Three of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of the Three of Swords Tarot Card?

In traditional tarot, the Three of Swords is depicted as three swords piercing through a heart.

The design is as simple as its meaning: loss and betrayal.

If you have recently experienced a break up, the loss of a job you loved, or had a falling out with a friend, it’s common for the Three of Swords to appear as the focal point of your reading.

While gloom and doom follow this card around, it’s best to view it as confirmation that your hurt feelings are valid, and that you are not overreacting to the situation.

three-of-swords-tarotThe Upright Three of Swords Meaning

The meaning of the Three of Swords depends on the position in which it appears in your spread.

If you should find it in your past position, it means that an event in your past that caused you heartbreak is the foundation for your current situation.

It is a reminder that sadness and guilt can have a strong hold over our lives, and can still affect us long after the event has happened.

In this instance, it is important for you to recognize how this past emotional trauma has wormed its way into influencing your current situation and make adjustments.

The Three of Swords in your current position means that you haven’t been as nice as you could be to other people.

You may not realize how your behaviors are affecting others, so consider this your chance to correct these mistakes.

It is also possible that you have been blind to the warning signs that a personal relationship is soon meeting its end.

Remember that heartbreak is a temporary pain and that you are capable of eventually moving on.

It’s important to pay attention to the other cards appearing in your spread in order to determine which area of your life the Three of Swords is referencing in this position.

In your future position, the Three of Swords is not ideal. However, instead of looking at this as having heartbreak in your future, take this as a chance to evaluate your current relationships.

You have time right now to see where there is room for improvement, or to prepare yourself for a bond to be broken.

The Three of Swords might not be the best future omen, but adjusting your current situation can certainly improve the future and soften the blow of loss and disappointment to come.

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Work and the Three of Swords

The Three of Swords in a career oriented spread often points to workplace drama.

The most important thing to remember in this instance is that doing your job, and doing it well, is the reason you are there.

Do not let other people’s loose lips spoil your future.

Love and the Three of Swords

In a spread related to relationships, the Three of Swords isn’t a very pleasant card.

It is a warning that hard times are afoot within your love life, but don’t be discouraged.

Keeping your communication open with your partner is the best way to work through these problems.

Do not dwell on what could be the end, and instead focus on the what the best course of action is for the future of your relationship.

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The Three of Swords and Finances

Have you recently experienced a monetary loss? The Three of Swords is a strong indication that you have or will experience a financial loss.

While it may seem as though you are stuck in a deficit, it’s wise to remember that setbacks in life are natural.

It is a very bad time to take on any new financial responsibilities, so instead make sure that you’ve handled the ones you already have.

It is also important that you do not let your pride stand in the way of asking for help, should you need it.

Meaning of the Three of Swords in Health

The Three of Swords is generally not the news you were looking for in regards to your health.

Because this card comes with a certain level of disappointment, you are more susceptible now to depression and anxiety.

The best course of action at this time is to focus on taking care of yourself, and look at the positives in your life in order to lift yourself up. This too shall pass, but only if you allow it to.

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The Three of Swords in Reversed Position

When the Three of Swords appears to you in the reversed position, it means that it’s time for you to try your hand at being the peacekeeper.

Answer honestly if your behavior is affecting others in negative ways and apologize for it. Now is time for you to correct how you approach the people and events in your life.

Three of Swords Combinations

When The Magician appears with the Three of Swords, it means that you have more control over your situation than you realize.

The Three of Swords paired with The High Priestess is a sign that the person responsible for the negativity in your current situation is going to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

It’s important in this instance that you understand you may never get the closure you’re looking for.

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