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What is Creedite?

Creedite is known for its unique rarity, largely attributed to its status as a deep and spiritual tool for those looking to communicate with Chakras that help expand awareness and connections throughout the body.

It is not necessarily known as a stone that brings immediate improvement, though, to somebody’s well-being; this stone takes time to reveal itself, particularly having a significance when used intensely, intimately, and over larger periods of time.

Creedite is largely found in Mexico, being a rare mineral that has an ash-like, translucent appearance that brings beauty to more muted colors.

Creedite Meaning

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One of the biggest uses of Creedite is its subtle power. You’ll notice that the energies aren’t noticeably strong upon immediate impact, but the healing powers of the stone are incredibly potent when explored more thoroughly.

For example, many are known to use the stone to activate their Third Eye, a part of the mind that can show user elements of their perception that they may not otherwise be aware of.

This can be useful if you’re feeling particularly stuck or seek benefits that can be understood only through a larger perspective.

Creedite Properties

Creedite’s ancient history and properties make it an important stone for those looking for a spiritual guardian.

It helps you continue to fight past your intimidation and facilitate plans that may have been otherwise canceled, giving the user the confidence and sustainable energies to make a change in their lives.

Beyond its power in helping people get in touch with parts of their mind and spirit that are mostly held in different states of consciousness (such as the Third Eye), Creedite also helps with feelings of grounding and occupies a large place in the heart.

Because of this, it can also be an important tool in healing a broken heart because of its ability to reassure a user after experiencing a devastating experience involving romance or intimacy.

There are also different varieties of Creedite that have their own properties, such as:

  • Purple Creedite: This crystal not only serves as a protector on its own, but also a connection to those seeking spiritual guidance from one’s guardian angels. It does this by encouraging spiritual enrichment and helping those who use it restore balance in their emotional and spiritual states.
  • Orange Creedite: Most used to encourage creativity, this variation of Creedite helps spread energy to surrounding environments to affect the user’s state of mind. Releasing the creative portion of the mind in order to let it roam freely lets one succeed in their position, whether it be artistic endeavors or business propositions.
  • Violet Creedite: People can use this variation of Creedite to help cleanse and balance the Crown Chakra, an element of the body that can help control your memory of your dreams in order to help you understand them as well.
  • White Creedite: Also known as colorless creedite, this variation is able to absorb different energies to bring balance to one’s overall energy field, making it have physical and mental benefits. People use this variation of crystal to promote consciousness and make better decisions in their life.

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Creedite Healing Properties

(Please note: Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.)

Physical Healing

Creedite is known for being able to aid the immune system by speeding up the processes that help the body digest important vitamins.

Emotional Healing

Through activating things such as one’s Third Eye and the Crown Chakra, one can use Creedite to reason with their life and understand what may have happened in the past on both subconscious and higher levels of consciousness.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing with Creedite is best achieved by addressing larger life problems, which can bring one’s consciousness and self-awareness up to a point where they feel more comfortable with who they are and their life decisions.

This acts as a spiritual assurance, giving people more control over how they perceive themselves and their lives.

Creedite Uses

Creedite has many uses, but many of them center around its relevance in promoting self-awareness and creative productivity. When addressing creativity with the stone, it is important to note that this dynamic exists on conscious and unconscious levels.

By using the stone to embrace creativity, one may also realize that their larger life perspective is different than what they thought it was, something which can surely change one’s life for the better.

Because of this, Creedite is mainly used to treat larger life concerns. It can be something one uses on a regular basis, but it must be done with respect to the stone’s power and longevity.

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Creedite Meditation

Creedite must be respected for its ability to help users see parts of themselves they otherwise might not be aware of. As a result of this, it should be used in intimate, solo meditation that may or may not have a religious or spiritual purpose.

Creedite Birthstone

In a general sense, Aura Quartz has no specific birthstone, but the colors of different varieties may cause users to relate to them differently, producing positive benefits depending on when one was born.

Creedite Zodiac Sign

Though Creedite is not associated with a traditional birthstone, some varieties of the crystal can relate to natural birthstones.

For example, Orange Creedite can represent those born at the tail-end of summer (between August 22nd and September 22nd), while Violet Creedite can be helpful to those born after the Winter Solstice (between December 21st and January 19th).

Creedite Chakra

Creedite is most well-known for activating the upper chakras, specifically being able to energize the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras.

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