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Larimar Crystal Meaning and Uses

The power of the sea resides within Larimar, a beautiful blue stone. This crystal also possesses a fire element which aids in matters of protection.

What is Larimar?

Larimar combines the energies of the elements of fire and water. Its ability to balance these two elements gives the stone considerable power.

The crystal has a soft blue hue which reminds one of the pristine ocean waters. It may also contain hints of turquoise amid subtle streaks of white.

Given Larimar’s appearance, it is not so strange that this crystal is only found in the Caribbean. It is mined in the Dominican Republic.

The fire element within the crystal comes from its formation in basaltic lava. Larimar is a variety of Pectolite, and its blue color makes it a rare specimen of that mineral.


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Larimar Meaning

Tranquility is the meaning at the heart of this crystal. It represents the soothing of turbulent emotions and stress.

Like the sea, however, Larimar’s surface tranquility only serves to mask the great power which lies beneath. The crystal’s connection to the fire element represents strength and courage.

Larimar Properties

larimarThe energy of this crystal is twofold in nature. It resonates on a surface level with subtle vibrations that encourage calm and peace.

On a deeper level, the stone has properties of ancient wisdom. It is also possessed of properties which strengthen the emotions of those who work with it.

The stone is at once relaxing and empowering. These properties combined can produce a great sense of confidence and self-control.

Larimar Healing Properties

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Larimar has a gentle energy field that makes it suitable for numerous healing applications. The general healing properties of the stone are especially attuned to the relief of stress-related illness.

Physically, the crystal may be used to relieve inflammation or infection. Emotionally, it will calm anxiety and ease symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Larimar works best as a healer when it is worn as an amulet. Its size is also perfect for carrying in a small pouch as a talisman.

Physical Healing

Symptoms of stress can often be relieved with Larimar. It can be useful as a remedy for high blood pressure and tension headaches.

Hives and rashes that may arise as a result of stress can be aided by lightly rubbing the stone against the affected area. It may also be useful to those who suffer from shingles.

Joint pain can be mediated when the crystal is placed on the affected area. Congestion is the chest area can be relieved in the same manner.

Emotional Healing

Those who suffer from a tendency to self-sabotage themselves will find help in the soothing blue hues of this stone. It helps to give one an accurate perspective of their emotional health.

Larimar works very well for those who suffer from panic attacks and forms of PTSD. Simply carrying the stone brings a feeling of self-control.

The stone can help those who suffer from phobias, and it can also be an aid to anger management. Larimar restores childlike joy and innocence.


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Spiritual Healing

Women are especially attuned to the spiritual energies of this stone. It vibrates with energies that belong to goddesses of air and water.

Larimar can increase intuition in women, and it can also open up channels of psychic awareness. It also encourages the nurturing aspect in women.

Men will find that the stone helps them forge a connection with feminine energies. It can make them more compassionate and sensitive to the needs of others.

For all, this stone has a strong connection to the earth. It is perfect for those who seek spiritual healing for the planet.

Larimar Uses

Many mothers have found that Larimar eases the process of childbirth. It has also been used to relieve postpartum depression in many women.

This crystal can be placed in the bath to help one relax. It rejuvenates both the physical and spiritual bodies.

Those who suffer from hot flashes may find that the fire element in Larimar will absorb the sensation of heat. It brings the cooling sensation of an ocean breeze instead.

The crystal can be worn around the neck to help singers deliver a masterful performance. At the same time, it can also resolve issues of stage fright.

Those who have phobias will find that the stone offers the power to overcome fear. It is a wonderful stone to carry along during air travel to prevent stress.

Larimar Meditation

This crystal has a special meditation all its own. Many refer to it as the Dolphin Meditation.

To perform this meditation, one should draw a mild bath. It is also helpful to light blue candles near the bath.

Place Larimar stones in the water and settle in for a nice soak. One should then visualize the image of a dolphin and attempt to merge with the dolphin’s consciousness.

Many have reported that they have experienced incredible soul journeys through this meditation. It is also useful in regular meditation for producing a sense of calm.


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Larimar Birthstone

Larimar has not been designated as a traditional birthstone. It can be a natural birthstone in its blue and turquoise forms.

Blue Larimer is attuned to those born between February 19 and March 19. The stone brings patience to those born at this time.

Turquoise Larimer is a natural birthstone for those born between March 20 and April 19. It resonates with strong energies of balance.

Larimar Zodiac Sign

Larimar is not assigned to a zodiac sign.

Larimar Chakra

This crystal relates to the throat chakra. This energy center is located in the center of the throat.

The throat chakra is a chakra of expression. It is the seat of both the physical and spiritual voices.

When open, individuals are able to express their feelings in a more positive way. An open throat chakra can also prevent emotional repression.

This crystal should be worn around the neck so that it makes contact with the area of the throat chakra. In this position, it will continue to balance the chakra.

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