Soul Urge Number 4

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Soul Urge Number 4

The soul urge number is one of several core numbers that appear on your Numerology chart.

Your soul urge number, and the other numbers on your chart, are always derived from the specific circumstances surrounding your birth.

In this way, just like Astrology and other esoteric systems, every person’s birth takes on an increased significance.

In Numerology this is because it is believed that the numbers that have appeared in connection with your birth represent a special type of code.

The date and time of your birth and the letters of your name can provide the numerologist clues about where you have been and where your life will take you.

The soul urge number is the number that is associated with your innermost secret desires, of which you are probably not even consciously aware.

By learning your soul urge number you can learn the secret language of your soul and decipher hidden messages and meanings that your soul, the Angels, Source Energy or the Universe have left for you regarding what will make you whole and complete in this life.

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Calculating Your Soul Urge Number

There are several ways to calculate a soul urge number, the most common being to either derive it from the date of birth or calculate it from a person’s name.

To receive a soul urge number of 4, it traditionally means that you were born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st of any month.

However, many numerologists employ a table of letters to calculate your soul urge number using the vowels in your name.

When calculating your soul urge number in this way, always use your full birth name and not the name you go by around friends, which is probably a nickname.

Whether you calculate your soul urge number from your name, or your birth date, it will still provide you with the numerical data necessary to discover your life’s hidden purpose.

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The Meaning of Number 4

The vibrational essence of the number 4 represents stability, practicality and respectability.

When you are in alignment with 4 energy, you are sober and faithful, organized and disciplined.

The energy of the number 4 is often represented by the square, which is the firm and stable foundation on which the pyramids were built.

This stable energy is present in the 4 seasons of the year, 4 directions on the compass, and the 4 aspects of the self – body, mind, soul and spirit. Well ordered and stable, a 4 energy can be seen at work throughout the universe.

While number 3 is known to radiate joy and creativity, it is often a challenge for a 3 energy to bring their wild creativity into the world of tangible outcomes.

Those who are wildly creative and unpredictable often leave things unfinished. When you are aligned with a 4 energy, you do not have this problem.

In this way the number 4 represents the ability to bring things to completion.

They manage this by laying firm and solid foundations on which they build slowly and methodically.

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The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 4

When the number 4 is your soul urge number it reveals that your deepest desire is for order and material stability.

To achieve and then maintain this stability, you are willing to work hard and follow the rules.

In fact, you crave stability and order in every aspect of your life and you are willing to work hard to attain it.

You may feel called to professions where you can set things in order and make a real difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

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What Does Soul Urge Number 4 Say About You?

  • You are extremely practical and organized – You thrive in highly organized environments, particularly in hierarchical power structures like the corporate world (as long as your corporation is not cheating the little guy).
  • You are a perfectionist – You are extremely detailed oriented and want to make sure everything is just right. This is only a problem when you get hung up on trivial details. Sometimes you have to step back and take the long view of things.
  • You are successful and financially stable – Being methodical and organized puts you in favor of the higher-ups, which means promotions come regularly.
  • You can sometimes be overly conservative and even rigid – As stable as the 4 energy is, people who are under the influence of this energy can become overly conservative and rigid. This may lead to the development of a number of personality hang-ups. Your challenge is to keep your sense of humor.
  • You are a defender of the weak – Being stable and grounded, you have a keen sense of justice and can detect when an injustice has been perpetrated. In such cases, you are likely to stand up to any authority on behalf of the person you feel is being persecuted.

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Uncovering Your Soul’s Purpose

The Tarot card from the Major Arcana that corresponds to this number is The Emperor. The Emperor gets things done, is capable and effective, stable and predictable.

The Magician had the drive and ambition to be extremely successful and the Empress has the creativity and social skills to be highly successful, but the Emperor has the authority and diligence to set things right and establish a stable order.

A soul urge number of 4 may indicate that in a past life you were less thorough and always cut corners or took the easy way out in situations involving personal responsibility.

As a result, in this life your deepest inner calling may be to set things in order through hard work and a diligent application of your skills and intelligence.

The 4 energy, which is also the energy of The Emperor, means that you do not only want to set things right for yourself in your own home, but that through hard work and generosity, you want to make things right for everyone.

In this way, those with a soul urge number of 4 feel called to the helping professions like politics, medicine and social justice.

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