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Are you interested in the Soul Urge Number 11? Then this guide is for you.

In Numerology, the soul urge number is one of the main numbers that is calculated to form a person’s numerological chart.

Along with your life path number and your destiny number, your soul urge number can provide you with many clues about the inner working of your soul.

The soul urge number in particular is associated with our innermost urges and hidden desires.

Often, these desires and urges are the unconscious motivating forces behind the decisions we make in our lives.

By learning more about your soul urge number you can decipher clues about your life’s purpose and what you really want from your life.

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Calculating your Soul Urge Number

Traditionally, the soul urge number has been determined by the day of the month on which you were born. Someone with a soul urge number of 11 would be born either on the 11th or 29th or any month.

However, a more precise way that numerologists use to calculate the soul urge number is to use a numerological letter chart and calculate the value of all of the vowels in the client’s birth name.

You will want to use the full birth name when doing this, because a nickname or a shortened version of the name will not give you the same amount of precision in the result.

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Meaning of Master Number 11

The number 11 is known as a master number in Numerology and is dealt with in a different way than most numbers.

Numerologists usually reduce multi-digit numbers down to a single digit by adding the individual digits together.

Master numbers are not reduced in this way. Master numbers have their own special vibrational energy that is more powerful and universal than the single digit numerals from 0-9.

Master number 11 has an essence that is similar to the number 2, but on a much larger scale.

The majority of your thoughts are centered on others, on your relationships and on all of the ways that you can help the people in your life, and everyone else as well.

Master number 11 is highly spiritual but in an extroverted way.

The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 11

The energy of master number 11 is highly elevated. When your soul urge number is master number 11, it is like having a vibration of 2 (the digits in 11 add up to 2) but amplified to a large extent.

Master number 11 has a high energy vibrational essence that is extremely positive. In the Tarot this energy is associated with the Strength Card, as it has no possible negative readings.

When the Strength card shows up in a reading, it positively effects all of the cards around it. The vibration of soul urge number 11 functions like this in your life.

Soul urge number 11 is the number of the spiritual messenger, of one who is on a spiritual journey and will bring spiritual insights to the world.

Those who comes into the world with this vibration are highly intelligent, creative and energetic. They crave companionship, like someone with an energy of 2, but a more spiritual companionship.

When you have this soul urge number, it is really important to look closely at guru figures and religious teachers before you sell everything you own and join their secret order.

This is because people with a soul urge number of 11 crave a deep spiritual relationship, the kind that people often have with spiritual teachers and gurus.

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What Soul Urge Number 11 Says About You

  • You are centered on relationships and partnerships – The energy of 11 is similar to the energy of the number 2, but in a more general and idealized manner.
  • You are likely to be interested in esoteric sciences and the occult – Part of your spiritual calling may be helping people navigate the world of spiritual material and practices.
  • You are highly devoted – Whether you are devoted to your children, your spouse, a guru or all of the above, your 11 energy makes you the perfect partner, spouse or devotee.
  • You have a strong sense of morality with a keen sense of right and wrong.
  • You may find yourself joining a secret religious order or take up Eastern spiritual practices like meditation or yoga – If you aren’t the guru of your group, you are the one most likely to have a personal relationship with a guru figure.

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Heeding the Call of Your Soul’s Purpose

When master number 11 appears in your numerological chart in any aspect, it means that your concerns are not merely personal but universal in nature.

With a soul urge number of 11 it means that your highest ideals and strongest desires are aligned with a highly spiritual energy that is idealized and oriented toward helping others.

In the Chinese I Ching, the kua or hexagram that corresponds with soul urge number 11 is T’ai or Peace. In the commentary on this kua, Confucius wrote, “The active and bright Yang principle lies within; the passive, dark Yin principle lies without.

Strength lies within; glad acceptance lies without.” This commentary perfectly illustrates the inner life of someone with the soul urge number of 11.

Your internal ‘Yang’ energy is like a lamp in your heart that illuminates a path for others in this dark world, which is represented by the ‘Yin’ energy without.

The energy of soul urge number 11 means that you value peace and harmony over all else. This energy, however, may make you sensitive to negativity.

Remember, both the I Ching and the Tarot tell you that you have the Strength and positivity to meet the world with ‘glad acceptance’ or a positive attitude that you radiate to others.

Staying positively focused, you have the strength and kindness to achieve the highest spiritual destiny.

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