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What is the Meaning of the Five of Wands Tarot Card?

Five boys on a beach fighting over five wooden wands is the image that represents the Five of Wands.

It seems clear to an outsider that the boys could each have their own wand, but to each of the boys it is a competition to have them all.

The Five of Wands means just that; competition. It is daring you to throw your hat in the ring and stand up for yourself.

You are just as capable of winning the proverbial fight as your rivals, but you certainly can’t come out on top if you are unwilling to participate!

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It’s likely that this card will appear to those who are in the running for a promotion, or who are interested in a romantic relationship with someone who has been keeping their options open.

Regardless of the circumstances, the Five of Wands is a good sign that you can be the last one standing, as long as you make an effort.

five-of-wandsThe Upright Five of Wands Meaning

The interpretation of the Five of Wands relies heavily on where it falls in your spread.

In your past position, it means that a past conflict in your life is the direct influence on your current situation.

Depending on the cards in your present and future positions, this could be an event where you came out on top, or where you shut down and forfeited.

Either way, your actions in the past are the catalyst for what you are currently experiencing.

The Five of Wands in your present position means that your life may be feeling a bit chaotic.

Petty drama is likely the culprit for the stress in your life, and it’s important to remember that you can overcome it unscathed.

Keep yourself honest and refuse to stoop to some else’s level. Being the bigger person will ultimately lead you to a better outcome.

Should the Five of Wands appear in your future position, you have plenty of time to establish your place on your path before anyone can stir up trouble.

Take the time you have now to find your own security and the insecurity of others in the future will have little to no effect on your life.

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Work and the Five of Wands

The Five of Wands in your work related spread indicates that your should be keeping your guard up.

It’s possible that someone you work with will make an active attempt to sabotage your hard work for their own gain.

As long as you continue to play fair and keep a healthy distance, you can overcome their petty games, which will ultimately benefit your personal career path.

Love and the Five of Wands

In a relationship spread, the Five of Wands is not a good sign. While it doesn’t quite indicate a break up, it is warning you that one could happen if you do not work on the issues you and your partner are experiencing.

In some cases, it does point in infidelity, but it’s important that you have hard evidence before hurling accusations.

If you are looking for love, the Five of Wands is telling you that the object of your affection has other suitors that you are currently competing with.

You will have to decide if it is worth the effort, or if your energy would be better spent finding a potential partner that is more available to you.

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The Five of Wands and Finances

It is time for you to keep a close eye on your bank account when the Five of Wands appears in your financial forecast.

It’s possible that an investment will fall through, or your company is on the brink of going under.

Financial hardships may be upon you, but you have plenty of time to plan for it.

The Five of Wands does indicate that this financial loss is temporary, so you can expect to bounce back sooner rather than later.

Meaning of the Five of Wands in Health

It’s common for the Five of Wands to appear in a health related spread for someone who is struggling with their health.

As long as you are making healthier choices and keeping up with your doctor’s orders, you will get passed this illness.

The Five of Wands in Reversed Position

In the reverse, the Five of Wands shows us that you are overcoming a struggle.

It’s possible that you will still feel the negative effects of this event, but know that it is temporary.

It’s important that you do not dwell on the past, and that you focus your energy into the future.

If you are looking for closure, remember that the only person who can give you closure is yourself.

You cannot expect other people to make you feel better.

You are absolutely capable of handling the aftermath by yourself, and you can expect to walk away a better person because of it.

Five of Wands Combinations

When Temperance appears in tandem with the Five of Wands, it means that you can avoid conflict altogether by compromising.

Sit down with the other involved parties and be diplomatic.

The Five of Wands paired with The Hanged Man means that there is another option you are not considering that could effectively end your strife.

Take a step back and examine the situation from a different perspective.

Asking a trusted, but unbiased, third party for their opinion is a good idea at this time.

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