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Heart’s Desire: Soul Urge Number 6

Your soul urge number can provide you with many useful insights that can help you understand the meaning and purpose of your life.

In Numerology, it is believed that the numbers that appear in our lives at all levels of our experience can provide us with clues about our life purpose.

The soul urge number is associated with our inner lives and expresses our innermost desires. These desires often act as hidden directives, guiding our conduct in ways that we may wonder about later.

By learning more about your soul urge number, you can decipher the secret, hidden desires that may be undermining your efforts, or discover the reasons why you share certain inexplicable affinities for things that you may not understand.

Your soul urge number can teach you a lot about purposes, meanings and callings operative in your life.

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Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

Traditionally, the soul urge number has been attributed to people born on specific days of each month. In the case of soul urge number 6, it is assigned to anyone born on the 6th, 15th or 24th of any month.

However many numerologists also consult a table of letters and calculate your soul urge number by assigning values to the vowels in your full name and then adding them together.

When calculating a soul urge number in this way, you need to consult a Numerology letter table and apply it to the person’s birth name.

It is important to remember to use the full birth name and not a common name or nickname.

Whether you calculate your soul urge number from your name or your date of birth, it is still associated with your origins and can provide you with vital information you can use to decode your life’s purpose.

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The Meaning of Number 6

The number 6 stands for harmony, balance and order. It is the first perfect number, meaning that it is the sum of all of the numbers by which it is divisible, which are 1, 2 and 3:

1 + 2 + 3 = 6 and 1 X 2 X 3 = 6

Of all of the single numbers, the number 6 is considered to be the most harmonious and balanced. When you are aligned with the energy of the number six it means that you are compassionate, caring and protective of others.

This can manifest itself throughout your life as your personal style in your career, family and romantic relationships.

Generally, those who have a six energy in their charts will find themselves in a position to help others.

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The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 6

Your soul urge number is related to your innermost secret wishes and desires. These are the desires that we often do not even realize we have.

When you have a 6 as your soul urge number it will inform everything you do with a certain sense of elegance and grace, an artistic sensibility that is neither selfish nor presumptuous.

If you are generous and constantly giving your time and energy to helping others, then you are living in alignment with your soul’s deepest urges.

The soul urge number 6 is associated with The Lovers card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot. This energy is associated with the sign of Gemini in Astrology and often refers to a choice that needs to be made.

The Lovers card depicts Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, before they have chosen to take a bite of Adam’s apple. With the soul urge number of 6 in your chart, you may very well find yourself having to make an important choice.

Remember, being caring, generous and protective of others is your soul’s main desire, so make your decision based on those feelings and you will be in alignment with your soul’s larger purpose.

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What Does Soul Urge Number 6 Say About You?

  • You are best suited to the healing professions – The healing professions are not necessarily medical, however. Your calling may be to act as a mediator in disputes, a counselor or a social activist.
  • You are an excellent romantic partner – Your 6 energy means that you are likely to be physically attractive and have no trouble finding romantic partners. Being caring and generous, you also have little trouble keeping them.
  • You are intuitive and anticipate the needs of others – Being highly intuitive means that you have empathy for others and can easily put yourself in their position. This is what makes it so easy for you to access feelings of care and compassion for others.
  • You are a source of advice and healing for your friends and family – You are probably getting calls all of the time from friends and family for advice about various situations in their lives. This may occur at work or wherever you are socially engaged.
  • You are creative and may be actively involved in the arts, including the theater, music and the occult.

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Understanding Your Deeper Purpose Using Your Soul Urge Number

Of all of the soul urge numbers, number 6 is the one that is most associated with karmic lessons arising from a previous life.

Having the number 6 as your soul urge number could indicate that in a former life you failed to meet your responsibilities as a care giver or spouse.

This could manifest in this life as a compulsive need to care for others physically and emotionally.

This is why you are able to anticipate the needs of others with such accuracy and why you are willing to make material sacrifices involving your time and finances to come to the aid of others.

As noted earlier, your energy is associated with Gemini in Astrology and The Lovers in the Tarot, which indicates that you may find yourself at many crossroads in life.

As long as you always choose the path that is most generous, kind and compassionate you will be aligned with your greater purpose.

As motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer said, “When you have a choice between being kind and being right, always choose being kind.” This is especially true for those of us with a soul urge number of 6.

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