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Are you interested in Taurus Man Jealous Signs? Then this guide is for you!

The Taurus man is a quiet person, he rarely reveals his emotions. For this reason, you may not know when this man is jealous.

Indeed, many people think that the Taurus man is incapable of feeling such strong emotions. But, they are dead wrong.

Are Taurus Men Jealous People?

This man does get bitten by the green-eyed monster more times than most people would imagine. Actually, those who know him well understand that he is prone to possessiveness and jealousy.

Is jealousy a good thing for this man? Far from it! It makes him feel inadequate, insecure, and incapable of maintaining a steady relationship.

Anything that interferes with the Taurus man’s stability and security is a threat to his very existence. It is likely to turn your life upside down in ways that he’d not be able to recover from for a long time.

Some experts contend that the Taurus man is the most jealous type in the entire zodiac spectrum.

It’s possible to believe this when you consider how he feels threatened when his girl so much as smiles at another man.

Taurus man’s jealousy stems from the fact that he wants his partner to love him as much as he loves her.

It is common knowledge that the Taurus man is one of the most honest and loyal people in the sun signs.

As such, he expects his partner to reciprocate this loyalty by never associating herself with any other man.

He feels insecure when the deep investment he has made in the relationship seems like it will go down the drain.

So, although jealousy is not a good thing for this man, it stems from a point of positivity. All he wants is to be loved and respected without dragging the competition into the equation.

What Triggers the Taurus Man’s Jealousy Bouts?

He Feels Abandoned

The Taurus man may start feeling jealous when he doesn’t get the attention he craves. Your absence makes him think you’ve gotten someone or something else to occupy your time.

The thing about the Taurus man is that he doesn’t want to share you with anyone else.

He provides everything for his woman to make her life comfortable, and he expects to be paid back by her undying loyalty.

Your absence drives his imagination into overdrive and he sees himself as having been neglected.

A Dwindling Sex Life

How often have you been having sex with your man? The Taurus man considers sex as one of the primary ways of expressing love and emotional attachment.

If doesn’t get enough of it from you, he starts to think there’s someone else with whom you are spending more time.

Of course, being who he is, the Taurus man cannot accept to play second fiddle in the relationship. The thought that there could be someone else in your life fires up his jealousy.

You Don’t Fulfill Your Promises

When the Taurus man tells you he will do something for you, you can take that promise to the back. He is true to his word and he expects you to be the same.

He gets bouts of jealousy when you cancel plans that you had made together.

He may understand if this happens only once or twice, but he will be at a loss on how to deal with it if you cancel a number of times in a row.

The only logical explanation that comes to his mind is that he is no longer your priority. Likely, you have found something better to do, and you are only wasting his time.

You Flirt with Other Men

This is one of the things that can make your Taurus man end your relationship without a second thought.

Your Taurus man knows you are beautiful and he doesn’t mind so much the stares and catcalls you get from other men.

However, he gets seriously concerned when you start responding to those stares and catcalls. What drives him to infuriating jealousy is not the stares per se, but how you react to them.

So, no matter how much attention you get from other men; don’t engage them in any way. Don’t hit on anyone if you want to retain your Taurus crush.

What Are the Taurus Man’s Jealousy Signs?

#1 – He Curtails Your Social Movements

You’ll know your Taurus man is jealous when he starts curtailing your social movements.

For example, he will tell you that you can no longer hang out with your male friends at certain times or in certain places.

He becomes possessive when he realizes you draw a lot of admiration from males. He feels that these outsiders pose a threat to the good thing you have going, and he doesn’t like the idea.

#2 – He Insists on Accompanying You Everywhere

Your Taurus crush may become clingy when he feels that he may lose you. He’ll insist on accompanying you everywhere as a way of announcing to the world that you are his.

This is one of the signs of this man’s possessive nature. He behaves like he owns you and nobody has a right to access you without his permission.

However, don’t take his possessiveness as a sign of no confidence in you. He still trusts you as his special partner; it is the competition that he doesn’t trust.

However, if this behavior becomes too much to the extent that you can’t run your errands peacefully, you need to sit your man down for a talk.

#3 – He Closely Monitors Your Routines and Schedules

When the first pangs of jealousy hit the Taurus man, he’ll want to know more about your movements.

Of course, he’ll have familiarized himself with your routines and schedules from the time he falls in love with you.

This was all part of getting to know you better. But his jealousy will push him to monitor your routines even more closely.

He may question you why you were at point A when your schedule says you should have been at B. he’ll want to know what you were doing with so-and-so when you were supposed to be elsewhere.

This behavior may become quite irritating, and you may have to tactfully address it before it gets out of hand.

#4 – He Goes Big on Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Ordinarily, the Taurus man is highly sensual and he has no problem displaying his affection for you in public.

However, when he feels threatened by the competition he gets the urge to mark his territory. He goes big on PDA by kissing, hugging, and cuddling you when you are out together.

He will take to social media to let the world know how the two of you are intimate.

He wants the world to know you are taken – a classic way of the Taurus man being jealous.

#5 – He Gives You the Silent Treatment

The Taurus man does not want you to know when he’s jealous. So, whenever he feels the pangs of jealousy biting into him, he chooses to keep off.

He’s too stubborn and proud to bring up this matter with you. His best alternative is to ignore you altogether until the issue resolves itself or he feels better.

#6 – He Becomes Salty

When this man first becomes jealous, he will try to track your movements. The next stage is to act all territorial every time you are out with him.

After this, comes the stage where he turns his irritation on you. He communicates his perceived hurt by refusing to share meaningful conversations with you.

He may even throw snide remarks as to the strength of your loyalty to him. When this happens, know that his jealousy is escalating to dangerous levels and he needs to be helped out of it.

#7 – He Quits the Relationship

When the Taurus man takes this option, he believes that this relationship is beyond salvage. At this point, he feels threatened, betrayed, and disrespected.

His jealousy makes him feel that you are not cut for a serious or genuine partnership with him. He can’t envision a future with you because you are always making him feel inadequate and insecure.

What Should I Do When My Taurus Man Becomes Jealous?

Address the Issue

It would be a big mistake to ignore your man’s propensity to jealousy because it is bound to get worse.

Take the time to address this issue the moment it rears its ugly head. Do this tactfully by assuring him that you are devoted and committed to him and no one else.

Give him the confidence that your loyalty to him will not wane.

Love and Support Him

The interesting thing about this man’s jealousy pangs is that they stem from a place of love. This man cares so much for you that he’s not want to lose you.

To handle this matter, love him back and support him in a way that will calm him down. Let him know you respect him and the fact you are together.

Also, your presence and emotional support will go a long way in making him feel safe, loved, and needed.

Communicate Openly and Honestly

More than anything, your man needs assurance that he is the man for you, he is adequate and you are not hunting for any other.

You need to package this message sincerely and honestly. One thing the Bull cannot stand is to be lied to or to suspect that you are hiding something.

Final Thoughts…

Wherever he goes and whatever he does, the Taurus man wants to project an image of strength. The Bull never wants to be seen as insecure and inadequate.

However, if you are keen enough, you’ll realize when pangs of jealousy hit him. Move with speed to diffuse the situation before it gets worse.

This man will be alright with a little love and support from you. After all, he gets these bouts because he loves you and wouldn’t want to lose you.

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