Eight of Cups Tarot Card

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Eight of Cups Card Meanings

When this card comes up for you, it can often be seen as something negative because of the youth turning his back on the cups.

Instead, this card should be seen as a herald of change.

Yes, there is a sense of sadness because of the disappointment of the achievements and current progress in life not measuring up to what you dreamed it would be.

Take heart in knowing that the time for change is now, even if the change you make is a tiny one.

That is the core of what this card is about: finding deep, personal happiness, even if you have to walk away from what you know to achieve it.


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Typically, you will see this card when you are ready to follow a path to something that is more fulfilling for you.

It can include travel, abandoning something that was making you unhappy or enriching your life in a personal, meaningful way, even if you don’t abandon something completely.

eight-of-cupsEight of Cups in the Upright Position

You need to ask yourself the bigger, deeper questions about what truly makes you happy.

Your life is yours to live and so far, something’s not working, you’re not as happy as you feel you should be. Now is the time to change that.

You have the strength to do it, even if the future is uncertain.

It is possible that you are feeling disappointment with yourself but that you have accepted that you have done the best you can and that you need to move on or walk away.

Right now, you are poised for a beautiful journey that will bring you to the real happiness you’ve been seeking.

Eight of Cups and the Job Field/Work

Right now, you may need to investigate how happy your job currently makes you.

If you wish to stay in your current job, maybe there is something else that you can do, a volunteer opportunity, perhaps, that will add to your personal level of happiness.

If you are thinking about changing jobs, now is the time!

Don’t be afraid to take that step that you’re thinking about.

Perhaps looking into a favorite hobby of yours could lead into a better job opportunity for you or, at the very least, something that will make you happier.

You need to take the step to happiness because right now you’re not on the right path.

Eight of Cups in Love

If this card has shown up in an inquiry about love, chances are that your love life isn’t your number one priority right now.

This is perfectly fine for you, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

Your focus right now is more on yourself before you go into a relationship with anyone else right now.

It means that you have prioritized your own happiness and feeling of being complete ahead of being in a romantic relationship right now.

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Finances and the Eight of Cups

As far as money is concerned, you have learned and accepted that it is not the road to the happiness that you thought it was.

You know that your material goods can only bring you so far and that you need something more soul-fulfilling.

Something very important to keep in mind if this card has shown up now is that it is better to try and fail at something than to not try at all.

So if there is a self-employment opportunity that you have been considering, go for it! Do not let yourself ‘settle’ for something simply because it shows up if it does not add to your happiness!

Volunteering is something that you might consider as well.

Your Health and the Eight of Cups

This is something that cannot be overlooked or stated enough—stop the comparisons of yourself to other people. Remember you are beautiful as you are.

Take a break from the things around you to add some variety to your day. Try going to a park or going for a walk.

If you can, a day trip to a beach or lake might be helpful.

The main thing is to do something outside in nature and let its beauty remind you of your own. The world is a varied and wonderful place which you add to as yourself.

You don’t need to be, or be like, anyone else.


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Reversed Position Eight of Cups

A reversed Eight of Cups means that you may be wrestling with feelings of guilt over a decision you have made.
It may indicate a feeling of hopelessness and giving up on your dreams in order to please someone else, accepting a job that didn’t feel quite as fulfilling for the salary or selling a self-owned business to someone else.
Any change that does happen may feel meaningless to you and you may be in a place of stopped growth, either personal or professional.

Eight of Cups Combinations

Since this card means primarily happiness and personal fulfilment, this shows up even when in combination with other cards.

When paired with Swords, for example, the card leans toward things that may make your heart race– facing fears, being ready to wait a long time for the end result or seeking thrills.

In combination with the Wands, it can mean following your dreams, using your talents to make the world better or learning a new profession.

Pentacles and this card tend to indicate things that are closer to home—building a family or caring for plants and animals.

Finally, with other Cups, there is a strong emphasis on direct personal enrichment—writing a book, seeking fame, auditioning for something.

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