Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

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Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

When a Cancer man falls in love, he does so with an unbridled heart. He will want to share with you his soul, heart, mind, and body.

In fact, you won’t have any challenges reading his thoughts and feelings. He wears them on his sleeve.

Instinctively, the Cancer man wants to express the love he feels for you. At the same time, he will be very appreciative if you can reciprocate his love.

Cancerians are dreamers and poets. When they are in love, these traits become so prominent that they can’t hide them – even if they wanted to. Your man will smother you with poetic lines.

He’ll make you appreciate the beauty of everything that you encounter in his company.

You want to know how the Cancer man will love you? Look at how a mother takes care of her young. He will want to hold you close to him, to protect you; to make you feel loved.

Sadly, some ladies do not recognize these signs. They do things that are likely to push the Cancer man away.

This article will help you recognize these signs so that you can respond appropriately when you see them.

You will appreciate the love, peace, and calm that the Cancer man brings into your life.

Here are the telltale signs you should look for…

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He’s Open with His Feelings

The Cancer man in love will not shy off sharing his feelings with you. This sign wants to leave no doubt in your mind that he loves you.

When you see a Cancerian sharing his romantic emotions with you, be in no doubt about his intentions. The dude is smitten, period!

As a Water sign, a Cancer man is very protective. He’ll want you to feel very secure in his presence.

According to astrological charts, Water signs are associated with deep feelings, emotional depth, and romance.

The Water signs are Scorpio, Pisces, and CANCER.

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He Acts Jealous Around You

Do you sense a level of jealousy? Does he act a bit possessive of you? Well, girl, it’s not your imagination!

The Cancer man feels vulnerable whenever he sees another man flirt with you. When he loves you, he considers you his and his only. You are his property, and he won’t share!

Observe his body language. If you see some behavior that deviates towards jealousy, that man is yours for the taking.

How do you know he’s jealous? He’ll be uncomfortable, rude or sarcastic when you interact with men he considers his completion.

He Wants to Stick By Your Side

Once he’s sure that, you feel the same way for him, he’ll never substitute you for anyone else. His best buddies take a back seat; he’ll be willing to drop his hobbies for you.

His greatest desire is to share his hopes, thoughts and dreams with you. He is willing to explore all possibilities with you and earnestly hopes that you do the same.

He doesn’t feel shy sharing his most intimate, personal stuff with you. He wants to stay close to you, discarding everything else to make you feel treasured.

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Dresses to Impress You

The Cancer man will want you to notice them. They want to impress you with their outfit, their new cologne, and their new hairstyle.

He’ll be at the gym longer to create a physique you’ll want to look at.

Has your man taken up a new hobby that brings him into your sights? He wants you to notice him because he’s madly in love with you!

He’s a Passionate Lover

If the Cancer man loves you, he’ll be a patient, attentive lover. He’s considerate too.

He wants to fulfill your needs before his. He doesn’t do anything that will inconvenience you or cause you any embarrassment.

For example, don’t expect him to call you at 2 am for a booty call.

Instead, he’ll shower you with gifts, take you to dinner, and generally make you feel cherished. His desire is to make you his partner, and not his prey.

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Appreciates Public Displays of Affection

In his primal state, the Cancer man is shy. But, once he falls in love, he lets his guard down around his beloved.

One telltale sign is that he won’t be afraid of public displays of affection. In fact, he desires a sensual and physical relationship with you.

Although he will kiss and cuddle with passion in private, he may have trouble expressing these fully in public. However, he won’t be afraid to hug you and hold hands with you.

When you see him do this in front of his family and friends, you don’t even need to ask. The guy is already into you.

It’s up to you to make the right to make the right moves. Reciprocate accordingly.

Works to make You Smile

By their very nature, Cancerians are prone to be broody and moody. But, this seems to dissipate, somewhat, when they fall in love.

You are going to experience some mood swings from him. However, he spends most of the time trying to get you to smile.

When you see him act goofy, working hard to see you smile, he loves you.

When he likes you, his biggest desire is to make you happy.

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He’s Loyal to a Fault

When the Cancer man likes you, he’s all in. He doesn’t take half measure. He offers and expects total loyalty.

He’ll work hard to make you comfortable and happy. He goes out of his way to demonstrate his loyalty because he desires the same from you.

Ask him to do anything for you, and he doesn’t hesitate. He wants to earn your trust and to keep it.

Do you need to be rescued from any kind of situation? Do you need to share your fears, hopes, and aspirations with a man you can trust?

Ask the Cancer man. If he bails you out without as much as breaking a sweat, he likes you. Seize that chance!

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By nature, Cancerians love animals. In fact, they are more likely to be animal whisperers than the other zodiacs are.

If they have a pet, they get along splendidly well.

If he falls in love with you, there’s no hiding it. He is willing to invest in your emotional security and happiness.

Don’t push this away; you are unlikely to get it from any other zodiac sign. Allow him to charm you, to take you high when they are high.

Of course, every man has his unique side. But, the above telltale signs run across most of the Cancer men you’ll encounter in your life.

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