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What is the Meaning of the King of Wands Tarot Card?

In traditional tarot, the King of Wands is shown sitting on a golden throne raised by a marble platform.

His cloak, also gold, cascades over the arm of his throne while he gazes off into the distance, his facial expression serene and unfazed by anything around him.

The Wands suit represents our creativity and our adaptability. The King of Wands is no exception to this rule, and is considered a very positive omen regardless of your current situation.

Sometimes this card represents a male figure in your life who acts as a positive influence.

Either way, you can expect a lot of energy and good luck to come along with The King of Wands.

king-of-wands-tarotThe Upright King of Wands Meaning

The position of the King of Wands in your reading helps to determine the message he is conveying to you.

You’ll want to consider the question you’re asking as well, as this will help you to understand if he is representing you or another person in your life.

In your past position, the King of Wands refers to the distant past where you may have left projects half completed.

It’s telling you that by failing to follow through, it has set the foundation for where you are currently.

While the past cannot be changed, it can be learned from.

Take responsibility for your past mistakes and make up for them now.

The past doesn’t have to permanently set you back, and it won’t if you heed its lessons.

Your present position containing the King of Wands could have one of two meanings depending on the question you’ve asked.

The first is that you are about to experience a surge of positive energy that can be used to secure your future.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of embarking on a new creative path, now is the best time to get started. You’re also in a good position to lead, so a promotion at work is not out of the question.

The King of Wands in this position could also represent a male figure in your life.

This could be a mentor, a friend, or a partner who’s a beacon of positivity in your life. It’s possible that you haven’t met them yet, so keep an open mind when meeting new people.

This person will be very beneficial to you.

The King of Wands in your future position is a good omen. It means that whatever discourse you may experiencing now will have been worth it in the end.

Take time now to focus on your skills and talents because they will be invaluable to you in the future.

Have faith in yourself and your support system because everything is going to turn out just fine for you.

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Work and the King of Wands

In relation to your career, the King of Wands is a particularly good sign.

This means that you can expect work to be going well, or improving if you’ve been feeling negatively about it.

This is a good time for you to exercise any and all creative freedoms you’re allowed within the workplace.

If you’re currently searching for work, the King of Wands is a sign that a position you’ve longed for is obtainable. Right now, being bold and confident is key.

Love and the King of Wands

The King of Wands is not particularly strong in a relationship spread, though he does indicate a strong, caring bond.

If you are looking for love, this means that the person you’ve had your eye on feels the same way, and you are being encouraged to go for it.

If you’re currently in a relationship, the King of Wands is reminding you to make time for your partner.

It’s likely that this surge of creative energy has you focused more on your career or hobbies, so make sure your lover still knows they’re important to you too.

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The King of Wands and Finances

In finance, the King of Wands is a very positive omen. Now is a good time to explore a new hobby, as it could be profitable in the future.

If you’ve been considering starting your own business, or investing in one that seems promising, now is a great time for you to do so.

If money has been an issue, you can expect that to change for you soon. Don’t hesitate about getting creative in finding new ways to bring in more cash.

Meaning of the King of Wands in Health

When the King of Wands appears in your health forecast, he is speaking directly to your mental and emotional health.

If you’ve been feeling stressed out or having a bout of depression, it’s not uncommon for him to be the focal point of this sort of spread.

In this instance, you’ll want to allow yourself some time to decompress and relax.

Your mental and emotional health do impact your physical health if they go unchecked, so make sure you’re leaving enough room in your life for “me” time.

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The King of Wands in Reversed Position

The King of Wands is still a positive card despite it appearing to you in the reverse.

What this means is that the surge of positive energy and good things coming into your life has the potential to make you more agreeable than usual.

Often he will show up reversed to someone who has turned into a yesman. It’s important that you’re still getting all the details before diving head first into a new project or relationship.

Feel free to explore your options and try new things, but be mindful of your actions and the consequences that could crop up in the future as a result.

King of Wands Combinations

When the King of Wands appears in a spread with many other Wand cards, it’s telling you that your creativity is the solution to the question you’re asking.

If you feel as though you’ve already exhausted all of your options, trying taking an unconventional approach.

The King of Wands paired with The Lovers means that you’re in a great position to meet someone new who could very well be the one.

If you’re already committed, this means that you’re about to experience a renewed spark in your relationship.

This is a good sign for marriage, or a second honeymoon.

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