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Are you interested in the Soul Urge Number 3 Meaning? Then this guide is for you.

A soul urge number is one of the essential numbers that numerologists calculate when they draw up a client’s numerological chart.

Like other essential numbers, your soul urge number is derived from the specific circumstances surrounding your physical birth.

Just like Astrology and other esoteric systems, birth takes on special significance because it is believed that the circumstances of your birth can be decoded to reveal your soul’s essential purpose when taking form.

In Numerology it has been discovered that the circumstances of your birth, including the date and time, and even your name, are chosen by your soul to serve as a code that can be used to better understand how you can best navigate your life.

Your soul urge number is one of the most important keys to understanding the circumstances of your origin and your life purpose going forward.

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Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

Traditionally, the soul urge number is assigned to people born on certain days of each month.

To receive a soul urge number of 3, you would have to have been born on the 3rd, 13th, 21st or 20th of any month. However, many numerologists use a table of letters to calculate your soul urge number by adding up the vowels in your full name.

When calculating your soul urge number in this way, always use your birth name and not a common name or a nickname.

This is because a birth name is the name that your soul chose for you as you were born from source energy into material form.

Whether you calculate your soul urge number from your name, or derive it from your date of birth, it can still provide you with essential numerical data that you can use to discover the overriding desire that is shaping your life.

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The Meaning of Number 3

The number 3 is mysterious and mystical, associated with the Trinity in Christianity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If you think of assertive 1 as the father, and passive and introverted 2 as the mother, then you may think of the number 3 as the two of them combined, which it literally is.

The energy of 3 is that of the creative genius, but a different kind of creativity than a 1, because it is balanced by the energy of duality expressed in number 2. The number 3 is also the number of series.

Three strikes and you are out in baseball; when you knock on a door you almost involuntarily knock three times; and when you try to prove a point, you always supply at least 3 reasons or examples in your argument.

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The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 3

When your soul urge number is 3 it means that your innermost guiding principle is creativity over anything else.

You are likely to manifest creative talents that are not only impressive, but likely to be legendary in your social circle or community.

When you are aligned with the energy of the number 3 you radiate joy and creativity, balance and purpose.

You have reconciled the duality or assertive 1 symbolized by the Magician in the Tarot, and reconciled it to the energy of the number 2 symbolized by the emotional and sensitive High Priestess, emerging at the third station of the Major Arcanum known as The Empress.

water-stones-balanceFinally, the number 3 is not an expression of either/or, but rather a both-and-more. The Empress is often believed to represent a future pregnancy.

People with the energy of 3 in their chart are often happily married and have numerous children.

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What Does Soul Urge Number 3 Say About You?

  • You are artistic and unusually creative – It is likely that you are a talented artist, writer, musician or entertainer. For you, artistic expression comes incredibly easily. Others struggle for hours and hours mastering things that come naturally to you. You are truly blessed.
  • You can’t stand menial work – Many creative people choose economic stability over artistic expression, but this is not the case if your soul urge number is 3. You are willing to follow your bliss anywhere it takes you.
  • You are gregarious – When your soul urge number is a 3 you are the life of the party. You are radiant and joyful and a pleasure to be around. Your gregarious character attracts followers wherever you go.
  • You are likely to be happily married or in a committed relationship – In the romantic sphere, those with a 3 in their chart attract love interests easily. Once someone has become acquainted with your bright and creative 3 energy, it is likely that they will never leave.

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Understanding Your Soul’s Calling

When your soul urge number is 3 it indicates that your creative nature is no accident. The expression of creative talent that manifests in the energy of a 3 means that your soul’s strongest desire is the full realization of your artistic gifts.

It is believed that those who have this soul urge number feel as though they have been forced onto center stage.

Perhaps in a former life you were in a position where you had talent but were too passive or fearful to realize your full creative potential.

Fulfilling buried talents or hidden directives from source are extremely common for those with an urge number of 3.

The soul urge number 3 is associated with The Empress in the Tarot and Venus in Astrology.

Not only are you gregarious and easygoing, but you are a master of social situations that may have stymied your talents in previous lives.

Like the Empress, your soul urge energy of 3 means that you are literally pregnant with a radiant future.

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