Tiger Man – Dragon Woman Compatibility

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According to Chinese astrology, the Tiger and the Dragon in the sheng xiao can be powerfully attracted to each other.

The success of this relationship largely depends on how much they are willing to do for each other.

With the right attitude, the love connection between the male Tiger and the Dragoness is full of romantic fireworks.

They keep pushing each other to do their best.

They need to get in touch with each other strengths and weaknesses. Only then can they relate to each other more meaningfully.

The Dragon will discover that the Tiger is sensitive. He needs his freedom so that he can play his part more effectively.

He, in turn, must appreciate that the Dragon girl needs much acceptance and kindness.

Both natives have high levels of energy. This is clearly seen when this pair gets between the sheets. They have a high sexual drive, and they will definitely keep each other on their toes.

The combined resources of these natives can help them get far. While she is brave and courageous, the Tiger is confident and bold.

All the same, they need to encourage each other emotionally. Both are fickle and they need each other’s support.

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How Do Tiger Man and Dragon Woman Bond?

Naturally, the male Tiger and the female Dragon are attracted to each other. He admires her beauty and charm, while she is enthralled by his intelligence and good judgment.

Both natives have the drive to create fun and excitement in this relationship. This eventually pours into the bedroom where they have wonderful sexual experiences.

Both of these natives are natural leaders. They enjoy taking charge of situations. However, they should be careful that they don’t step on each other’s toes as they go about this.

The good thing is that they both are peaceable. This means that they’d rather make compromises than hold grudges against each other.

According to Chinese astrology, the Tiger and the Dragoness is a great match. They hold each other in high regard.

However, he tends to be too intense for the Dragon’s liking. If this is not taken care of, it could lead to arguments and conflicts in the home.

This couple just needs to set their priorities right. This empowers them to work well together. They will see every reason to create harmony and peace in their relationship.

Highlights of Tiger Man – Dragon Woman Family Compatibility

If this couple decides to establish a family, it could be the foundation of a happy life together. Their initial contact is likely to be warm and romantic.

As they get to know each other better, they realize they need to form more stability in their union. Getting married is the next logical step.

They must be determined to focus on the future to create the peace and unity necessary to form a strong marriage.

This means that they must let go of all negative energies. More importantly, each must purge themselves of the old habits from their past.

The male Tiger has the natural desire to take up the leadership role in the family. This is well and good as long as she agrees with his methods of running the family.

They should support each other in providing leadership. Her input is very important, and she is better at doing certain things than he is.

This couple is full of raw energy. This is evident in the way they handle their children and loved ones.

They want nothing but the very best for them. For this reason, they work hard to create the right balance for everyone in the family to thrive.

Can Tiger Man and Dragon Woman Work Together?

When it comes to business, the male Tiger and the Dragon woman can join hands successfully. They are highly complementary.

They both are natural leaders. As such, either one of them can take charge – depending on the task in question. Their colleagues cannot help but admire their leadership skills.

However, they both must take care not to squabble over leadership positions. Naturally, they are inclined to seize control if it is not freely given to them. This can easily put them at loggerheads.

They should be considerate enough to give each other the space to showcase their abilities. With time, it becomes evident that they both are equally capable.

Each will come to appreciate the direction the other provides. The Tiger man will appreciate the unwavering focus of the Dragoness.

She never allows her eyes to waver from their desired goals.

He, on the other hand, is action-oriented. She can rely on him to get things done fast. While she’s good at coming up with ideas, he will execute them flawlessly.

This couple will realize that they need each other. Each has the power to help the other. Together, both will accomplish more than either one of them can achieve alone.

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Challenges in Tiger Man and Dragon Woman Compatibility

There exists some difference in the individual compulsions of these two natives. These differences cannot be wished away.

Neither can they be taken for granted.

If this relationship experiences any hardships, they are likely to stem from these differences. They may block the two partners from understanding each other’s goals, priorities, and motivations.

The Tiger male wants things done his way. He may be so self-absorbed in the process that he fails to pay attention to the Dragoness’ needs.

She will feel neglected and uncared for. In retaliation, she may opt-out of the relationship.

The Dragon girl is naturally assertive. She wants to be at the center of everything. She may become aggressive if she doesn’t receive the attention she believes is due to her.

This may not augur well for the growth and development of this intimate relationship. This kind of love connection requires a show of concern and understanding.

The Tiger rarely takes advice from other people. She is highly individualistic. This can pose a major challenge particularly because the female Dragon does not like being ignored.

The Way Forward for Tiger Man and Dragon Woman

The male Tiger and the female Dragon will discover a beautiful life previously hidden to them. They will see that there’s every reason for making their love life a success.

They have a lot that they can enjoy together as a couple. This is more so because everything they do is fueled by the passion and energy of the Dragoness.

The Tiger will bring in his uninhibited and wild energies into the relationship. She will not easily forget the experiences of her first-time encounter with him.

With time, they will discover that a powerful mutually binding force exists between them. They will work with the high-flying ideas of the Dragoness.

The Tiger will provide the fuel needed to actualize these ideas to reality.

Both partners are intrinsically motivated. They work to bring positive change to the world around them. In the process, they amass considerable amounts of wealth.

They have strong, ethically motivated principles. It’s no wonder that they attract many friends in their inner circle.


The pairing between the male Tiger and the female Dragon has headed for good times ahead. Regardless of how bad things are, this couple should have no reason for giving up.

Granted, they have some mutual differences. This should not scare them. According to the Chinese horoscope, there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship.

The Tiger and the Dragon should take care that their differences don’t erupt into ugly incidences.

This couple can use their powerful personalities to expand their chances of being happy together. They have the resources they need to make this happen between them.

Being ambitious, natural go-getters, they should take care not to fight for leadership. There’s enough room in this relationship for both of them to thrive.

And, with the right effort, they will discover that they can achieve a lot working as one.

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