Signs a Gemini Man Likes You

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It’s practically impossible not to notice it when your Gemini man likes you. By nature, the Gemini are fun-loving people. They are quite spontaneous and are not inclined to being pretentious.

The Gemini man has a child-like curiosity. When he likes you, he’ll want to explore your world. He will want to share his everyday experiences with you.

You’ll discover that your Gemini friend has a wide array of interests. You’ll be fascinated by the interest he’ll show in your own life.

Once you discover that your Gemini man likes you, you’ll be able to respond appropriately. This will provide your man with the encouragement he needs to shower to you with his unbridled love.

Here are the key signs you should look out for…

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Creates Time to be With You

Does your Gemini man have a busy schedule? Trust me; this will not deter him from being with you.

He bends all the rules to make sure to make sure that he’s with you. True to their nature, the Gemini people are busy.

Employed or not, they find it hard to account for the passing hours. For them, time flies fast.

So, don’t take it for granted when your dude finds time to be with you, whenever you want him. It means that you have a special meaning in his life.

If he responds to your calls or text messages, know that the guy is into you, big time.

He’s Animated Around You

The Gemini man is naturally a good communicator. But when he’s into you, he takes his communication skills a notch higher.

He becomes an animated conversationalist when he’s around you. You’ll notice that he’s more expressive. He’ll use gestures and facial expressions quite generously, just to make sure that he rouses your interest.

From his choice of words, you’ll be able to tell that he enjoys your company immensely. He’s not mean with compliments. He takes every opportunity to praise you for this or the other thing.

When all these happen, don’t waste time. Play the right cards.

He’s Romantic

The Gemini man is kind of a flamboyant character when he falls in love. He’ll flirt with you unashamedly.

He’ll say the right words to you, at the right time. You’ll notice that he has a fresh approach to romance. Don’t take his extra sweetness for granted.

When you notice that he’s doting on you, that’s the sign you need. If he compliments your appearance at every turn, there’s your cue.

A Gemini man in love will show you with sweet words, hugs, and kisses. He’ll go out of his way to bring you fresh flowers. In all likelihood, he’ll have picked these flowers himself.

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He Sticks by Your Side

The Gemini man follows you wherever you go if he’s into you. All he needs is to know your plans.

He’ll adapt his plans to ensure that they are as closely aligned to yours as possible.

So, be on the lookout for those times he accidentally runs into you. The truth is that they are not so accidental.

If anything, they are well laid down plans to ensure that the two of you hook up as often as possible.

The Gemini man is a social butterfly. He knows all the right places that you and your friends can have a good time.

He’ll try to get you addicted to such places so that he can always create the perfect opportunity to hook up with you.

He’s Inquisitive About Your Life

The Gemini man is very choosy when it comes to love partners. He does not just fall for you because you happen to be in his vicinity.

He’ll want to know your likes and dislikes before he makes his decisive move. He’ll inquire about your hobbies, interests, and plans.

When your dude starts bombarding you with questions about your personal life, he has strong feelings for you.

This is more so when you discover that he actually remembers all the answers to his questions.

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He’s Generous With Gifts

The Gemini man in love will not spare any expense to make you happy. He’ll engage his creative mind to come up with all kinds of gifts.

He’ll channel his feelings for you into thoughtful gifts. Remember, the Gemini is an Air sign. All Air signs are known for their inventiveness.

The good thing is that his gifts are tailored to meet your needs.

For example, if you are into music, this man will download the music of all your favorite artists and present them as a gift.

The Gemini man gets his satisfaction by designing things with his hands. He’ll want to use his creativity to woo you; to impress you.

Don’t let his efforts be in vain. Seize the opportunity to advance your love life with this man.

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He Wants to Teach You

People born under the Gemini zodiac are quite brilliant. They have a high level of mental acuity. This is why you will find many of them in academia or in the arts.

Now, when you see your Gemini man trying to impart you with some new information, you need to realize that he’s not doing it just for the sake of doing it.

A Gemini man who likes you will try to pass on knowledge to you on self-improvement.

He’ll want to share the knowledge he has with you. He already considers you as his future partner. As such, his desire is to empower you as much as he can.

So, when your Gemini man wants to teach you something, this is your sign. He doesn’t do this for everyone.

You must have a special place in his heart to warrant that effort.

He’ll Give You Social Exposure

The Gemini man is quite sociable. He knows are the right places where you can spend time having fun. He knows which parties are going down every weekend.

If he loves you, he’ll want to tag you along on his weekend escapades. Of course, you’ll have loads of fun, because the events he attends are never boring.

When he wants to party with you, it means that he likes you very much.

You’ll notice that he doesn’t invite everyone to the parties – at least not women. So, it means a lot that he appreciates your company in such events.

And, you should be ready to be introduced to all his male buddies. He’ll not want to keep you in a closet. If given the chance, he’ll shout from the rooftops about his newfound love.

What other sign could be more obvious?

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Mental Compliments

The compliments from a Gemini man are unique. They are not your every day, run of the mill kind of compliments.

The Gemini man will compliment you on your ideas and intelligence if he likes you. He’ll talk about your good advice, reasonable opinion, and positive attitude.

If he talks about your alluring eyes, well-formed lips, awesome dress, you’ve got yourself a man.

But, most of all, he’ll talk about your mental prowess and good communication skills.

You’ll appreciate the fact that all his compliments are sincere and warm.

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By nature, this native is naturally communicative and charming. As such, you need to lookout for when these traits hold a special meaning for you.

The above indicators point in one direction. When you spot them in him, it means that he’s more interested in you than he is in other girls.

Go ahead and embrace his personality. You’ll find it rather warm and affectionate.

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