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What is Hiddenite?

Hiddenite is a wonderfully elegant crystal that boasts very comforting shades of green.

It is a crystal whose benefits center around evolution, being a crystal most associated with personal growth in both spiritual and emotional ways.

This becomes a way for many to feel like they are connecting much easier with the Earth, allowing them to start new beginnings and reject anxieties of the past.

It was first discovered in North Carolina, USA in 1879 and is named after the person who discovered it, William Earl Hidden.

The town that it was discovered in later changed its name to Hiddenite and the mines in which it was found are still very active today.

Hiddenite Meaning

hiddeniteThe meaning of Hiddenite is centered around growth, meaning that it helps people find meaning in the many things they want to do with their life that they haven’t done.

In the same respect, it encourages growth in ways that some may want to make about things they may have done in their past.

This makes it a stone that is focused on developing awareness and bringing people to terms with their own lives, decisions, and wonders about their place in the world.

When used regularly, Hiddenite can help create an overall calming feeling of reconciling with the universe and feeling positive about one’s choices.

Hiddenite Properties

Hiddenite’s properties center around its ability to awaken and attract love in an earthly sense, often with it bringing love between two persons or between a person and another living being.

Because of this constant pulsation, Hiddenite is also a great stone to use in terms of strengthening or healing relationships because it can help you proclaim your love in ways you never thought before were possible.

Hiddenite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Physical Healing

One of the healing benefits of Hiddenite is its diagnostic ability of it to help reveal areas of your body that are weak and may otherwise be attracting colds, disease, and other types of illness.

After revealing these areas, it can help further strengthen these areas afterward to treat chronic pain and potentially increase the strength of your circulatory system.

It can also help the body recover from physical stress induced by emotional trauma or hardships, something that is directly related to the brain and directs people to feel more confident about their life and choices.

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Emotional Healing

Hiddenite connects directly with the heart to help connect your thoughts back into your spirit and your spirit outward to people who surround you.

In order to personally grow, embrace the future, and come to terms with the past, you must emotionally heal and be able to connect more with your feelings more.

Through being more self-aware of your feelings, you’ll have a larger sense of connection and confidence in yourself, those around you, and your relationship to the earth.

Hiddenite also allows you to express your personality in the way that is most authentic to you, meaning that you can form more authentic relationships with those around you after you have allowed yourself to move on from the past and confidently into the future.

Spiritual Healing

Having an emotional connection that allows you to feel more comfortable being yourself can give you a direct line to making your spirit stronger as well.

Spirituality is based on fulfilling your true potential, so being confident in yourself and in-touch with your emotions will also improve your spiritual growth and health.

Hiddenite also connects with the spirit by awakening the heart energies through positive vibrations.

It encourages your heart to not only feel full of energy but also to open up to outside sources, something that can be an incredible opportunity for those who are not in touch with their spirit as a means of communicating with their heart.

As a result, many feel using Hiddenite allows them to feel more open towards others and more loving towards those who mean a lot to them.

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Hiddenite Uses

Hiddenite is used mostly for personal growth, allowing users to not only see their true potential and live into their ideal sense of being, but also to connect with others in their life on a more authentic level.

Because of this, it is best used in conjunction with other alternative healing methods and most effectively with consistent, everyday use when experiencing times of stress.

It is not necessarily something you want to carry around with you all of the time due to the intense power it can emit, but, if you are experiencing a great deal of hardship, it can be beneficial to turn the crystal into a piece of jewelry or attach it to clothing.

Hiddenite Meditation

Hiddenite is well-equipped with abilities to help users meditate effectively, so those who want to get the most out of the stone are recommended to combine it with personal meditation focused on going inward and exploring what one must change about oneself.

Through personal, individual reflection you’ll find what is best for you and the stone will make it even clearer.

Hiddenite Birthstone

Hiddenite is not a traditional birthstone, but it does have some natural properties that make it a natural birthstone.

For those who are born in the middle of spring (between April 20th and May 20th), green Hiddenite is helpful, and for those born at the end of spring/beginning of summer (between May 21st and June 20th), Hiddenite that is olive-colored is helpful for bringing awakening.

Hiddenite Zodiac Sign

Hiddenite is not associated with a given Zodiac Sign.

Hiddenite Chakra

Hiddenite most stimulates the Heart Chakra, letting users become more in touch with what their spiritual needs and the steps they’ll need to take to achieve comfort.

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