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Are you interested in the meaning of Number 2? Then this guide is for you.

In Numerology, we understand numbers to have a mystical relationship to the world of form.

Often the numbers we encounter in our experience carry hidden messages from the world of spirit providing us with the answers to our questions about the nature of life and our hidden purpose.

In life there are many unanswered questions that have troubled people throughout the ages. What is the meaning of life? What is my purpose in this life?

Questions like these are often considered to be unanswerable.

However, with the help of Numerology we can unlock the answers to these questions and come to a better understanding of the meaning and purpose at work in the universe.

By familiarizing ourselves with these meanings we will be more receptive to the messages that spirit is sending our way, and gain a better appreciation of the hidden forces that are shaping our lives.

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The Hidden Meaning of Numbers

In Numerology, it is understood that each number has its own hidden essence, a vibrational essence that resonates throughout the world, wherever that number appears.

When we encounter that number in our day to day lives, it carries a message from the world of spirit about the true nature of our reality.

The truth is that numbers condition our experience in ways in which we are not consciously aware.

Our concepts of space, time, duration, order and development are all conditioned by our understanding of the ways in which numbers are used to express the hidden essence of reality.

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The Meaning of Number 2

The number two comes immediately after number 1, which is both original and self sufficient. Number 2, therefore, derives much of its meaning in contrast to it.

Unlike number 1, which is the number of leadership, self assertiveness, number two resonates with partnership, teamwork and coexistence.

If the number 1 is the tall and handsome leading man in a film, number 2 will be the sidekick with many positive qualities of his own, but always standing in contrast to the leading actor in every scene.

When your personal energy resonates with number 2 you are likely to be cooperative and compliant, docile and diplomatic, in short a problem solver.

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Symbolic Meaning of Number 2

In the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the number 2 card is the High Priestess. She is associated with the duality of body and spirit, her planet is the moon and her element is water.

Of course, all of this stands in stark contrast to the number 1 whose Tarot card is the Magician associated with the clarity of the sun and whose element is fire.

Instead of thinking of these two as polar opposites, however, it may be more helpful to think of them in terms of contrast.

Whenever we come into the world or form, we are likely to do so with the kind of unbridled creativity and energy of The Magician.

But as life goes on and we are put into the position of reacting to events in the world, we take on a second perspective on events, which is more like that of the High Priestess.

She has the same creative powers as The Magician, but is cloistered away from the world of activity and is concerned more with intuitive and occult systems of knowledge.

Like the moon, the number 2 shines with a borrowed light, but still has inspiring energy that is expressed in an introverted, emotional way.

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The Spiritual Meaning of Number 2

The contrast between numbers 1 and 2 is very much like the contrast between the first two Hexagrams or kua of the I Ching.

Unlike the first Hexagram, called The Creative Principle in most translations of the I Ching, which is made up completely of solid yang lines, the second kua, which usually called The Passive Principle, is made up completely of broken yin lines.

While it may seem as though these are polar opposites, the truth is that the I Ching is showing us a deeper truth that can be difficult to understand.

Whether you are dealing with the active or the passive principles, both have the same power to create outcomes in the world of form.

The passive principle is that aspect of reality the Taoists call Wu Wei or ‘not-doing.’

When we are aligned with the vibrational essence of number 2 we are actually in a position of trusting the universe.

Instead of actively taking control of every situation in our lives, and ‘doing’ in an assertive sense, we can trust that things are simply ‘being done’.

This passivity is not a form of weakness but rather a deep understanding of the way reality works.

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Karma and the Calling of Spirit for Number 2

If there is a special calling for those with a great amount of 2 energy in their charts, it is a diplomatic calling.

This may not mean sitting on the UN security council, but rather that you have the ability to mediate in disputes at home or around the office and can act as a peacemaker in a way that helps everyone involved.

In terms of karma, having the number 2 as your life path or soul urge number could indicate that you were unable to cooperate with others in a former life.

In this life you will find yourself in a number of different situations in which you must call on patience, tact and diplomacy to avoid conflict.

If your life has seemed to bring you an unending series of people who have been impossible to get along with, this may be the karmic influence that you are dealing with.

The main challenge involved with being a two is all about controlling your emotions. The 2 vibration can be heavy laden with emotions that can be difficult to deal with.

The lesson to learn in this life would be to be more confident and self-assured, which would mean being less sensitive and able to stand up for yourself.

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