Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

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What is the Meaning of Knight of Wands Card?

The Knight of Wands card is a Fire Element, and when it is in the upright position, that is seen throughout its characteristics: energy, passion, adventure, and impulsiveness.

The apparition of the Knight of Wands card in your reading indicates that you should get ready for action: massive career and projects going on, making you busy like a bee.

You will feel full of energy and ready to get things done.

Because the Knight of Wands is of the Fire Element, he will boost your self-confidence and give you the energy you need to successfully reach your goals.

The Knight of Wands apparition brings a positive message in terms of career and work.


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But be careful! The impulsiveness and lack of patience of this card may suggest that you rush into things and do not take into consideration all the pros and cons.

Are you acting reckless and irresponsible? Try pausing for a second and think about what you have to do, take calculated risks.

knight-of-wands-tarotUpright Knight of Wands

The apparition of the Knight of Wands card in a reading is a positive thing: it indicates that you should start your projects with energy and enthusiasm, but you must remember the excess nature of this Knight and keep things in balance.

You might have a lot of energy now, but don’t say, “yes” to everything that comes your way.

You might find yourself in the situation where you can’t handle them and they might become a burden.

Knight of Wands and Work

The appearance of the Knight of Wands in a career reading can indicate a change at the job or you might be asked to travel in connection with your job.

Things should go well and you will have some good moments.

The Knight of Wands card’s presence will bring to the light the possibility of starting your own business.

You have the entrepreneurial skills needed, and if a golden opportunity shows itself, go ahead and take it.

Love and the Knight of Wands

The presence of the Knight of Wands in your readings indicates that your relationship is assured to be wildly passionate and exciting, full of romance, action and drama.

But be careful what you wish for because what burns bright may end up all-consuming and burning down as quick as it began.

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Knight of Wands and Finances

Things are going well in the finance department when you see the Knight of Wands in your reading. Even so, you should be cautious and save some money. Cut the unnecessary expenses!

Health and the Knight of Wands

The presence of the Knight of Wands card in your reading might mean you are likely to be in good health. However, you might have tendencies to work yourself up too much.

Watch-out for injuries and for burning yourself out!

Reversed Knight of Wands

When the Knight of Wands card appears Reversed in your reading, it tells of impatience and delays, frustration and anger.

You may get behind on your projects and you start being restless and impulsive simply because you want thing to get done.

If this is the case, then you should better think about things thoroughly before you act, weighing the consequences first.

The presence of the Knight of Wands in a reversed position indicates some stress and arguments in an existing relationship. Try to be calm and not rush head in, really get to the bottom of the problems.


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Combinations of the Knight of Wands card

  • When the Knight of Wands is found with cards from the suit of Wands, the power of your creativity is very high and there is a great chance to impress some authority figures at your work place.
  • If the Knight of Wands appears with a lot of cards from the suit of Pentacles in your reading, you will have a great financial gain in the near future.
  • When the Suit of Cups joins the Knight of Wands card, it tells of great things that are going on in your relationship. Maybe you are getting married or moving in with your long-term lover.

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