with the girl that seems interested in him. That’s how flexible this guy gets.

In the animal kingdom, he is best compared to the busy bee. He goes where the nectar flows sweetest.

But, this does not mean that he can’t think otherwise. He just needs the right motivation. You can make him a deal that he can’t refuse.

When he comes humming into your life, be confident. For starters, you should know that he is highly interested in you.

That’s why he’s found himself with you in the first place. But, instead of making this one of his many stops, you can make him camp in your life permanently.

Or, at least, for as long as you want him around.

Ensure that you satisfy his strong sexual drive. He will want to examine your body from all angles. Don’t release all your feminine mysteries all at once.

He should work for every reward he gets. By the time he’s half-way through, he’ll want to start all over again.

Sustain this cycle, and this man will always find solace in your bosom. He will come to appreciate you beyond the sexual experience.

He will start asking you out for long walks to admire the flowers and nature. This is an indicator that this relationship is headed for something more serious.

At this point, it’s upon you to determine the direction it takes.

Best Ways to Seduce the Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man is intrigued when he gets the promise of action in the bedroom. If you want this man for yourself, heighten this anticipation in him.

This means that you should act a bit hard to get. Don’t allow him to get what he wants that easily. Tag him along for some time.

In the meantime, use your body musk to entice him even further. Awaken his sex drive. Let him think of no other girl but you.

Act like you can change your mind about him at any time. His interest, curiosity, and competitive nature will definitely be piqued.

This is the incentive he needs to stick by your side. His eyes may wander, but he won’t leave you.

When you finally get him into bed, remember to play your role effectively. You have a great responsibility to create the fireworks here.

You need to put some effort so that both of you can have a good time. Engage in what he likes. Similarly, guide him to receive the satisfaction you desire.

If you want to know what a Sagittarius man really wants, it’s worth reading the comprehensive Sagittarius Man Secrets guide.


Secrets of Sagittarius Man in Bed

The Archer is the symbol of the Sagittarius zodiac sign. This man aims for his goals. He is accurate, although once in a while he misses the mark.

This is something that you can remedy by encouraging and supporting him.

He is great in bed. However, at times, the pleasure is too short. The woman is left shorthanded.

You wouldn’t want this to happen to you. Both of you need to prepare adequately before you get between the sheets. Quality foreplay is important here.

Be optimistic. With this man, there are lots of possibilities.

Additionally, the Sagittarius man is a romantic idealist. He wants to find the perfect partner and make her the only one.

Where there is a will, there’s away. Take advantage of this to give this lover the opportunities he seeks.

The good thing is that he finds sex exciting. He’s never bored when he has an active girl in the bedroom.

If you are this girl, count yourself lucky.

He’ll want to try new positions. You can confidently tell him your preferences. This is the right time to move things from quantity to quality.

Combine both your skills to create the most wonderful experiences.


The Sagittarius man does not take well to rejection. As such, he’d rather choose a flirty partner over one with a more serious demeanor.

He is keen to follow wherever his heart takes him. He is comfortable with a woman that can openly discuss issues with him.

He is particularly interested in discussing sexual topics. He likes doing sex, although he doesn’t take it as something extraordinary.

He will be devoted to you if you can show some loyalty and a sense of commitment.

He thinks of you like a delicate flower that needs his protection. Flaunt your feminine qualities. He will salivate after you.

At other times, act like the damsel in distress. He will go to great lengths to rescue you. In this way, you ensure that all his attention is glued to you.

In this situation, it’s fairly easy to influence him on bedroom matters.

If you want to know what a Sagittarius man really wants, it’s worth reading the comprehensive Sagittarius Man Secrets guide.

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