Soul Urge Number 7

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Soul Urge Number 7

In Numerology, it is thought that the numbers that appear in our lives provide us with useful clues about our secret life purpose.

The soul urge number is associated with our deepest inner lives and can help us decipher our innermost desires which often act as secret directives, guiding our conduct in secret ways that may not be clear until years later.

By learning more about your soul urge number, you can become privy to your soul’s hidden desires that may be influencing your life in ways that you may not fully understand.

Your soul urge number can teach you a lot about the purpose, meaning and special calling operating in your life.

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Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

Traditionally, a particular soul urge number is given to people born on specific days of each month.

In the case of soul urge number 7, it is assigned to you if you were born on the 7th, 16th or 25th of any month.

It is also possible for a numerologist to determine your soul urge number by consulting a table of letters and calculating it by assigning values to the vowels in your full name and adding these values together.

It is important to remember, when calculating the soul urge number in this way, to use the full birth name and not a shortened form of the name or a nickname.

Whether you decide to calculate your soul urge number from your birth name, or you use your date of birth, your soul urge number will still be associated with your birth into material form and will therefore provide you with important information you can use to decode your life’s purpose.

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The Meaning of Number 7

The number 7 is the number of the spirit. It is the combination of the numbers 3 and 4 which are the numbers of creativity and perfection.

Bringing together 3 and 4 also indicates a coming together or heaven and earth, as the 3‘s highly creative energy tends to soar to the heavens, while the stable energy of 4 is firmly grounded on the earth.

There are seven colors of the rainbow, the seven chakras of our internal energy system, the seven days of the week and the seven notes of the diatonic scale.

The number 7 has been called an archetypal number and is often considered to be a ‘lucky number.’ 7 is also considered the number of perfection, safety and rest.

When you have the number 7 in your numerological chart, you are sure to have tendencies that are both wildly creative and securely grounded.

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The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 7

Caroline Myss, in her book The Anatomy of Spirit, reveals the significance of the number 7 as it relates to the anatomy of your internal energy centers called chakras.

The seven chakras form your internal spiritual anatomy and reveal what Myss calls your ‘seven sacred truths.’ The fact that there are seven chakras, Myss says, is no coincidence.

As you make your way up the seven energy centers you learn all of the lessons that are vitally important to making progress on the spiritual path to illumination.

The 7th chakra, called Sahasrara in Kundalini Yoga, corresponds with the highest level of spiritual manifestation in the Qabalah, the Sefirot of Keter.

When you soul urge number is 7 you have come here to learn the highest of all spiritual lessons, which may be problematic if you are not aligned with your soul’s purpose.

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What Does Soul Urge Number 7 Say About You?

  • You are likely to be deeply religious or spiritual – A soul urge number of 7 indicates that you are here on a spiritual quest. You are both intellectually energetic and highly cynical, which will put you constantly at odds with your spiritual calling.
  • You have an active, creative and somewhat restless mind – People with a soul urge number of 7 are often poets, philosophers, thinkers and artists who are simultaneously intuitive and analytical.
  • You are likely to be sensitive and emotional – Your highly spiritual and restless nature may make you difficult to be around for some people as it seems that you can never relax. Pursue your spiritual aspirations and you will find the peace you are looking for.
  • You may have difficulty maintaining romantic relationships – Your soul wants you to focus on spiritual things, while your partner wants you to focus on them. With a soul urge number of 7 your spiritual pursuits are likely to win out.

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Understanding Your Deeper Purpose Using Your Soul Urge Number

Those of us with a soul urge number of 7 may seem highly sensitive and anxious, restless and unable to relax. This is because you have manifested into form to achieve the highest spiritual states attainable.

The 7th card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot is The Chariot card which is the card of triumph.

This is usually associated with material and professional achievement, but if your larger purpose is spiritual in nature, then your triumphs may occur in your spiritual life.

When the Chariot occurs in a tarot reading, it is often a sign that the questioner needs to focus on what is really important. In this case it would be spiritual matters like practice and study.

The soul urge number of 7 may indicate that you may have failed to realize the importance of spirit in a previous life and you are here to accept the truth that the world is much more than your sensory perceptions.

Having been focused on the physical and economic aspects of life, your soul may have emerged into this existence focused on spiritual pursuits to the exclusion of all else.

Having a highly analytical mind, you will find yourself going through life seeing the fallacy of a purely materialistic world with increasing clarity.

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