Four of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of the Four of Swords Tarot Card?

At a first glance, the Four of Swords seems like an unfriendly card. It features a large golden tomb with a monument of a man laid to rest on its top.

Above the statue are three swords in a display frame, while the fourth can be found attached to the side of the tomb.

This card is not as scary as it seems. It is symbolic of rest and retreat.

Depending on your current situation, it either means you aren’t taking enough time to relax, or are taking too much time off from handling your responsibilities.

The more important message here is that you have complete control over the situation, and are in a good position for deciding your own fate.

four-of-swordsThe Upright Four of Swords Meaning

The Four of Swords is unique in that its position in your spread doesn’t change its meaning as much as it does for other tarot cards.

The relationship between this card and its placement is related to the relationship between you and a period of rest.

In the past position, it is telling you that any healing that needed to happen in regards to past events is complete.

The past is no longer able to influence your current situation without your permission, so it’s time for you to let go.

The Four of Swords in your present position has two meanings.

You are either failing to uphold your responsibilities, or you are in desperate need of some downtime.

In order to know which, you’ll have to look at the other cards in your spread, and consider the reason why you’ve turned to the tarot for advice.

Your future position containing the Four of Swords says that the future is peaceful. Change for the better is coming, regardless of your current situation.

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Work and the Four of Swords

When you’re on the fence about looking for a new career, it’s no surprise the Four of Swords pops up in your reading. If possible, cash in some of your vacation time.

Having a few days to regain perspective is a good idea, especially if you’re prone to making quick decisions without much forethought.

If you can’t take time off, or feel as though you honestly cannot stand to spend another second at with your current company, start looking for something new.

Love and the Four of Swords

The Four of Swords can seem quite ominous in regards to your love life, but it doesn’t have to be.

If you are currently in a relationship, chances are you’re feeling a bit disconnected from your love. It may be a good idea right now to spend some time alone.

This doesn’t mean the end of your relationship, but taking time to yourself in order to reflect will do you both some good.

It’s important that you remember your partner is not responsible for your overall happiness, so be honest with yourself and ask if your mood even has anything to do with them.

If you’re looking for love, the Four of Swords is telling you to step back. Right now, being on your own is a good thing!

Love will always present itself when the time is right, so don’t keep pushing for it when it’s yielded no results.

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The Four of Swords and Finances

The Four of Swords in relation to your finances acts as a clarifier.

It’s telling you to switch up your approach in how your handle your funds. If money has been tight, try and come up with different ways to bring some more in.

It’s important that you’re accounting for every dollar you’re spending. See if there are any extras you can give up until you’re in a more financially stable place.

Meaning of the Four of Swords in Health

Your health tarot spread containing the Four of Swords is relatively neutral. It’s telling you to find time for rest and relaxation in order to improve your overall health.

It also serves as a reminder that things could always be worse. Count your blessings.

The Four of Swords in Reversed Position

The reversed Four of Swords is likely to appear in your spread if you’ve been feeling isolated from your friends and family.

This is not permanent, and it’s a good idea to take this quiet time you have to work on yourself. A little independence is good for the soul, and your loved ones will be back before you know it.

Chin up!

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Four of Swords Combinations

The Devil paired with the Four of Swords indicates that someone in your life is the reason you are seeking solitude.

You’ll want to carefully evaluate who is bringing meaning to your life and who is dragging you through the mud. Adjust accordingly. It’s okay to speak up when you need space.

The Four of Cards appearing with The Star or The Moon means that your time of solitude is best spent working towards your future.

This is a good time to work on any creative projects you’ve been putting off, or hitting the books and learning a new skill that could be beneficial in the future.

Time alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

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