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Chrysocolla Crystal Meaning and Uses

The calming blue of Chrysocolla has long been a favorite of crystal collectors and energy healers. The stone vibrates with strong energies of peace and contentment.

What is Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla is a copper-based mineral that has been found in many locations throughout the world. Deposits have been discovered in Indonesia, the United States, Chile, and other countries.

The copper ore in the crystal is what provides its blue-green color. It is believed that Chrysocolla was even used as a binding agent for gold throughout the ancient world.

The stone has a hardness that is suitable for crafting pieces of jewelry. It is often mistaken for turquoise when placed in a jewelry set.


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Chrysocolla Meaning

Communication is the primary meaning of Chrysocolla. It manifests the ability to express through words and actions.

This crystal is one of stimulation, prompting one to access intuitive regions of the mind. It also represents empowerment through teaching and helping others.

Chrysocolla Properties

chrysocollaThis stone vibrates with energies of peace. Its energy field is low and steady, bringing about calm in places where there is an ongoing disturbance.

Chrysocolla also possesses energies that are useful in teaching. It helps one to access higher realms of knowledge and share that wisdom freely with others.

Feminine energy resides within this crystal. This vibration is reflective of the wise crone aspect which all women possess.

The crystal also has grounding properties which compel one to remain focused. It can calm the wanderlust that prevents individuals from creating ties to family and community.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties

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The calm energy of Chrysocolla makes this an effective stone for the treatment of physical and emotional disorders. It works to bring the mind and body into balance.

Larger stones can be placed within the home to confer healing benefits upon all who enter. The individual will find that a smaller crystal worn as a necklace is therapeutic.

Working with Chrysocolla frequently for healing is encouraged. The subtle vibrations of the stone will not overwhelm those who use it often.

Physical Healing

Chrysocolla has been used as a therapy for many anxiety-related ailments. It soothes the nerves and can prevent skin irritations such as hives which often result from stress.

Women have found that pain during the menstrual cycle may be relieved by placing the stone on the abdomen. It can also reduce the pain of labor for expectant mothers.

Joint pain that arises from arthritis and other conditions can be treated with Chrysocolla. The stone also helps with muscle fatigue and weakness.

Some claim that this stone can also help to lower blood pressure. It may also be useful in reducing fever that accompanies infection.

Chrysocolla is a regulator that promotes normal blood sugar levels. It can also help to bring the hormones into balance, and it is often used as a therapy for an overactive thyroid.

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Emotional Healing

Those who are prone to emotional outbursts will find that this crystal can diffuse emotional energies. It may also help children that frequently display tantrums.

Chrysocolla prevents blurting when one is overcome with anger or resentment. It helps one to consider the effect of the words they are speaking.

It is a useful crystal for individuals who have suffered trauma. The stone is especially good at relieving symptoms of PTSD.

The pain of abusive relationships is mitigated by the stone. It will help an individual learn to trust again after they have suffered hurt.

Spiritual Healing

There is an inner peace promoted by this crystal which aids spiritual development. It allows one to transcend focus on material concerns so that spiritual growth can proceed.

Many have found that Chrysocolla opens up access to the spiritual realms in moments of prayer. It helps those who use it achieve a more complete awareness of the divine plan.

Earth healers will find that the grounding properties of the stone are substantial. It helps one to forge a connection with all forms of matter.

Chrysocolla Uses

The many uses of this stone include practice enhancement for musicians. It helps creative artists to focus on their work and produce meaningful compositions.

Chrysocolla can also help reduce the effects of stage fright. It can be worn or carried in the pocket to produce an instant state of calm.

When placed near the entrance of a home, this crystal will help to prevent pets from wandering. It can also be given to young people to ensure a safe return when they leave the home.

Couples can keep this stone in the home to promote harmony and fidelity. It helps spouses to retain their commitment to each other’s happiness.

Chrysocolla Meditation

Keeping Chrysocolla nearby when meditation is performed will help induce calm. It can slow the rate of respiration and the heartbeat to create an altered state of consciousness.

The crystal will also tether one to the physical body during soul travels. It keeps an individual grounded and in control of their senses while meditation is performed.

Chrysocolla also helps to add a spiritual element to meditation. It links the practice with beings of the higher realms.

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Chrysocolla Birthstone

Chrysocolla does not serve as a traditional birthstone, but it may be used as a natural birthstone depending upon its primary color.

Blue Chrysocolla is attuned to those born between February 1 and March 19. It resonates with energies of trust and hope.

The turquoise variety of this crystal will work well for those born between March 20 and April 19. It helps these individuals to find balance in all aspects of life.

Chrysocolla Zodiac Sign

This crystal is attuned to the sign of Sagittarius. Those born from November 22 to December 21 will find that the stone enhances their positive, outgoing nature.

Chrysocolla Chakra

Chrysocolla creates an alignment with the heart chakra and the throat chakra. It can work to balance and open both of these important energy centers.

The throat chakra symbolizes the voice of the entire body. When this chakra is in balance it is much easier for individuals to express the positive vibrations from all other chakras.

A balanced heart chakra gives one the ability to interact positively with the world around them. Opening this energy center promotes more healthy relationships.

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